Monthly Recap June 2017 and Half Year 2017 Recap

Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap, Yearly Recap

Half way through 2017 – I seriously cannot believe it. Time flies by so fast sometimes it is just so scary! 2017 I have to admit so far in the first 6 months athletically has left more than be desired. I have grabbed a few PRs in the 10K and Half Marathon but almost every race I have competed in this year has had some complications. First the WDW Half was cancelled due to weather, then Phoenix Half I grabbed by PR but fell short of my goal due to having the Flu, Then Boston well we all know what happened at boston the wall of humans plus record heat, Then Gulf Coast 70.3 the swim was cancelled, it was like  SO HOT and I had strep and cracked my head open with a car trunk.  It just quite frankly has been a hot mess lol. However this month in June I FINALLY had a good race and a much needed PR in the Half Ironman 70.3 Distance. It wasnt necesarily that I like blew all my time goal expectations out of the water or did something phenomenal however it was just a good overall race where I didn’t have any bad luck storms before and I felt solid throughout the whole race and not like I was dying. So I considered that a win! I also am remembering I never wrote that recap…Hmmm… I guess Ill do that next week so be on the lookout! Well with June out of the way we welcome July and its IRONMAN MONTH – HOLY CRAP!!! EEEK IM EXCITED and I got my Bib # Finally 103!!!

June Stats: 

  • Run: 164 Miles // 23:47
  • Bike: 750 Miles // 42:48
  • Swim: 21.9 Miles // 11:13
  • Strength: 4:00:00
  • Total: 935.9 Miles // 77:48
  • Highlight: Half Ironman 70.3 PR of 5:33 🙂

Year to Date Stats:

  • Run: 1090 Miles // 152:34
  • Bike: 2861 Miles // 164:54
  • Swim: 83.4 Miles // 43:19
  • Strength: 14:46
  • Total: 4,034 Miles // 360:47
  • Highlights:
    • Half PR at the Phoenix Half in 1:32:46 in February
    • 10K PR of 43:30 at Cincinatti Frozen 10K/5K in February
    • Running the Boston Marathon
    • Half Ironman Bike PR at Ironman Gulf Coast in 2:51
    • Half Ironman PR of 5:33 at a Local Indiana Half Ironman

Well Here is to June and halfway through 2017!

With Love and Training

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Moving Forward into 2017…

Weekly Recap, Yearly Recap

“What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us”    – Walt Emerson

I feel like I have some explaining to do about my 2017 goals. I feel like last year I laid it out pretty early in January about what the plans were for 2016 but this year I just wasn’t sure. I had some nagging injuries and fatigue post Ironman that didn’t seem to be resolving so despite “wanting” certain things for 2017 I wasn’t sure if there were possible or could happen. But I am happy to say that I finally have some goals for 2017 at least until the end of the July after that I am really unsure. But here we go…

#1) Half Marathon PR.

  • I am racing Phoenix Half Marathon on February 26th and I hope to break 1:35 (Current PR 1:35:18) in the Half Marathon with my “Reach” Goal being Sub 1:32. My PR on the Phoenix course last year is 1:38:42 so this would be quite exciting!!!


#2) Marathon PR.

  • I am racing Boston on April 17th and I hope to break 3:15 in the Marathon and an “Reach” goal being Sub 3:12. My current PR is 3:16:06 approximatley a year previous to Boston when it rolls around. Boston is a harder course and the weather is unpredictable but I also feel more fit that last year so I am hoping and gunning for that PR.


#3) Half Ironman PR.

  • Ash and I are signed up for Florida Gulf Coast 70.3 on May 13th. I am hoping to break 5:30 at Gulf Coast but being 4 weeks post Boston I am not really sure how I will feel. My current Half Ironman PR (and only race lol) is 5:48. I am also considering racing Muncie 70.3 in July but I am 50/50 on that race. My “Reach” goal for HIM is Sub 5:15.


#4) Ironman PR.

  • Yep I said it. Ironman #2 is on the books. I am officially registered for Ironman Santa Rosa 140.6 on July 29th, 2017. This was a very stressful decision for me as coming off an injury post Ironman Louisville on the bike I wasn’t sure if my bike fitness would up to par but as of the beginning of January it seems to be resolved so I figured it was time to take the plunge! My goal for Ironman would be Sub 11:30 with my “Reach” Goal being Sub-11. My current PR (only Ironman) is 11:51 so these are HUGE Goals and I am scared to admit them outloud but hey here we are.


#5) My New Baby…

  • In regards to #4 I have been holding out on annoucing my New Christmas Gifts. One being a KickR Trainer its amazing and the BIG GIFT My New Felt IA10 – Carbon Fiber and Di2 – Get Ready Ironman I am coming for you!!!

So now that we are up to speed – at least until July lol – I hope you follow me along in my Journey to Boston and now #RoadtoIronman Round 2!!!


❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


2016: A Year in Review

Weekly Recap, Yearly Recap

Well its finally here the close of 2016. Its amazing how fast time flies once we enter adulthood. I feel like just yesterday I was writting the blog post for my  2016 Goals and Dreams and discussing the new journey of the “Year of Ironman”. I am so thankful for 2016 it has brought me so much success and happiness but also some hard times. 2016 Tested my Strength mentally, emotionally, and physically. While I am sad to see if go I am happy to move forward into the future and see what 2017 holds. Here is some highlights from my 2016 Journey!


  • RnR Arizona with Jennifer (@JBirdRuns) and my first half PR of 2016 of 1:41:41. This was the first time I got to spend time with my bestie in person. This race was HARD for me. I was so sick but I felt like I needed to push since Jennifer had flown all this way to race and see me. This was the race where I realized I can push my body beyond my mind wanting to quit and was the start of something special.
  • Started Triathlon Training and had my first outdoor ride of 18 Miles at 13 mph! I was so proud of myself but realized right then and there this was going to be a LONG journey to Ironman.
  • Full January Recap Located HERE.


  • Runner Den 10K and a PR of 46:16 (7:28 min/mi)
  • Phoenix Half Marathon PR and Breaking 1:40 with 1:38:42 !!! I didn’t know I could do this and I questioned my ability. I wanted Sub 1:40 BAD but after RnRAz I just didn’t know if it was in the cards for me. I ran this race smart and steady and ended up with a negative split – First 6.5 at 7:35 and Second 6.5 at 7:30!
  • I forgot to do a Full Recap in February I think because I traveled to Florida right at the Phoenix Half and Went to Disney! 🙂


  • Trip home to Florida for Adam’s last Spring Break of Dental School. We ended up having a sudden loss of Adam’s grandfather and going home for the funeral instead. It was a hard time for our families as he was a great man but also lived a long life of 95 years. I also enjoyed my nephew’s company on the trip at my favorite place on earth “Walt Disney World”
  • Made it to 46 Miles at 14.5 mph – I remember this and it was a BIG deal when it happened. I also Swam 4000 yards straight 1:58/100yd.
  • Full March Recap HERE.


  • First Olympic Triathlon. I did this during peak week for Marathon Training and was super happy with how it went. It was a pool swim which was different compared to traditional triathlons but I felt like it got me some good transition practice and well as a good idea for the flow of triathlons.
  • Completed my longest ever training runs for a marathon at 22 and 22.5 miles!
  • April Recap HERE.


  • Marathon PR at Revel Mount Charleston in 3:16:06 and 2nd in my AG! I was super suprised and excited about this PR to be honest I am still in awe of how I actually did that. I was totally unexpected as I was in my lowest weekly mileage for marathon training, running the least amount of days, with the least amount of speedwork so I was pretty excited. I also got to host with my first WeRunSocial Meetup with @RunnerWithSD and I was super humbled to be asked and felt like I had finally made in the instarunning world lol!
  • Just 2 short weeks after the marathon I made a quick decision to do the Tempe Interntional Triathlon. I obviously knew my body was not in A+ shape but the swim was going to be wetsuit legal and I had not done an open water swim or used my wetsuit previously so I figured it would be good practice for both the swims and transitions even if it wasn’t a PR.
  • My husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary the following week after the triathlon ( we left that Tuesday) in Mexico at an All Inclusive Resort! It was AMAZING!
  • I started Run and Nutrition Coaching in this Month! It has been a pretty amazing
  • May Recap HERE.


  • Athletically I completed my First Three-Quarter Century Ride – I was super excited about this. This was also the month I almost pulled out my half and full ironman. I realized 6 months into training that IMLou had close to 5,000 ft Elevation gain and ALOT of hills. At this point I was averaging 14 mph on pancake flat Arizona Trails. I figured I was going to DNF the bike so why even try and literally had a melt down which my husband talked me out of. And you all know now I continued on my Ironman Journey! haha
  • My husband graduated from Dental School, I finished up my final month at my first job as a Physician Assistant, Got my Dream Job in the ED in Ohio and we were closing a big chapter in our lives which to be honest I wasn’t quite ready for.
  • June Recap HERE.


  • First Half Ironman at Ironman Muncie 70.3 and Sub-6 with a time of 5:48! I can pretty much tell you this is the moment where everything changed for me in Ironman. I finally felt like I had a chance a shot and I could finally maybe do this thing!
  • Moved Across the country for the second time form Arizona to Ohio with my mom then finished it up solo until my husband arrived from officer training at the end of the month. I seriously learned just how self sufficient I could be alone in this time. I made new friends, joined new clubs, put together an Ikea Couch and BedFrame by myself! Big Things lol!
  • July Recap HERE.


  • August was BIG month for Ironman Training and when I hit my peak mileage. I did my first century ride and also did my first Ironman Distance Swim Straight. I felt like I was finally getting there I was going to be an Ironman!
  • This is also when I finally started my ED Job and was beginning to get settled in Ohio.
  • August Recap HERE.


  • Got 2 More Century Rides under my Belt for Ironman.
  • Ash finally joined the Ohio Party and I seriously could not have asked for a better friendship not with just Ash but also with her husband Mat and her beautiful two children. It is like having a second family.
  • I turned 28 and celebrate with Ash with a 28K Run, 28 Mile Bike and 2800m Swim
  • My First Client and Giveaway Winner got a PR in the Marathon by 12 Minutes! You can read her story HERE.
  • 5K PR at the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival of 22:15
  • 10K Overall Win at the Applefest 10K and dead matched my PR of 46:16 on a much hiller course
  • September Recap HERE.


  • “KINDAL YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” is about the biggest highlight of the year and month! Finish Time 11:51:00 and I seriously am still in awe. It was a dream which at times I never thought would become a reality! Recap HERE.
  • I also PRd my 5K with 22:06 one week before Ironman
  •  I got to see the season’s change for the first time to Fall and it was beautiful.


  • PRd my 15K at 1:11:00 and my 10K at 45:40!
  • My big race was the Thankgiving 10 Miler in Florida. I had something to prove to myself as it was my last race before my injury 2 years ago and I completed it in 1:45 (10:30 min/mi) and this year I did in 1:13:57 a 32 Min PR and 1st Place AG and 3rd Overall Female!
  • I also unfortanutely lost my Uncle Suddenly during this month. I actually got the news during my 15K on my bluetooth headset at Mile 7. To say it through me for a loop was an understatement. Needless to say I also spent a good part of my month in Florida for the death in the family as well as holiday.
  • Novemeber Recap HERE.


  • Highlight would most definitely be my PR at the Tuscon Half Marathon with Ash of 1:35:18!!! This was 100% her idea and as usual she dream bigger than I am capable of. I am very thankful for our friendship and the time we got to spend on a girls trip to Arizona. The sunshine was definitely due for these 2 sun lovers because it sure is lacking in Ohio.
  • Speaking of Ohio I got to see my First Snow Fall and it was magical. I braved temps running I had never even felt walking. I did my first snows runs and used my first face gaitor! I feel like I am learning to embrace the less than ideal running conditions which I used to treadmill through lol.
  • Hosted my First Christmas with Ash and her family as well as my in-laws and brother in law. It was magical and I feel like I did a pretty darn good job!
  • December Miles (Since I didnt make a Formal Post)
    • Run: 157 // 21:48 (8:20 min/mi)
    • Cycle: 92.4 // 6:05
    • Swim: 9.23 Miles // 5:11 (1:55/100yd average)
    • Strength: 5:50
    • Total: 258.63 Miles // 38:54

Year End Mileage:

  • Run: 1776 Miles // 255:26 (8:37 min/mi average)
  • Bike: 3584 Miles // 238:12 (15 mph average)
  • Swim: 143.6 Miles // 77:33 (1:50/100yd average)
  • Strength: 74:34
  • Total: 5,503.6 Miles // 645:45

Well its been one heck of a 2016 year for me especially when you break it down. I am sad to see all these accomplishments pass but also excited for the 2017 Future and of course the Boston Marathon! 2017 Goals to Follow!!!! 🙂

With Love,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)









June 2016 Monthly and Half Year Recap

Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap, Yearly Recap

Hey Guys!!! It’s official we are half way through 2016 – HOLY CRAP WHERE DID IT GO! So I am going to do a June Recap and then a 6 Month Recap and Looking forward to what remains in the next 6 months. So lets get into it!

June Recap:

  • Run: 149 Miles – 21:30:40 (31.8%)
  • Bike: 475 Miles – 31:24:17 (47.1%)
  • Swim: 12.3 Miles (19,800m) – 06:16:51 (9.41%)
  • Strength: 15 Sessions –  07:52:00 (11.8%)
  • Total: 634.3 Miles – 66:44:48
  • Events:
    • Last Month in Arizona and Last Shifts at my Job
    • 1st 75 Mile (Three Quarter Century) Ride
    • Upgraded Wheels on My Bike – Bontranger Aura 5
    • Interview in Ohio with acceptance of my First Emergency Dept Physician Assistant Position
    • Hubby graduated Dental School and became a DMD and Captain in the Air Force

2016 Half Year Recap:

  • Run: 520 Miles – 75:03:10
  • Bike: 1250 Miles – 88:21:29
  • Swim: 45.7 Miles (73,547m) – 21:32:08
  • Strength: 31:37:00
  • Totals: 713.7 Miles – 216:15:47
  • Events:
    • Marathon PR at Revel Mount Charleston and 2017 BQ – 3:16:06
    • Half Marathon PR at Phoenix Half Marathon – 1:38:43
    • 10K PR at Runner Den 10K – 46:15
    • First Olympic Triathlons x 2 (One Pool and One Open Water)
    • Successfully Reverse Dieted up to 300g Carbs
    • Started Online Coaching Business – Lifestyle, Running, Nutrition
    • Hosted my first WeRunSocial Meet-Up at Revel Mount Charleston
    • 2 Year Anniversary and Anniversarymoon to Mexico
    • Hubby graduated Dental School and became a DMD and Captain in AirForce
    • Secured my dream job in the Emergency Department in Dayton, Ohio

Things to Come:

The first 6 months of 2016 have been a whirlind but the second half is so exciting. We are moving to Dayton, Ohio next week and my Half Ironman 70.3 in Muncie is July 9th and my Full Ironman 140.6 in Lousiville is October 9th! Additionally I start my new job in August/September and we move into a bigger place in Dayton that really feels like a grown up home. Coaching is going fantastic and I love being a part of all the wonderful women’s journey’s and cannot wait to see them accomplish their goals over the remainder of the year. Overall I have so much to be thankful for and look forward to in the remainder of 2016!

What Plans do you have for the remainder of 2016? Have you had any really big accomplishments so far?

With Love and Milestones,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Plan for 2016: “The Year of the Triathlon”

Yearly Recap

It’s 6 days past January 1st is it still ok to discuss the “New Year Goals” lol?! Sorry for the delayed timing of this post but I wanted to be 100% honest with you guys about my plans and that involved me actually committing and pressing the race registration button and dropping $1500 dollars! :0 !!! So here goes nothing and a little look at what you will be watching me do/blog about in 2016…

January: Rock and Roll Phoenix Half Marathon with my Bestie @JBirdRuns

February: Phoenix Half Marathon

March: No planned Races.

April: Tempe Marquee Olympic Triathlon (This will be my first olympic triathalon and my first triathalon in 6 years!)


May: Revel Mount Charleston Las Vegas Inagural Marathon

June: No planned races.

July: Ironman 70.3 Muncie, Indiana Triathlon and moving to Ohio

August: No planned races

September: Airforce 13.1 or 26.2 in Dayton, Ohio

October: Ironman 140.6 Louisville, Kentucky Triathlon

November: No planned Races

December: No planned Races

So there is my month to month breakdown of the next year and what is officially set in stone. As far as 2015 it was the “Year of the Marathon” and becoming a Boston Qualifer! But for 2016 it is going to be the “Year of the Triathlon” and becoming a Ironman! EEEKKK!

With Love and the Future of 2016,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


My 2015 Year in Review

Running, Yearly Recap

I cannot believe this year is over – it has seriously flown by. This year has been full of change and success and I achieved well beyond any of my expectations and new years resolutions I set at the beginning of this year! So here is a look at how things went through 2015!


  • Started with KatiesFitScirpt, Macros, Lifting, and my first “cut”
  • Started my Instgram – @RunningWithStrength
  • Starting running again after a horrible ITB injury that removed me from running for 6 weeks.
  • Comback Race – Rock and Roll Arizona Half Marathon in 1:57:03



  • Half Marathon PR set at Phoenix Half Marathon in 1:47:23 – my fastest half marathon since November 2009 (1:47:30)



  • 5K PR of 23:19:10
  • Hired Lauren Floris as a running coach and signed up for my first attempt to BQ at Utah Valley Marathon
  • Started my first reverse diet



  • Finally got to meet my coach KatiesFitScript in NYC and enjoy a run through one of the most beautiful cities in the United States.


  • Started my blog  – “”
  • Celebrated my 1 year wedding anniversary on a Bahamas Cruise



  • Utah Valley Marathon in 3:48:39 – a 16 minute PR (Previous 04:04:04) but no BQ. Just wasn’t my day but I was dang proud of how far I had come. – Recap Here
  • Started my second cut with KatiesFitScript



  • 4 Mile Race PR in 29:46 (7:26 min/mi) and 2nd Age Group and 3rd Overall Female



  • New 5K PR of 22:58 (7:24 min/mi) – Recap Here
  • End of 2nd Cut/Carb Cycle with KatiesFitScript – Recap Here
  • Visited Page, Arizona and Antelope Canyon with my Mommy



  • 10K PR at DisneyLand Dumbo DoubleDare – 47:00 (7:34 min/mi)
  • Completed my bucket list race/vacation – Dumbo DoubleDare and visiting Disneyland – Recap Here


  • Halloween Half Marathon Inaugural Race in Arizona – Recap Here
  • End of my Second Reverse Diet – Recap Here



  • REVEL CANYON CITY MARATHON AND BOSTON QUALIFIED! 3:24:48 and a 1 year 40 min PR and a 6 month 24 minute PR! – Recap Here
  • WeRunSocial Meetup Race @ Rock and Roll Las Vegas – Recap Here
  • 10 Miler Race PR in 1:19:46 (7:58 min/mi) at the Turkey Trot Glendale, Arizona



  • Half Marathon PR of 1:44:33 and the end of the 2015 Racing Season – Recap Here


As you can see alot happened in 2015! I never even dreamed 1 year ago that I would run 2 marathons, PR, and Qualify for Boston in 1 year. I also would have never imagined I would have this blog and instagram and have people that actually read and enjoy it. I am so thankful for 2015 and excited for new goals/dreams to come true in 2016 but for that we will just have to wait and see. However as we all know the future is endless you just have to dream big and go for it!

With Love of 2015,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)