Creating a Custom Training Plan from a Free Download

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Hey Guys! I figured on Tuesday’s I will try and provide some training tips. While to some these might seem like “common” ideas and knowledge to alot of new runners I know it can seem foreign. Before I hired a coach in 2015 (Lauren Floris) to create a custom plan for me in hope of Boston Qualifying I had no clue how a plan should be organized. However, after 2 Custom Plans and tons of research on the topic it became more second nature and now I am coaching my own athletes to new heights. I know some of you cannot afford coaching and so I figured I would give you a quick starter guide on how to create a plan from a generic free template.

Step 1: Find a Plan 

  • From the starts of my first marathon I have always gone to Hal Higdon as a means of finding GREAT starter plans from the 5K to Marathon Distance. He does include workouts in the intermediate/advanced plans if you are interested, but I am going to choose the Novice 1 Plan for this demonstation as I think this blog will be most helpful to new runners.
  • The Novice 1 Run Plan just lists out basic mileage for running with cross and rest day listed no real paces or guidelines. I am going to show you how to beef it up a little bit to make it more tailored to you. A running base is crucial to success and that involves alot of easy miles but I think adding in some strength/speed workouts can be valuable if kept at low percentage of the volume and gradually introduced.

Step 2: Break the 18 Week Plan down into Phases 

  • Weeks 1-4: Base Training
  • Weeks 5-8: Building Phase
  • Weeks 9-15: Core/Peak Training Phase
  • Weeks 16-18: Taper

Step 3: Define Each of the Phases and Define Their Purpose and Stimulus

  • Weeks 1-4: Base Training PhaseThis Phase is geared towards building a base for which your marathon success is laid. You can’t put a roof on a house until the groundwork is laid and the same goes with running. This phase is made of “boring” miles as most would say and is not “glamorous” on instagram. This time is spent at 1-2 min/mile slower than GMP (Goal Marathon Pace) and at a HR of less than 180-Age. Basically Zone 2 for Life 🙂
  • Weeks 5-8: Building PhaseThis Phase is where you start introducing a stimulus and then perfect it.
    • For the Novice 1 Plan I suggested adding a Tempo Run onto every Wednesday at GMP or GMP – 10 seconds. In weeks 5&6 it would look something like 1M Easy – 3T @ GMP – 1M Easy for 5M Total and in Weeks 7&8 you would build on that and make is 1E – 4T @ GMP – 1E for 6M Total. The gradual introduction and build allows you to gain confidence and skill at a pace you intend to hold for 26.2 Miles
  • Weeks 9-15: Core/Peak PhaseThis is the phase where training gets more intense and the work is really put in and the “gains” are really made in a training cycle.
    • For the Novice 1 Plan I suggested having 2 “quality” workouts per week – On Tuesdays I suggested Speed Work and Thursdays Tempo Work.
    • Examples of Speed Work:
      • Week 9&10: 3M – 1M Easy – 6×400 @ 10K Pace with 400R Jog – 1M Easy
      • Weeks 11-14: 4M – 1M Easy – 4×800 @ GM Time with 400R Jog – 1M Easy
        • For Example: If your GM Time is 3:30 each 800 should be at 3:30 or 7:00 min/mi Pace
      • Weeks 14&15: 5M – 1M Easy – 5 x 1M @ HMP with 1 Min Rest – 1M Easy
    • Examples of Tempo Work: Add a 0.5M to 1M warmup and cooldown to the miles listed. Alternate one week at GMP for Tempo and the other week a progression run starting at GMP and working down to HMP throughout the tempo.
  • Week 16-18: Taper PhaseThis is the hardest phase for runners. The Mileage cuts back and they feel they are “loosing fitness” but the key is to lessen the volume but keep the intensity.
    • For this phase I suggest adding in a tempo run to wednesday and if you are feeling peppy you can also add in tempo miles into your long run. All of the tempo efforts should be at GMP. The key at this phase of the training is to rest your body/legs but also teach them to remember the pace you want to run on race day.

Obviously this is a very generic idea but I hope it is helpful if you are searching for something that can help you without having to spend a ton of money. If you are intested in paces for workouts/easy runs you can find my blog post on that HERE and you can also check out my instastories on instagram :). If you are interested in Coaching you can find more information HERE or you can contact me below.

With Love and Training,

❤ Kindal


Inside Tracker – Optimize Health, Wellness, Performance

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InsideTracker reached out to me a few months ago for a collaboration and I think when I saw the DM in my mailbox I basically SCREAMED FOR JOY! I have been so interested in their product but being in the practioner in the medical field I rarely find the time to focus on my own health as I am always focusing on everyone else’s – hence the “months go” part. I discussed with InsideTracker that I was interested in comparing the “medical way” your PCP approaches your health care vs what inside tracker gives you and they were 100% on board. So lets get started.


What is InsideTracker?

  • InsideTracker is a company that analyzes your blood test and physiological data and uses the results to form a simple, natural and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle recommendation in order to optimize your performance and well being.

What is the Process:

  • You purchase InsideTracker online on their website and you then are sent a slip to print to take to Quest Diagnostics. You can generally make an apt online so you dont wait forever. You want to do it first thing in the morning because its a fasting test. This is important because alot of the labs they are checking are fasting dependent. Once you go to the lab they draw about 6-10 vials of blood and send them off to InsideTracker. InsideTracker has their physician team analyze the labs and you are sent your InsideTracker results within 5-7 Days. Once you get the results inside tracker gives you the lab value and if you were high, low, optimal, or normal and different foods to improve your labs and the science behind it. Additionally you can create different grocery lists to help plan which foods to buy from the recommendations based on your dietary preferences as well as a create a targeted plan to improve your valures in 6-10 weeks.

What Type of Tests does InsideTracker Perform?

  • InsideTracker has 4 Main Plans and you can also do a DIY Plan if you are looking for followup on your first test or just want specific labs checked.
  • The 4 Main Plan range from the Ultimate with 42 Biomarkers for $589 to the Essential with 12 BioMarkers for $189.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.04.17 AM.png

How is InsideTracker Different from Your Doctor’s Bloodwork?

  • So you may be thinking wow thats alot of money for labwork I probably can get covered by insurance. You are probably right if you don’t have a high deductable plan where everything costs a fortune. However InsideTracker gives you MORE than just the numbers InsideTracker TEACHES you how to fix it and optimize your levels not just settle for “your labs were in the normal range” phone call and “see in you 3-12 months”. Inside tracker will let you know if you are optimal, high, or low and explain the improtance and give you NATURAL ways to fix it through your diet and not an exogenous pill. This is important because of alot of us will have labs that are in the “normal range” but was on one extreme or the other of the bell curve of normal and if we changed some things we could more optimize our bodies function but doctos only look for the “red” on the labwork and if its all “white” they say check and you get the above said phone call.



As I said before I was super excited about InsideTracker a few months back when they reached out, however by time I ended up getting the bloodwork I felt it was more of necessity than a fun experiment. After this year of moving around the country 2 times in 12 months, FT Job, FT Coaching, Finding 2 New jobs, Buying a House, 2 Half Marathons, 1 Marathon, 2 Half Ironmans, 1 Ironman, etc. etc. I was completely spent. I found myself just dead exhausted and it wasn’t like i was training at the volume I was and no I was not working because I am waiting on my new job in Florida to start but I still felt the need to take multiple naps and lay on the couch. On top of it when I did workout my legs were just not popping and I just felt like I was dragging through. I knew if anything I needed this test to confirm the obvious that I was in somesort of Adrenal Fatigue and I was curious to what else I put my body through the drain. Life is hard sometimes guys lol.

I got my results back last week which was perfect timing because I had 2 physician appointments with my new PCMs on base for routine physicals and “bloodwork” was supposed to be on the agenda. My first PCM appointment was on Monday prior to getting the InsideTracker Results. At my apt the physician looked over my history, vitals and listen to my heart and lungs and said whelp your healthy – call if you need anything. FANTASTIC. Mind you I didnt press the subject b/c I had the insidetracker results on their way, but it goes to show you that sometimes in medicine if you aren’t chronically ill they just scrape the surface. Later that week I saw the other PCM for my GYN apt and I had recieved my results from InsideTracker. I had analyzed them myself at home as I am a Physician Assistant but its always good to have an outside source manage your healthcare. She looked over all my labs including the “HIGH ALERT/RED” one and thought it all lokoed good and the only thing she would want to check again was my iron levels in about 1-2 months. Thats REAL MEDICINE guys! In order to get what InsideTracker gives you, you would have to find a dedicated physician who specializes in metabolic nutrition and an AMAZING DIETICIAN that will help tailor your diet to optimize your labs and perormance. InsideTracker gives you that in 1 visit without even having to exit your house or see a physician. Of course they say you always consult your doctor for any of the “red” values”. I think this is important because as a practioner I wanted to see how InsideTracker was different than how even I look at labs and to be honest it is WAY DIFFERENT. I look at normal ranges in a lab chart just like those physicians above and it isn’t way off normal then I move on. Your Family Doctor or me personally in the Emergency Room doesn’t have the time to dissect labs that was within normal and figure out what is optimal within the normal range b/c labs don’t do that. Its very black and white in medicine. HIGH – LOW – NORMAL. Thats it. Then you take the black and white and add it up to the big picture to see if someone is “healthy”. Someone like me and my viewers reading this is going to be “healthy” to every physician. Because you are compared to the hundreds of other patients they see with numerous comorbid conditions and countless medications. InsideTracker does that step farther and shows you whether you are “HIGH-LOW-OPTIMAL OR NORMAL RANGE”. This is important because even though you may be in the normal range you can always makes little tweaks to be in the optimal range by just switching something in your diet. You are what you put in your body. Nutrition is a key disipline in athletic success and inside tracker bridges the gap so that you can tailor your nutrition to optimize your heath which in turn leads to optimal peformance.


Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.15.43 AM.png


For the most part as per my doctor I am “healthy” haha. I am lucky in that I have always been pretty healthy. This is not a given and being in the health care field I realize everyday it is a blessing. To say I was terrified some of these tests would be crazy of and I would have to be tested for XYZ crazy disease I see everyday was an understatement. When you see the worst daily its hard not to have anxiety everytime you get your blood tested. I got the InsideTracker “Ultimate” Package with 42 Biomarkers. The Biomarkers are broken down within various catagories and I will share my results for each.

Metabolism and Weight Control:

  • This Panel was mostly optimal except my Glucose and TG were slightly above the “optimal range” but were still within normal range. Glucose Normal is 70-99 Fasting and TG anything under 150 is normal. However, I am going to pay attention to my TG a little bit more often because I have genetic high TG that run strong on my mothers side of the family. The PCP was SUPER PROUD of my HDL – Thank you Endurance Training!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.22.15 AM.png

Bone and Muscle Health:

  • My Calcium was lower than optimal for this test with normal Vitamin D. Thank you summer for returning cuz I am sure this looked different during Winter. I am going to try and work on improving my calcium because as a smaller framed white female I am predisposed to osteoporosis just by genetics and also I have had a stress fracture in the past so optimizing your bone strength to me is always important.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.26.17 AM.png

Electrolytes and Fluid Balance:

  • These were in optimal range and my mom and husband were shocked because when I eat its like would you like some food with your salt. But hey I guess my body enjoys it! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.28.24 AM.png


  • I kinda smacked myself in the face when I saw that my Magnesum was not optimal after I threw away the unused magnesium suppliment when I moved after failing to take it last year after I ordered it. Guess I am going to have to see if that in a gummy form lol.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.29.45 AM.png


  • This was all pretty normal which I was thrilled about because of course my fear for the past 6 years I havent gotten bloodwork is that my CBC will be way off and Ill have some sort of cancer. To be honest I had these fears prior to being in medicine but its only gotten worse after you have to be the one to tell patients of all ages this horrible news. All joking aside I am so thankful and grateful to have those greens. However my one yellow is a High CRP which is a marker for inflammation. I am not shocked I feel my body is a constantly inflammed state – thank you Ironman! 🙂Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.31.37 AM.png

Liver Function and Toxicity

  • These were all normal. GB is staying in this lady! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.36.01 AM.png

Oxygen Transfer and Blood Function

  • This was one of the “HIGH ALERT RED” Catagories. My TIBC was High “Red” and my Ferritin was “low yellow” but trending closer the to low “red” section and my Iron was normal. I personally reviewed my labs and then discussed them with my physician and it was determined we felt that I was trending towards an early Iron Deficiency Anemia and that we are going to recheck the levels in 1-2 months and see if there is improvement before we start suppplimentation. But I am going to start incorporating alot of the inside tracker suggestions so hopefully that will not happen. Iron deficiency is very common in atheltes and runners especially marathon runners so you have to pay close attention to your diet in terms of iron and I know that I havent because I am not the biggest fan of meat in general.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.37.32 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.44.29 AM.png

Strength and Endurance // Sex Hormones

  • Well you would think in Ironman Training this section should be like “GOLD STAR” but nope its was “WHOA STOP” you get “RED STAR”! lol. Well here is the obvious that I knew but was waiting on just how bad it really was – Cortisol was in the “red”. Whomp whomp hop on the adrenal fatigue train. I didn’t need a lab to tell me I already knew as I said above but what I did need was ways to help fix it besides the obvious of I need to “take a break” which I am very soon. It makes me question that if my Cortisol was 25 after a month off work what is was like 2 months ago in the midst of Ironman, Moving, New Job, Buying a House – EEEEKKKK!!!! Shockingly not shockingly of course my PCP didn’t care about my cortisol level – lucky for me I know medicine so I can help fix it myself in the interum and see if it improves. 🙂 My CK was also elevated out of the optimal range and the suggestion was to switch out high impact running for lower impact activites like biking and swimming. Thats switch is coming real soon as this posterir tendon tear needs some rest. The last thing that was red was the SHBG and the DHEAS both of these can be highly affected by birth control as well as your time in your cycle and I have been on birth control for close to 16 years. My GYN said she was not concerned with the value and its affect on future pregnancy but we would readdress it when the time comes for babies. Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.46.42 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.46.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.55.24 AM.png

Once you have all the information you can create a grocery list through “food basket” customized to your preferences and calorie intake per day to help plan your meals to optimize your labs and performance – Example Below.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.58.38 AM.png

I know this was lenghty but I had ALOT of questions on instagram when I posted my InsideTracker Lab draw! I hope this was helpful and also insightful that I shared my results. I am very thankful for InsideTracker for giving me the opportunity to look outside my own medical box and gain the insight onto how to better care for myself instead of always taking care of other medical emergencies. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

With Love

Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post. However the words, thoughts, and opinions shared on this blog are entirely my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. 

Looking Back and Forward to Boston 2017

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As I look forward to Marathon Monday just one week from today I can’t help but feel an out of body experience in a way. I NEVER saw myself here. Two years ago I set out on my journey to BQ with a marathon PR of 4:04 and no clue how to differentiate a tempo run from an easy run from 800 repeats.  I was never a “runner” growing up but as I watched others on instagram the BQ bug got ahold of me and I started to dream that hey maybe one day it could be me. I went for my first BQ Attempt a short 22 months ago at Utah Valley and ended up with a 3:48 (8:42 min/mi) – it was a BIG 16 minute PR at the time and I was so thrilled to walk away uninjured and still loving running as that had never happened before. I went again for round 2 at Revel Canyon City 18 months ago in Nov 2015 and this is where I landed my BQ dream with a 3:24:48 (7:48 min/mi)! I remember it clearly looking at my watch thinking I cannot believe this is seriously me running this time it was unreal. I repeated this feeling again at Revel Mount Charleston where I hold my PR of 3:16:06 (7:29 min/mi) followed by my Half Ironman in 5:48 and Ironman in 11:51. 2016 was the year of completing unthinkable dreams so it is only suiting that I start off 2017 conquering the biggest marathon dream of all the Boston Marathon! I am scared but I am ready (at least I hope)! TMinus 7 Days until Marathon Monday and I cannot wait!!! Below I will share some links to blog posts I wrote about My Journey to BQing and Thoughts! Look out for more Boston Blogs coming soon! 🙂

With Love and Boston

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


National Women’s Day

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International Women’s Day! It means something different to every individual woman. For me it is the aspect of women uplifting women on a daily basis – supporting each other in the highs and lows. Today I wanted to take a moment for say a special thank you to two women in particular that have changed my life in more ways than one.

Jennifer Kyle (@JBirdRuns)

  • Jennifer and I met through being simultaneously coached by Katie (@Katiesfitscript) over 2 years ago now. We seemed to click right away and automatically became “twinsies” as our personalities were almost identical. Our significant other’s thought we were imaginary text buddies and really doubted if either one of us existed until Jennifer finally came to stay with me 1 year ago for Phoenix Rock and Roll. Jennifer has been my rock since I started my quest for Boston as we both started our journey at the same time and Boston Qualified within weeks of each other (told you twins). I seriously don’t know if I would have made this far without her. She gave me the confidence when I didn’t have enough myself. She supported me and always believed in me even when my doubts were overwhelming. She has been my silent cheerleader and rock to pull from when I am racing. I always know she is tracking on the other end. You don’t find friends in life often that just really get you to the core the good and the not so good qualities. A person that you can share the highs and lows of life and training with step for step. I am so grateful for this woman and seriously cannot wait to hug her in Boston it is going to a long 1.5 year wait!

Ashley Davis (@ahappypace)

  • Ash and I met just last September in person when she and I both were relocated by the Airforce for our husbands jobs. I was nervous our friendship wouldn’t last past our first run especially because I had already planned on being BFFs lol. Luckily that did not happen and as fate would have it she not only became by BFF but one of my greatest blessing in my life and running. Ash is TOUGH and has determination and grit that I have never seen in a human being in my life. If anyone can fight and overcome obstacles it is her. She has taught me that I can capable of so much more than I ever believed in myself and taught me that the fight is worth it at the other end. She is my running partner in crime and also my shoulder to cry on and ear to complain to when things are just not going well. She gave me a place to call home in Ohio and a forever friend. She is truly one of my biggest blessing given to me at a time I really needed it. While fate brought us together I undoubtedly know she will be my best friend forever near or far. She is an incredible woman and seriously one of a kind. You don’t find friends or people like her often in life and I count my blessing everyday that I get to call her my best friend and running partner. I cannot wait to storm our first Boston together in just a short 40 days! I am hoping it is going to be nothing short of AMAZING!

With Love and International Women’s Day

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

What’s in my Recovery Tool Box?

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The more we get into running and endurance sports and the more competitive we get with ourselves to set big goals and achieve our own greatness. The drive also comes with the realization that it takes ALOT more than just running shoes to get there. I think the main spot that alot of recreational runners lack in is the “recovery” aspect that is essential to success when pushing high volume and intensity. The Pros have it all at their finger tips – trainers, chiros, massage, nutrition, etc while the recreational runners are trying to balance FT Jobs and Running not to include the rest of life obligations (which pros have those too so I dont want to discount that i.e. The Bruces). However, for recreational athletes running isn’t our number 1 job but a hobby and sometimes we are lucky to just get in the miles so we all it good enough, but overtime if you want a goal the miles without the rehab eventually lead to overuse injuries. I have had my fair share of them before bucking down and making “recovery” a priority. It isn’t easy when your tired from life but trust me in the end game of endurance personal success it is so worth it! So here are some of my stable tools in my recovery tool box.

1.) Sequential Compression Boots.

  • Basically these boots serve to massage your limbs, mobilize fluid, and speed recovery. They work by using dynamic compression (pulsing) starting at the feet and working up your legs to your quads in a manner similar to a massage. There are various brands for different price points. Most famous are Normatec ($1600+), Rapid ReBoot ($1000+), to the Amazon brand at ($400). I recently got the Rapid Reboot from Valentines Day and LOVE THEM and are a total game changer for this training cycle.


2) Roll Recovery R8 Roller.

  • The R8 has been hitting the instagram world by storm for quite some time. I was lucky enough to get one of these beauties to review through Roll Recovery as well as the Mat and it has not left my side since. The best part of about the R8 to me is the easy portability. It fits perfectly in my work bag and I carry it daily to help rolll out my muscles after hard training during my long ED shifts. It also provides the perfect massage technique and intensity for those places that really need it i.e. hamstrings, quads, ITB, and calves! I serously could not love mine more. I am also considering ordering the R3 soon as my feet good use some TLC.


3) The Foam Roller and the Stick.

  • I have a basic Foam Roller and Stick and you can get so many varietes – firm/moderate/soft/ridges/noridges/etc. I just think it is important to have one or both. I use the foam roller for all over body rolling and then the stick for those hard to hit places with the foam roller i.e. Calves, Glutes. I also used to carry the stick for traveling as it is easier to transport. I am so dedicated to my foam roller I even brought it to Mexico and had a cheap Amazon version shipped to Florida for when I go home lol.


4) Dynamic and Static Stretching

  • I am not saying I am 100% the best at this but I will say it makes a difference. A good read for a dynamic and static stretching routine is in Meb’s book “Meb for Mortals” and I would highly recommend that book regardless. I try to do some light stretching daily after workouts I am not saying it always happens but I do feel much better the next day when I do.


5) Compression Socks. 

  • Obviously I am an ambassador for Procompression (Code PRO17 for 40% Off) so those are my favorite but any brand of compression socks will work. I wear mine both during and after workouts but some people prefer one or the other. I would say they are an awesome recovery tool as they help eliminate that “achy leg” feeling after a long day of work or workouts. I wear them during my ED shifts to help with leg swelling/fatigue and also on plane flights to help with leg swelling. I am most definitely that person who is always walking around in compression gear even if its summer and I am shorts, compression sleves, and sandles haha I have no shame in my game when it comes to optimizing my fitness potential.


#6) Sports Massage Therapy

  • This is something I generally will only indulge during the high intensity of race season mainly because of the time committement and cost. However I really should be better at priorizing myself especially as an athlete. I think a good rule of thumb is to get a sports massage 1-2x/month if you can afford it to get all the muscles mobilized and prevent tissue build up resulting in injury. However as recreational athletes we don’t always have the time or budget but when I am really feeling run down a sports massage is my first step is getting back on my feet in Grade A shape!


#7) Active Release Therapy (ART

  • Last but not Least ART!!! This has serious saved my booty way more times than I can count when it comes to those “niggles” that are treading the line of injury. Basically ART uses manual mobilization to evaluate the texture, tightness and movement of muscles, fascia, tendons, ligaments and nerves. Abnormal tissues are treated by combining precisely directed tension with very specific patient movements. I use this alot with “overuse injuries” i.e. ITB syndrome, Hip Pain, Achilles, etc. If you want to try it out you can use this site to find an ART provider and also more information – you will not regret it!


So there you have it my Top 7 tools in my recovery tool box! Feel free to share you best recovery tips and ticks and let me know if you invest in some of mine!

With Love and Training,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Newton Ambassador 2017!!!

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So I have some exciting news… I am officially an Ambassador for Newton in 2017!

If you have been following me for sometime you all know that I have been running in Hoka Clifton for the majority of the past 2 years and I LOVED them and still do but when Newton reached out to me to become an ambassador I figured why not give it a shot.

The Newton brand has a very unique shoe technology. Newton incorporates lugs into their design to provide a more responsive shoe with action/reaction technology and trampoline type feel. The design has a low heel-toe drop compared to many shoes on the market to create a more level platform and natural stride. All of these components create an enhanced forward propulsion motion when running compared to other brands.

Knowing that Newton’s are a very unique shoe and knowing I had not ran/trained in the brand before Newton was nice enough to send me a sample pair to try out. They started me with the Fate II their neutral trainer with the highest heel-toe ratio back in Late October/Early November. I ran a couple of short runs in them and then a long run of 13 miles and at first I thought no way this shoe can be for me. It felt so minimalist and my calf’s hurt so bad after wearing the shoe for the long run that I felt I had ran a downhill marathon. However, I felt FASTER in the shoe so I kept trying them out slowly but surely alternating them with the Clifton’s and over time I started to fall more in love. My legs started to adapt more to the shoe and my paces weren’t lying in that I was faster in the shoe naturally than the Clifton.  I gave them their first real try at the Turkey Trot 10 Miler and I was not disappointed and they felt awesome but my calf’s were still on FIRE after using the shoe. The Newton representative was very helpful in giving me tips to help with the calf pain and working with me to make the shoe the best fit possibly for me and giving me the time to really feel out the technology. I really wanted to make the commitment but feared the minimalist nature of the shoe full time could cause me problems and I feared an injury aka stress fracture. I asked if I could try out one of their more stability trainers and once again they were so happy to just send me another shoe to try out  and they sent me the Motion V which I loved and were a great compliment to the Fate. I started to transition solely throughout December into just running in one of the Newton Pairs and raced the Tuscon Half in the Fate’s for my PR! At this point I still wasn’t sold to do a full 365 day commitment to the shoe because I wanted to ensure I was a great match for their company and did not want to disappoint – I was 80/20 at this point. I was in constant contact with the representative and she kept assuring me that I could have all the time I needed to make the decision and she understood it takes a while to fall in love with a shoe. After the first of the year passed I knew I would need to make my final 100% decision. I figured the WDW half would be a good place to make it one final race but well we all know that didn’t happen. However at the end of the weekend I had really thought on it and I just knew after all the generosity  and patience Newton had showed be over the past 2.5 months I really felt like Newton felt like home and a company I could really resonate with and represent! So its official I AM A 2017 NEWTON AMBASSADOR and I couldn’t be more excited to be a part of such an amazing company and group of people!!! 2017 is going to be one amazing year!

NewtonRunning_AmbassadorBadge_2017 (1).jpg


Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


My Boston Confirmation…

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I got my confirmation to Boston 2017 in the mail this week and all the emotions flooded in. It is finally here training for the Boston Marathon. In the moment I found myself thinking about the journey to that moment and how so much has changed. Since my BQ moment at Revel Canyon City (Read Recap Here) I have since PRd my half marathon and marathon as well as completed my first Half Ironman Sub-6 and my First Ironman Sub-12 however I feel like that moment has still stood the test as the most memorable and magical.  Most people thought maybe the Ironman would top that moment and for me I thought it was a possibility but after crossing the Ironman finish line I can whole heartly say it still didn’t compare. People always question how could that be and I also started questioning it myself – I have done incredible things – things I didn’t think were possible since my BQ moment and I have pushed myself beyond my expecatations in limits so why don’t the finish lines compare? I proposed it to Jennifer and as always she had the perfect response. She told me your Boston Qualifying moment is so special because it was the moment you truly BELIEVED IN YOURSELF AND YOUR POTENTIAL. Finally my Ah Ha moment!

Before my BQ at Revel Canyon City I never believed I could run 2 marathons in a year. I never believed I was capable of a Boston Qualifying Time and NO WHERE in there was an Ironman a possibility for me. When I crossed that finish line at Revel Canyon City with a BQ and a Sub 3:25 Marathon (3:24:48 to be exact) I was floored. I could not believe that was me – that was my time – I did that – how could I have done that. I seriously felt I achieved the impossible. I am not a gifted runner by nature guys – you can read more of my story HERE but I started out 6 years ago and couldn’t run around the block. My first 5K was over 33 minutes. I got fast in college and then got a stress fracture and then went to PA School and sat on my butt and studied so hard for 2.5 years. Then I ran a marathon for my Sweating for the Wedding in 2014 and then got injured by the end of the year to the point that I couldn’t even walk let alone run and was only running at best a 1:58 half marathon. My PR for my Half Marathon in college was 1:47:30 and I remember the moment vividly telling my dad in Novemeber 2015 on the phone while sitting on the couch looking at my previous time saying “Well I’ll never get that back – those days are long gone” and NOW HERE I AM. HOLY SHIT. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe its real. I can’t believe those are my PRs. I don’t believe its me. My dad even told me on the phone yesterday that he cannot believe those times are mine as well because he knows where I started. But that one moment at Revel Canyon City when I got my BQ – THAT moment solidified it all for me. I didn’t know how I did it and nothing in my training added up to that time but I DID IT. From that moment forward I stopped thinking I wasn’t capable and started believing in PRs and Bigger Dreams like Ironman. I started to live the motto “Dream Big and Never Settle”

I dont know where this journey will take me I mean I am 28.5 now and babies are on the horizon so my Pre-Baby PRs time frame is becoming more scarce. However, one thing is for sure that moment at Revel Canyon City where I earned this Letter of Acceptance in the Boston Marathon was the moment where everything changed for me as an athlete. Where the impossible became a Reality – and for that I think that moment will never be topped.


With Love and Reflections,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Training Tip Tuesday: Race Day Nutrition

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I haven’t done a Training Tip Tuesday in a while but I figured with alot of people gearing up for Fall Races this is the perfect time to share my approach to Race Day Nutrition for myself and my clients.

Pre Race Nutrition: 

  • Monday – Wednesday:
    • Diet should be your normal balance. For Macro counters that would be your normal daily macros. Usually for most people it is around a 50% Carb, 25% Protein, 25% Fat. During this time you want to ensure you are keeping fiber content on the lower end and eating simple foods that settle well and digest well for you as you don’t want any GI issues leading into the race. Also this is not the time to “cut calories” because you are decreasing activity – part of the taper in itself is to build your glycogen stores.
  • Thursday – Friday:
    • This is the time I do a “pseudo carboload” and top of the Glycogen stores. I do this my shifting the macro distrubution to a more carb dense diet without adjusting how many calories I eat per day. For non macro counters this basically means you want to eat more carb-dense foods that are lower in fat and protein throughout Thursday/Friday. For Macro counters this typically breaks down to 75% Carbs, 15% Protein, 10% Fats but this is difficult for most so I would say it generally ends up being 65% Carbs, 20% Protein, and 15% Fats.
  • Saturday (Day Before Race):
    • Basically you want to follow the same macro breakdown as you did on Thursday/Friday but I also really tell my clients to listen to their body and eat what has worked for them in the past and during their training. The key to the day before the race is to eat the majority of your food earlier in the day and not too late into the evening so you have time to digest it by morning. If you generally eat 3 meals then you want to eat your 2 largest meals for breakfast and lunch and then have a light dinner with a carb-dense bedtime snack (i.e. Oatmeal, Bananna, Energy Bar etc). If you eat 2 meals then I would have my largest meal at brunch and then a medium-light dinner with small snacks throughout the day and a carb-dense snack before bed. Make sure during the day you are consistently staying fueled and never “starving” – I know sometimes stress can get the best of people.
  • Overall:
    • I think this goes without being said hy hydration is key. Ensure you are at least drinking your 8 glasses of water per day if not more throughout the entire week.
  • Example of an Athlete’s Marathon Week Nutrition who eats normally 1800 kCal/Day
    • Monday – Wednesday: 1800 Calories – 225gC, 112gP, 50gF
    • Thursday, Friday, Saturday: 1800 Calories
      • 75% carbs/15% protein/10% fat:  337gC, 68gP, 20gF
      • 65% carbs/20% protein/15% fat: 293gC, 90gP, 30gF

General Half and Full Race Day Nutrition:

Plan to wake up at least 3 hours prior to the race start. This will give you enough time to get dressed, eat breakfast, ensure you have all your stuff, travel to the start, potty breaks, etc.

Immediatly upon waking up get dressed and ensure all the stuff  you need is ready to go and packed. After you are composed then grab your pre-workout beverage and pre-race breakfast. Usually for a pre-race breakfast I always suggest something you have tried in the past before a long run. Some examples of good options for breakfast include: (1) Oatmeal, (2) Energy Bar (i.e. Cliff Bar, Picky Bar, etc), (3) Bagel or English Muffin or Toast with PB/CC/Jelly, (4) Bananna with PB or Plain. Good options for beverages are (1) Coffee, (2) Amino Energy PreWorkout, (3) Vega Energizer, (4) Tea, (5) Water – the key only do what you have done in the past. Depending on the logistics of your race either eat your pre-breakfast in the car or if its a long bus to the start on the bus ride. Ensure you eat your breakfast early enough to ensure all things are moving in the right manner before the race if you know what I mean…

Once you get to the Start ensure you have given yourself enough time for at least 1 if not 2 porta potty breaks (I usually plan for two). I suggest carrying around a bottle of water or electrolyte drink to sip on before the start to stay hydrated. However do not chug a whole bunch of liquids prior to the race or you will be stopping at every porta potty on the course.

Once they call for final bag checks head to your corral and ensure you are ready to go. At this point you usually have about 5-10 minutes before the gun. At this point I suggest eating some simple carbs – i.e. gel, chews, or a honey stinger waffle. This will top of those carb stores before heading into the race.

During the race my number one rule for all my clients is DO NOT EVER SKIP A WATER STATION ESPECIALLY NOT THE ONES IN THE BEGINNING! This is so imporant because even though you don’t feel thirsty because adrenaline and excitement you will need that water later on and you cannot make it up later. If it is going to be hot I do suggest my clients take the electrolyte drink on the course every 2-3rd water station just to ensure they are getting a little extra electrolytes.

Marathon Fueling:

  • 4:30 Marathon or Less:  I suggest fueling every 5 miles on the course this ends up being Mile 5, Mile 10, Mile 15, Mile 20, and then the last one around Mile 23 -24.
  • 4:30 Marathon or Greater: Consider fueling every 4 miles so a gel at Mile 4, Mile 8, Mile 12, Mile 16, Mile 20, Mile 23-24.
  • This is all very personal so try different ratios out on your long runs and see what works for you. My only caveat is that realize that your long runs are not at race pace and you usually are running 30-90 seconds slower than Goal Marathon Pace and thus utilizing less energy and you will require slighly more fuel on race to sustain that harder effort.

Half Marathon Fueling:

  • For Half Marathons fueling is not as complicated intrarace. I generally give my clients 2 options depending on how they are feeling during the race. Option #1 is take only 1 gel at Mile 6.5-7. Option #2 is take 2 gels one at mile 5-6 and one at mile 9-11.

Post-Race Fueling:

  • Immediatley post race some people stomachs are quite queezy – I know mine is super sensitive. But it is important for your muscles to get some fuel in your body in the form of mostly carbs and protein. My suggestion is that most races have some sort of milk product try sipping on that post race or bring your favorite nutrition bar and try to eat at least half of it walking around getting your bag and what not. Then about 1-2 hours post race have a balanced meal. My favorite thing to do post race is to go have an amazing brunch after!

I hope this was helpful and not too confusing. Obviously there is so much information out there and this is just my opinion so take it with a grain of salt and always listen to your body and do what works for you as we are all so very different. But that is what makes us special ;)!

With Love, Nutrition, and Racing,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Five Friday Favorites

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Its been a while since I did one of these so I figured why not rekindle the flame – hehe!

#1. SquareBars. Squarebars was kind enough to send me a sample package of their protein bars. So far I have only tried Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Cherry and both were GREAT! I like the macro distrubution of the bars at 230 calories 11gF/21C (3F)/12P especially for fuel on my long bike rides as well as the fact that are made with organic ingrediants. The macros are great for bike fuel as low fiber (no bathroom probs please) and higher carbs with moderate protein and fat to slow digestion and hold that fuel longer in your system. Additionally, I like the size and compactness of the bar b/c because it is easier to fit in my Bento Box on my Bike!

  • Use Discount Code “RunningWithStrength” to get 20% off your next order! So that makes the box $23.99 with free shipping! 🙂

#2. Bellatona Tank Top. Jillian is the owner of a small company called “Bellatona” and asked if I would mind trying out her tanks and I love helping small companies so I said SURE! I loved the tank immediately. The Tank was the perfect fit and loved the quality of the fabric. The fabric is the sweat whicking fabric essential in Humid Ohio and very high quality and I was impressed! 

#3. KFT Sports BrasI was blessed enough to be sent one of these amazing sports bras! I LOVE the Design – its is so different than other sports bras putting the strappy details on the side of the bra vs the typical front/back PERFECT for those muscle tanks! Also the bra comes with high quality removable pads (similar to a pricey VS bathing suit top – not the flimsy paper kind) so if you want something extra you can insert them. I feel like for the price of $40 they are very high quality and there are so many fun designs and colors – if you are a Lululemon strappy bra lover – YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS SITE! 

#4. Normatec Recovery BootsThe NormaTec PULSE Recovery boots are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab to allow athletes to recover faster from hard training sessions and races. These boots are mainly used by the elites as they are pricey $1500+, however the local sports medicine/ART/Chiro in the Dayton Area has them at his office so I was able to try it out for $20. I used the boots after my 100 mile ride on Friday and definitely noticed decreased muscle soreness and quicker recovery over the next few days. 


#5. JellyBean Sport Beans. I used these when I first got into Running and Marathon training in 2009 and havent used them since. But then my friend Jennifer started posting on them I decided to give them a try and fell back in Love! So far I have tried the Green Apple, Pear, and Mixed Packs and have loved all three and they are perfect for a taste bud change on the bike when I have been eating bars for like 4+ hours haha!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.10.15 AM.png


So there you have it – The Friday Five Back and Alive!

With Love and Happy Fridays,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

LumoRun Product Review

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Disclaimer: I received this sensor for free as a part of the Lumo Ambassador program, however the opinions in this blog post are all based on my personal experience in knowledge and not affected by outside sources. 

LumoTech contacted me about 1 month ago after I left Arizona to try out a new product that analyzes running form via a small sensor. I was skeptical at first but figured why not give it a try. I have seen physical therapists in the past regarding running form and injury prevention and these visits typically are around $100 and then require followups to assess changes based on the exercies the prescribe. So if this solves all those issues and saves some money why not?!

What is LumoTech?

  • LumoTech company mission is to unlock the body’s full potential by utilizing technology to measure, inform and provide real-time insights on human movement.
  • LumoTech has two products: (1) LumoLift – a small, lightweight wearable solution to posture and additional activity tracker and their newest addition (2) Lumo Run which I will be reviewing below.

What is LumoRun?

  • LumoRun is a small and discreet sensor worn on the back of your running shorts/pants that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.
  • LumoRun measures pace, distance, and time as well as 5 integral pillars of running form
    • Cadence: steps per minute
    • Bounce: vertical ossicillation
    • Bracking: change in forward velocity
    • Pelvic Rotation: side to side rotation of pelvis
    • Pelvic Drop: side ot side vertical motion of pelvis
  • LumoRun data can be collected either connected to your phone or phone-free and uploaded after your run is complete.
  • LumoRun also acts as a realtime coach to help improve your running form to maximize your run results and times.
  • A great video explaining the product can be found HERE. This video is what actually sold me to partner with the company to give this review.

How do I use LumoRun?

  • Initially you have to download the LumoRun App onto your Smartphone and create a user account and bluetooth sync your device.
  • The LumoRun Sensor is bluetooth connected to the app and then clips onto the back of your running/shorts or pants centrally over your spine.
  • On your first run the first 10 minutes are a test run and then the program continues the remainder of your run.
  • Once you complete your run and download the run data to the app it will display your pace, distance, time, cadence, bounce, bracking, pelvic rotation, and pelvic drop as well as reference ranges and exercies to help correct weakness.

My Review – Pros:

  • As far as Pace, Distance, Time, and Cadence compared my Garmin on the same run it was almost identical.
  • After the run I was excited to see my measurements and where the App thought I could use some work.
  • LumoRun then picks one thing to focus on and for me it was “Bounce” or vertical ossillation. I was VERY IMPRESSED because just 2 weeks prior I had an actual gait assessment by a PT at our local run shop and he said the exact same things as Lumo – so for me the accurace was 100% on point.
  •  LumoRun will then provide you with correction exercises to help improve your form and in further runs will give you ques while running to help improve your form slowly. Lumo follows a 5% run in adopting a gradual change approach which I think is fantastic as sometimes completly changing a runners form quickly can result in major injuries.
  • Battery Life is quite lengthly at about 20 hours of use – which is good because I tend to forget to charge all my gadgets.
  • The device is small and descrete and virtually weightless. I completely forgot I was even wearing it and it did not rub,chafe, or cause any discomfort during my run.

My Review – Cons:

  • It is one more thing to remind myself to put on before leaving the house for a run, which is quite honestly why I took so long to write this review.
  • The data is awesome but you have to be a diligent runner and do the exercies to really work on your form and improve. Just like going to a Physical Therapist won’t solve your injury issues unless you do the exercises prescribed.


  • As endurance athletes we all know that when the body becomes fatigued (i.e. end of a hard race) form is the first thing comprised. Continuing to use LumoRun during my training workouts will lead to proper form becoming a habit and translating into Race Day and more PRs!
  • I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has had multiple form issues in the past or who cannot afford regular visits to a physical therapist or a run coach. At only $99 it is essentially the cost of a consult to a Physical Therapist and gives you identical exercises that I have recieved before from a PT. However if you are minimalist runner who’s previous gadgets have sat on their bedside table from months untouched or forgets their GPS watch everyday this product is not for you as it is only as a good as the use it gets.

So there you have it the full review of the new LumoRun Training Sensor! If you have any questions about the product feel free to contact me to see if it would be right for you and if you want more information or to purchase the product visit My Affilate Discount Code is RunningWithStrength10.

With Love, Product Reviews, and a Data Obsessed Runner,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)