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InsideTracker reached out to me a few months ago for a collaboration and I think when I saw the DM in my mailbox I basically SCREAMED FOR JOY! I have been so interested in their product but being in the practioner in the medical field I rarely find the time to focus on my own health as I am always focusing on everyone else’s – hence the “months go” part. I discussed with InsideTracker that I was interested in comparing the “medical way” your PCP approaches your health care vs what inside tracker gives you and they were 100% on board. So lets get started.


What is InsideTracker?

  • InsideTracker is a company that analyzes your blood test and physiological data and uses the results to form a simple, natural and sustainable nutrition and lifestyle recommendation in order to optimize your performance and well being.

What is the Process:

  • You purchase InsideTracker online on their website and you then are sent a slip to print to take to Quest Diagnostics. You can generally make an apt online so you dont wait forever. You want to do it first thing in the morning because its a fasting test. This is important because alot of the labs they are checking are fasting dependent. Once you go to the lab they draw about 6-10 vials of blood and send them off to InsideTracker. InsideTracker has their physician team analyze the labs and you are sent your InsideTracker results within 5-7 Days. Once you get the results inside tracker gives you the lab value and if you were high, low, optimal, or normal and different foods to improve your labs and the science behind it. Additionally you can create different grocery lists to help plan which foods to buy from the recommendations based on your dietary preferences as well as a create a targeted plan to improve your valures in 6-10 weeks.

What Type of Tests does InsideTracker Perform?

  • InsideTracker has 4 Main Plans and you can also do a DIY Plan if you are looking for followup on your first test or just want specific labs checked.
  • The 4 Main Plan range from the Ultimate with 42 Biomarkers for $589 to the Essential with 12 BioMarkers for $189.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 11.04.17 AM.png

How is InsideTracker Different from Your Doctor’s Bloodwork?

  • So you may be thinking wow thats alot of money for labwork I probably can get covered by insurance. You are probably right if you don’t have a high deductable plan where everything costs a fortune. However InsideTracker gives you MORE than just the numbers InsideTracker TEACHES you how to fix it and optimize your levels not just settle for “your labs were in the normal range” phone call and “see in you 3-12 months”. Inside tracker will let you know if you are optimal, high, or low and explain the improtance and give you NATURAL ways to fix it through your diet and not an exogenous pill. This is important because of alot of us will have labs that are in the “normal range” but was on one extreme or the other of the bell curve of normal and if we changed some things we could more optimize our bodies function but doctos only look for the “red” on the labwork and if its all “white” they say check and you get the above said phone call.



As I said before I was super excited about InsideTracker a few months back when they reached out, however by time I ended up getting the bloodwork I felt it was more of necessity than a fun experiment. After this year of moving around the country 2 times in 12 months, FT Job, FT Coaching, Finding 2 New jobs, Buying a House, 2 Half Marathons, 1 Marathon, 2 Half Ironmans, 1 Ironman, etc. etc. I was completely spent. I found myself just dead exhausted and it wasn’t like i was training at the volume I was and no I was not working because I am waiting on my new job in Florida to start but I still felt the need to take multiple naps and lay on the couch. On top of it when I did workout my legs were just not popping and I just felt like I was dragging through. I knew if anything I needed this test to confirm the obvious that I was in somesort of Adrenal Fatigue and I was curious to what else I put my body through the drain. Life is hard sometimes guys lol.

I got my results back last week which was perfect timing because I had 2 physician appointments with my new PCMs on base for routine physicals and “bloodwork” was supposed to be on the agenda. My first PCM appointment was on Monday prior to getting the InsideTracker Results. At my apt the physician looked over my history, vitals and listen to my heart and lungs and said whelp your healthy – call if you need anything. FANTASTIC. Mind you I didnt press the subject b/c I had the insidetracker results on their way, but it goes to show you that sometimes in medicine if you aren’t chronically ill they just scrape the surface. Later that week I saw the other PCM for my GYN apt and I had recieved my results from InsideTracker. I had analyzed them myself at home as I am a Physician Assistant but its always good to have an outside source manage your healthcare. She looked over all my labs including the “HIGH ALERT/RED” one and thought it all lokoed good and the only thing she would want to check again was my iron levels in about 1-2 months. Thats REAL MEDICINE guys! In order to get what InsideTracker gives you, you would have to find a dedicated physician who specializes in metabolic nutrition and an AMAZING DIETICIAN that will help tailor your diet to optimize your labs and perormance. InsideTracker gives you that in 1 visit without even having to exit your house or see a physician. Of course they say you always consult your doctor for any of the “red” values”. I think this is important because as a practioner I wanted to see how InsideTracker was different than how even I look at labs and to be honest it is WAY DIFFERENT. I look at normal ranges in a lab chart just like those physicians above and it isn’t way off normal then I move on. Your Family Doctor or me personally in the Emergency Room doesn’t have the time to dissect labs that was within normal and figure out what is optimal within the normal range b/c labs don’t do that. Its very black and white in medicine. HIGH – LOW – NORMAL. Thats it. Then you take the black and white and add it up to the big picture to see if someone is “healthy”. Someone like me and my viewers reading this is going to be “healthy” to every physician. Because you are compared to the hundreds of other patients they see with numerous comorbid conditions and countless medications. InsideTracker does that step farther and shows you whether you are “HIGH-LOW-OPTIMAL OR NORMAL RANGE”. This is important because even though you may be in the normal range you can always makes little tweaks to be in the optimal range by just switching something in your diet. You are what you put in your body. Nutrition is a key disipline in athletic success and inside tracker bridges the gap so that you can tailor your nutrition to optimize your heath which in turn leads to optimal peformance.


Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.15.43 AM.png


For the most part as per my doctor I am “healthy” haha. I am lucky in that I have always been pretty healthy. This is not a given and being in the health care field I realize everyday it is a blessing. To say I was terrified some of these tests would be crazy of and I would have to be tested for XYZ crazy disease I see everyday was an understatement. When you see the worst daily its hard not to have anxiety everytime you get your blood tested. I got the InsideTracker “Ultimate” Package with 42 Biomarkers. The Biomarkers are broken down within various catagories and I will share my results for each.

Metabolism and Weight Control:

  • This Panel was mostly optimal except my Glucose and TG were slightly above the “optimal range” but were still within normal range. Glucose Normal is 70-99 Fasting and TG anything under 150 is normal. However, I am going to pay attention to my TG a little bit more often because I have genetic high TG that run strong on my mothers side of the family. The PCP was SUPER PROUD of my HDL – Thank you Endurance Training!

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.22.15 AM.png

Bone and Muscle Health:

  • My Calcium was lower than optimal for this test with normal Vitamin D. Thank you summer for returning cuz I am sure this looked different during Winter. I am going to try and work on improving my calcium because as a smaller framed white female I am predisposed to osteoporosis just by genetics and also I have had a stress fracture in the past so optimizing your bone strength to me is always important.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.26.17 AM.png

Electrolytes and Fluid Balance:

  • These were in optimal range and my mom and husband were shocked because when I eat its like would you like some food with your salt. But hey I guess my body enjoys it! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.28.24 AM.png


  • I kinda smacked myself in the face when I saw that my Magnesum was not optimal after I threw away the unused magnesium suppliment when I moved after failing to take it last year after I ordered it. Guess I am going to have to see if that in a gummy form lol.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.29.45 AM.png


  • This was all pretty normal which I was thrilled about because of course my fear for the past 6 years I havent gotten bloodwork is that my CBC will be way off and Ill have some sort of cancer. To be honest I had these fears prior to being in medicine but its only gotten worse after you have to be the one to tell patients of all ages this horrible news. All joking aside I am so thankful and grateful to have those greens. However my one yellow is a High CRP which is a marker for inflammation. I am not shocked I feel my body is a constantly inflammed state – thank you Ironman! 🙂Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.31.37 AM.png

Liver Function and Toxicity

  • These were all normal. GB is staying in this lady! 🙂

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.36.01 AM.png

Oxygen Transfer and Blood Function

  • This was one of the “HIGH ALERT RED” Catagories. My TIBC was High “Red” and my Ferritin was “low yellow” but trending closer the to low “red” section and my Iron was normal. I personally reviewed my labs and then discussed them with my physician and it was determined we felt that I was trending towards an early Iron Deficiency Anemia and that we are going to recheck the levels in 1-2 months and see if there is improvement before we start suppplimentation. But I am going to start incorporating alot of the inside tracker suggestions so hopefully that will not happen. Iron deficiency is very common in atheltes and runners especially marathon runners so you have to pay close attention to your diet in terms of iron and I know that I havent because I am not the biggest fan of meat in general.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.37.32 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.44.29 AM.png

Strength and Endurance // Sex Hormones

  • Well you would think in Ironman Training this section should be like “GOLD STAR” but nope its was “WHOA STOP” you get “RED STAR”! lol. Well here is the obvious that I knew but was waiting on just how bad it really was – Cortisol was in the “red”. Whomp whomp hop on the adrenal fatigue train. I didn’t need a lab to tell me I already knew as I said above but what I did need was ways to help fix it besides the obvious of I need to “take a break” which I am very soon. It makes me question that if my Cortisol was 25 after a month off work what is was like 2 months ago in the midst of Ironman, Moving, New Job, Buying a House – EEEEKKKK!!!! Shockingly not shockingly of course my PCP didn’t care about my cortisol level – lucky for me I know medicine so I can help fix it myself in the interum and see if it improves. 🙂 My CK was also elevated out of the optimal range and the suggestion was to switch out high impact running for lower impact activites like biking and swimming. Thats switch is coming real soon as this posterir tendon tear needs some rest. The last thing that was red was the SHBG and the DHEAS both of these can be highly affected by birth control as well as your time in your cycle and I have been on birth control for close to 16 years. My GYN said she was not concerned with the value and its affect on future pregnancy but we would readdress it when the time comes for babies. Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.46.42 AM.pngScreen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.46.52 AM.png

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.55.24 AM.png

Once you have all the information you can create a grocery list through “food basket” customized to your preferences and calorie intake per day to help plan your meals to optimize your labs and performance – Example Below.

Screen Shot 2017-09-26 at 10.58.38 AM.png

I know this was lenghty but I had ALOT of questions on instagram when I posted my InsideTracker Lab draw! I hope this was helpful and also insightful that I shared my results. I am very thankful for InsideTracker for giving me the opportunity to look outside my own medical box and gain the insight onto how to better care for myself instead of always taking care of other medical emergencies. If you have any questions feel free to reach out!

With Love

Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Disclaimer: This post is a sponsored post. However the words, thoughts, and opinions shared on this blog are entirely my own and in no way influenced by the sponsor. 


Product Review: BioSkin Tights

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Recently I reached out to BioSkin to collaborate in a partnership to review their compression tights. I had always been interested and with Ash constantly raving about her  “fast pants” I couldn’t help but want in on the gains. I was super happy when they agreed to collaborate and am even more happy to report I LOVE THEM!

BioSkin Sole Sister Compression Charcoal Hex Tight Information

  • Bio Skin tight material designed to provide high-level radial compression so it conforms nicely to the curves of the body. You can see the radial compression detail in if you look closly to the pattern/stitching of the tights and that the lines are very correspondant to the various muscles.
  • Bio Skin is also breathable, so perspiration evaporates right through it, and is hypo-allergenic so you don’t have to worry about skin reactions.
  • The Tights themselves have an oversized back zipper pocket (large enough for an IPhone6, Off-center ankle zippers to avoid achilles irritation, and reflective detail for night visibility.
  • The waist band of the tights I would say are mid/high rise (My favorite) and offer a draw string to tighten or loosen depending on the day ;).

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.49.09 PM.png

Experiences with the Tights:

  • Airplane Flight Attire:
    • So I first tried out the BioSkin Tights on my Flight out to Phoenix for the Half Marathon. At first I put them on and thought well they aren’t very “compressive” I guess I was thinking they would be like compression socks for your legs lol. But then I wore them on the plane and got off and automatically noticed the first big difference – my legs didn’t feel like heavy/lead and then when I took them off later in the evening I realized the compression was most definitely there. I think this was my favorite surprise because the tights were compressive without being overly obvious making them the perfect travel attire for comfort and prehab. I will definitely say these are going to be my go to travel pants from now on because we all know plane fights and fresh legs do not go hand in hand.
  • Long Run in the Cold and Snow:
    • I wore the compression pants during my long run last week with Ash. I was very impressed about the added subtle support the tights gave my legs. With recovering from the Flu I took all the help I could get and I could definitely tell a difference in my legs wearing the tights versus my normal running pants. My legs just didn’t feel as “fatigued” as I thought they would. Additionally during the run in the snow the material was “water wicking” and my legs never got wet or soaked from the snow. The material I would say was a medium thickness for tights just slightly more warm than a Nike Pro Tight but less warm than a fleece lined so the perfect pant for the 20-40 degree weather :).

Benefits /Pros of BioSkin Compression Tights

  • Radial Compression. The compression gives your legs support in the right areas and is designed to follow the curvature of your muscles. Additionally I feel the compression is the “just enough” that you dont necessarily notice it until you take the pants off but you get the benefits. This is important because the compression is not restrictive which some compressive material can be.
  • Versatility. I feel the pants can serve multiple purposed from race attire to recovery attire. I am not going to lie these are most definitely my new go to “race/fast pant” but more importantly I am not flying without them again!
  • Weather Wicking. While this isn’t exactly unique to Bioskin I have a variety of tights and not all of them hold up to the elements. I was glad the Bioskin tight held strong through the wind and snow to protect my legs from getting overly cold in the elements.
  • Attention to Detail. I feel ike Bioskin really focused on making a unique product in which all the details are designed to optimize performance. I love the leg zipper placement to avoid irritation and also the addition to allow breathability in the borderline weather temperatures as well as the reflective details and large zipper pocket to hold the race day necessities.

With Love,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however I did reach out to Bioskin personally to review their product. The thoughts and review are completely my own opinion and were not influenced by Bioskin in anyway.


Product Review: Hoka One One Clifton 3

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Hoka One One reached out to me to try out their new Clifton 3 Model. As many of you know  I have been wearing the clifton for about 2 years and it has served me well through 3 Marathons, HIM, IM and multiple other races with many PRs, BQs, and accomplishments. I started with the Original Clifton then have progressed through the models now getting to the Hoka Clifton 3s.

The Shoe: The Clifton 3 is a Neutral Balanced Cushion Maximalist Shoe with a 5mm offset (drop) and is lightweight at 7.4 ounces. I think the weight is important because when most people look at the shoe on the wall they think wow thats alot of cushion and it is probably a lug to run in but they are a very light shoe for how much cushion you get.

Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 11.20.00 AM.png

What is the best function for the shoe: Obviously I have trained and raced in the Clifton for many years however for that being said I think the Clifton is a great shoe mainly for long endurance runs and easy recovery runs. The cushion really allows your feet to recover. For racing I would suggest a more responsive shoe like the Hoka One One Clayton or Tracer. Another good function for this shoe is for someone who is recovering for a recent stress fracture or severe plantar fascitis the extra cushion allows for a little extra protection for the elements and less injury risk. The original reason I bought the Clifton 2 years ago was because I had had a stress fracture in the past and wanted a shoe that would help prevent making the same mistake.

How the Clifton 3 Compares to Previous Models: To be honest for me the Orginal Cliftons were not totally made for my foot. I have a very narrow foot and they are were slightly wide fitting and thus I had to tie they very tight for a proper fit. However, for most people they LOVED that aspect of the original clifton. The Clifton 2 featured a more narrow toe box and shoe overall and I loved it because I have narrow feet however many people felt it was a little too snug. I think with the Clifton 3 they finally found a happy medium with the shoe and one that can fit the majority of the runner’s out there. I really love the new model and I think if you were on either side of the Clifton 1 and 2 spectrum they may have just nailed it on the head for you!

My Overall Opinion: Obviously I LOVE this shoe it has a special place it my heart. It has allowed me to increase my mileage and speed without injury and for that I am forever thankful especially in the years closely following my stress fracture and injuries. I am slowly working my way to a more responsive shoe but the Clifton still has my heart for those long runs for hours on the pavement and a simple easy recovery run! To check out more on the shoe here is the link to their site.

With Love and Product Reviews,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however the opinions in this post are 100% authentic, real and my own. 



Senita Athletic Review – What I am Wearing Wednesday

Gear, product review

Hey Guys!!! I have some fun athletic wear to share with you! Obviously this is sponsored however I reached out to Senita to try their product because I was overly impressed with the design and REALLY WANTED to try them out! As part of the review I got to choose a Top and Bottom. I fell in LOVE almost immediately upon opening the packing – It was so cute, well made, high quality! I couldn’t wait to put it on!

The Top:

  • I choose the Bahamas Duel Tank similar to the the Lululemon Free to Wild Tank. The tank is $32 compared to $60 from Lululemon with the same Amazing Quality. The best part about the tank is the attention to detail and the pocket on the sports bra portion to slip your cell phone, credit card, key in for easy carry. I ran with my phone in the pocket with no bounce or discomfort. For a person like me who absolutely hates carry their phone in their water bottle or in a waist band it was the perfect solution.

The Bottom:

  • I choose the Twighlight pants. They are a mid to high rise waist band. Very flattering and made of high quality athletic material. Just like the top the attention to detail was on point. The pants had reflective detail – perfect for the cold morning winter/fall runs. Additionally they had a pocket on the side to slip your phone in. No more worries about a floppy moving waist band during those long runs while trying to listen to music. The pants are also really affordable for the quality at $42 dollars – you seriously cannot beat that deal.

    I cannot say enough about this product. There is no other product like this on the market with the perfect pocket placement to carry your phone without any accessory arm or waist wrap. Additionally it is afforadable and very high quality. The company is local to Arizona which you know has my heart after all! You can use the code “kindal” for 10% off until 11/15/16 and it’s free shipping over $50! You definitely will NOT regret the decision to invest in this cute active wear for your running and workout needs!

    With Love and Athletic Wear,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)




    Five Friday Favorites

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    Its been a while since I did one of these so I figured why not rekindle the flame – hehe!

    #1. SquareBars. Squarebars was kind enough to send me a sample package of their protein bars. So far I have only tried Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Cherry and both were GREAT! I like the macro distrubution of the bars at 230 calories 11gF/21C (3F)/12P especially for fuel on my long bike rides as well as the fact that are made with organic ingrediants. The macros are great for bike fuel as low fiber (no bathroom probs please) and higher carbs with moderate protein and fat to slow digestion and hold that fuel longer in your system. Additionally, I like the size and compactness of the bar b/c because it is easier to fit in my Bento Box on my Bike!

    • Use Discount Code “RunningWithStrength” to get 20% off your next order! So that makes the box $23.99 with free shipping! 🙂

    #2. Bellatona Tank Top. Jillian is the owner of a small company called “Bellatona” and asked if I would mind trying out her tanks and I love helping small companies so I said SURE! I loved the tank immediately. The Tank was the perfect fit and loved the quality of the fabric. The fabric is the sweat whicking fabric essential in Humid Ohio and very high quality and I was impressed! 

    #3. KFT Sports BrasI was blessed enough to be sent one of these amazing sports bras! I LOVE the Design – its is so different than other sports bras putting the strappy details on the side of the bra vs the typical front/back PERFECT for those muscle tanks! Also the bra comes with high quality removable pads (similar to a pricey VS bathing suit top – not the flimsy paper kind) so if you want something extra you can insert them. I feel like for the price of $40 they are very high quality and there are so many fun designs and colors – if you are a Lululemon strappy bra lover – YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS SITE! 

    #4. Normatec Recovery BootsThe NormaTec PULSE Recovery boots are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab to allow athletes to recover faster from hard training sessions and races. These boots are mainly used by the elites as they are pricey $1500+, however the local sports medicine/ART/Chiro in the Dayton Area has them at his office so I was able to try it out for $20. I used the boots after my 100 mile ride on Friday and definitely noticed decreased muscle soreness and quicker recovery over the next few days. 


    #5. JellyBean Sport Beans. I used these when I first got into Running and Marathon training in 2009 and havent used them since. But then my friend Jennifer started posting on them I decided to give them a try and fell back in Love! So far I have tried the Green Apple, Pear, and Mixed Packs and have loved all three and they are perfect for a taste bud change on the bike when I have been eating bars for like 4+ hours haha!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.10.15 AM.png


    So there you have it – The Friday Five Back and Alive!

    With Love and Happy Fridays,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

    LumoRun Product Review

    product review, Running

    Disclaimer: I received this sensor for free as a part of the Lumo Ambassador program, however the opinions in this blog post are all based on my personal experience in knowledge and not affected by outside sources. 

    LumoTech contacted me about 1 month ago after I left Arizona to try out a new product that analyzes running form via a small sensor. I was skeptical at first but figured why not give it a try. I have seen physical therapists in the past regarding running form and injury prevention and these visits typically are around $100 and then require followups to assess changes based on the exercies the prescribe. So if this solves all those issues and saves some money why not?!

    What is LumoTech?

    • LumoTech company mission is to unlock the body’s full potential by utilizing technology to measure, inform and provide real-time insights on human movement.
    • LumoTech has two products: (1) LumoLift – a small, lightweight wearable solution to posture and additional activity tracker and their newest addition (2) Lumo Run which I will be reviewing below.

    What is LumoRun?

    • LumoRun is a small and discreet sensor worn on the back of your running shorts/pants that measures and coaches you on your running form to improve performance and reduce the risk of injury.
    • LumoRun measures pace, distance, and time as well as 5 integral pillars of running form
      • Cadence: steps per minute
      • Bounce: vertical ossicillation
      • Bracking: change in forward velocity
      • Pelvic Rotation: side to side rotation of pelvis
      • Pelvic Drop: side ot side vertical motion of pelvis
    • LumoRun data can be collected either connected to your phone or phone-free and uploaded after your run is complete.
    • LumoRun also acts as a realtime coach to help improve your running form to maximize your run results and times.
    • A great video explaining the product can be found HERE. This video is what actually sold me to partner with the company to give this review.

    How do I use LumoRun?

    • Initially you have to download the LumoRun App onto your Smartphone and create a user account and bluetooth sync your device.
    • The LumoRun Sensor is bluetooth connected to the app and then clips onto the back of your running/shorts or pants centrally over your spine.
    • On your first run the first 10 minutes are a test run and then the program continues the remainder of your run.
    • Once you complete your run and download the run data to the app it will display your pace, distance, time, cadence, bounce, bracking, pelvic rotation, and pelvic drop as well as reference ranges and exercies to help correct weakness.

    My Review – Pros:

    • As far as Pace, Distance, Time, and Cadence compared my Garmin on the same run it was almost identical.
    • After the run I was excited to see my measurements and where the App thought I could use some work.
    • LumoRun then picks one thing to focus on and for me it was “Bounce” or vertical ossillation. I was VERY IMPRESSED because just 2 weeks prior I had an actual gait assessment by a PT at our local run shop and he said the exact same things as Lumo – so for me the accurace was 100% on point.
    •  LumoRun will then provide you with correction exercises to help improve your form and in further runs will give you ques while running to help improve your form slowly. Lumo follows a 5% run in adopting a gradual change approach which I think is fantastic as sometimes completly changing a runners form quickly can result in major injuries.
    • Battery Life is quite lengthly at about 20 hours of use – which is good because I tend to forget to charge all my gadgets.
    • The device is small and descrete and virtually weightless. I completely forgot I was even wearing it and it did not rub,chafe, or cause any discomfort during my run.

    My Review – Cons:

    • It is one more thing to remind myself to put on before leaving the house for a run, which is quite honestly why I took so long to write this review.
    • The data is awesome but you have to be a diligent runner and do the exercies to really work on your form and improve. Just like going to a Physical Therapist won’t solve your injury issues unless you do the exercises prescribed.


    • As endurance athletes we all know that when the body becomes fatigued (i.e. end of a hard race) form is the first thing comprised. Continuing to use LumoRun during my training workouts will lead to proper form becoming a habit and translating into Race Day and more PRs!
    • I would highly recommend this product for anyone who has had multiple form issues in the past or who cannot afford regular visits to a physical therapist or a run coach. At only $99 it is essentially the cost of a consult to a Physical Therapist and gives you identical exercises that I have recieved before from a PT. However if you are minimalist runner who’s previous gadgets have sat on their bedside table from months untouched or forgets their GPS watch everyday this product is not for you as it is only as a good as the use it gets.

    So there you have it the full review of the new LumoRun Training Sensor! If you have any questions about the product feel free to contact me to see if it would be right for you and if you want more information or to purchase the product visit My Affilate Discount Code is RunningWithStrength10.

    With Love, Product Reviews, and a Data Obsessed Runner,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)





    Roll Recovery Product Review

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    Happy Sunday! For some its always “Sunday RunDay” but for me its always been “Sunday RestDay” and I found my latest recovery tool to make Sunday’s even more effective for my training! Introducing the Roll Recovery – R8 Roller and Stretch Mat….

    Many of you have seen the R8 Roller running around instagram and when I got the chance to work with Adi Nelson professional runner and co-founder of Roll Recovery with her husband Jeremy Nelson I could not pass the up the opportunity. First off she is  a complete doll and second off I have had my eye on the product for many many months but just hadn’t bought the bullet to make the purchase.

    Adi was nice enough to send me both the R8 Roller and the New Stretch Mat which is awesome because I am constantly needing to roll in various locations and don’t really love sitting on a possibly very dirty floor or ground! So lets get to the review…

    First up is the R8 Roller – Basically the Grand Daddy of Rollers!

    Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.34.42 PM

    • Concept: The R8 Roller was created for a compact and convient way for athletes to “foam roll”. The goals were to create a deep tissue massage product for myofasical release in order to reduce inflammation, break up adhesions, and stimulate blood circulation. Additionally they made the product compact so it was portable for athletes traveling for races and endurance activities.
    • Targeted Muscles: The product self adjusts to different leg sizes to target quads, hamstrings, ITB, glutes, calves, shins, hip flexors, hamstrings, adductors, etc.
    • Techniques:
      • “Roll Down Flush”: Start proximally with largers muscle groups (Quads/Hamstrings /glutes) and gradually use the R8 rolling until you feel the muscle loosening and increased blood flow continue the process down to to your calves and shins only massaging soft tissue and avoiding kness, shins, and direct bone rolling.
      • “Point Release”: for those pesky knots and adhesions slowly work the R8 over the spot and pause directly and gradually increase massage speed and force as you feel the spots loosen up.
    • Things I LOVED:
      • Compact Design. I loved that is comes in a compact bag and is small and light enough to fit into a carry on suitcase and eliminate the hassel of trying to fit a foam roller into your carry-on (yes I did that – see my instagram from Mexico)
      • The Product Does the Work. Lets just say as much as I love my foam roller I sometimes get really lazy after a long day of workouts and work and the last thing I want to do is work on a foam roller. The R8 does all the work for you. You can sit in bed and basically just roll it up and down your legs and takes minimal effort but you get maximal results. Less work, same result = HUGE benefit.
      • Targeted Muscle Group Work. Sometimes with the foam roller I feel like I need to work and adjust multiple times to get the “exact” spot worked with the R8 you can target those adhesions and really focus on those problem areas just like a deep tissue or active release therapy treatment.
    • Overall: Overall I would 100% recommend the R8 product for your next roller. The cost is $119 dollars and even though it seems high the product is top notch quality and is well worth every penny. Athletes I feel this would really benefit is the “busy” athletes with kids, works, life, etc. trying to fit in the “extra stuff” that just seem to not get done the roller is an easy thing to use sporadically and quickly throughout the day without any mess or fuss. Atheltes who also travel alot either in the car/plane would benefit as it is compact and light and can fit in a car or suitcase so after a long race while driving home or waiting on your flight you can use the foller in the airport or passenger seat and lessen those post race PR DOMs we are know and love! 😉


    Second up is the Roll Recovery Stretch Mat

    • Concept: The StretchMat was specifically designed with the athlete in mind. The larger shape, soft-touch surface and 4mm of padding provides the surface area and sweat proof design every athlete needs to get down to business with stretching and pre/post workout rituals
    • Details: 130 cm x 130 cm Polyester soft touch surface with 4mm high dense foam core and nonslip bottom for indoor and outdoor use.  Additionally it has an easy fold up design into a compact square that can fit easily in your “check bag” or “suitcase” for a place to roll on the go whether in an airport or a local park.
    • Things I Loved:
      • Compact Design. Once again this is HUGE seller for me. I love compact designs that I can carry around with me to multiple places. I can 100% see me carrying the mat and roller in my post race bag to roll out those post race problem areas before leaving a race for breakfast and/or home and airport
      • Screen Shot 2016-08-06 at 7.23.34 PM
      • Quality: The mat is very high quality and durable. I love the thickness of the mat so even when I was using it on my hardwood floors and back porch it did not feel like I was “sitting on the ground” and did not slip around as I moved and rolled.
      • Design: I love the athletic design of the mat and the shape. I feel like it gives you enough room to really relax and stretch without being confined to a typical mat shape of a elongated rectangle.
    • Overall: If you are a runner on the go this mat is the one for you. I can definitely see me using the mat to sit and stretch at the local running store after my long runs and also on the grass lawns after a hard half or full marathon. This mat can also be used for everyday activities from a picnic at the park to yoga and the cost is $49.

    For more information on Roll Recovery and the R8 Roller and StretchMat head over to to check out their products. They also have an amazing foot roller “The R3” for those runners and athletes who suffer from plantar fascitis! Trust me you will not be disappointed!

    Hope you all have a wonderful and restful Sunday and Happy Training!

    With Love and Recovery Products and Essentials,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

    What I am Wearing: OOFOS

    Gear, product review

    So recently I collaborated with a shoe company called “OOFOS“. As many of you have seen in some of previous favorites and recaps I was already a HUGE fan of this shoe company and their product. When I got the chance to work with them I was elated to say the least –  I love sharing some of my favorite products with your guys! OOFOS sent me 2 pairs of shoes to try out and review and let’s just say they did not disappoint… 🙂 ❤ 🙂

    A Little About OOFOS:

    What are OOFOS:OOFOS was created when they realized there was a need for a more supportive recovery sandal for the endurance athlete. With most sandals on the market lacking cushion and arch support OOFOS sought to create a sandal that would do the opposite. OOFOS created OOfoam a revolutionary technology 37% more absorbable than the average athletic shoe and combined with arch support to create a sandal that could absorb the shock of a hard workout on the feet and joints in order to recovery for the next day and workout.

    Who can wear OOFOS: While OOFOS was created towards the endurance athlete ANYONE can wear OOFOS and get the benefits. OOFOs sandals are perfect for people living in warmer climates year round where sandals are daily attire to prevent foot tendonitis and foot fatigue. Additionally for medical professional they created a clog that is perfect for those long 8-12 hour shifts on your feet.

    Reviews of Products:

    OOFOS OOlala Sandal:

    • About: The OOlala sandal was created as a more all day sandal with glossy uppers strap, bold color combinations, and a more slimmer streamlined silhouette than the OOFOs originals. I choose the the Black and Cloud White combination but there is a variety of combinations for everyone.
    • Review: I LOVE these sandals. Originally from Florida and now living in Arizona sandals are part of my daily attire. Additionally the first thing I want to do after a long workout is take off my socks and get some air to my feet for the rest of the day. The problems was coming that as I ran my errands in my flat sandals all day my feet began to hurt and become tired and sore. Insert OOFOS – these sandals solved the problem almost instantly. The cloud like cushion and arch support allowed my feet to recover while running errands after a long workout without any pain or additional fatigue. Now there is no going back to the days of flat foot sandals and feeling like I’m walking on concrete all day when I can feel like I’m walking on clouds. Additionally, I love that they are water friendly – great for pool wear and after a triathlon where your feets are wet 😉 !!!


    OOFOS OOCloogs Luxe:

    • About: OOFOS create the OOCloog as a daily closed toe shoe that could get you through your long workday. With many jobs requiring closed toes shoes in the workplace sometimes it is hard to find a fashionable comfortable clog to fit the bill and OOFOs sought to find a shoe for the niche.
    • Review: As a medical professional “clogs” are almost a must have in the nursing/physician industry. They serve the purpose of closed toes, slip on, and comfort all in one. I honestly have never invested in clogs as they can be on the pricey side – Danskin/Grey’s Anatomy run you anywhere from $100-120/pair. However when OOFOs offered to send me a pair I was elated – FINALLY CLOGS! I got the Black Luxe pair – mainly because of all the “dirt” at work. I wore them at work over the weekend from my 12 and 8 hour shifts and fell in LOVE. I love the ease of being able to slip them on and off as well as the cushion and arch support to keep my feet happy throughout the day especially after my 4 AM workouts! OOFOs clogs are also $65 dollars which is half the price of normal medical clogs sold at scrub shops around the country and I know everyone LOVES a deal especially when it’s an AMAZING product!


    Hope you guys enjoyed this little product review of OOFOS. I absolutely love this product and love spreading the word of thing I love and use everyday! If you are an endurance athlete and love wearing sandals during the summer or after a long event – you will NOT regret this purchase – it is a MUST HAVE for your shoe attire! Check out more info about OOFOs HERE!

    With Love and Favorite Products,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)






    RocksBox Premium Jewelry Subscription Review

    product review

    Hey guys! So a few weeks ago I was asked if I would try a 3 month trial of RocksBox premium jewelry subscription in return for a review on blog/social media. I was skeptical at first because I am not the girliest and hardly ever wear jewlry except my wedding rings but I figured well now is your shot – so I took them up on the offer.


    The RocksBox company is a month to month subscription at $19/month if you use the code runningwithstrengthxoxo your first month is FREE. Each month subscription includes 3 jewelry items (totaling about $200) that you can return at anytime for new items with free shipping. In addition if you love an item you can purchase it at a discounted price and each month you get $10 shine cash to put towards the item!

    The set up for your subscription is easy enough. You go to and you just put in your basic information, shipping info, and credit card and bam you are on your way. After you get set up you start a “wishlist” of items that you would potentitally like in your RocksBox. They suggest 15+ items  (out of the 30+ items in stock) which is not hard considering they have a HUGE selection of rings, bracelets, earring, and necklaces.

    Screen Shot 2015-11-28 at 3.47.35 PM.png

    After you sign up and pick your wishlist the company starts compiling your RocksBox for shipping and has it to your door in approximately 5-6 days with standard shipping. They even put a reminder outside the packaging when it arrives reminding you that it is “not trash” in case you forgot you ordered them (happens to me alot lol).

    Once you open the packing the attention to detail is on point. The packing is adorable and customized to your specific needs and wrapped like a perfect present. Each jewely piece is carefully wrapped as to not get damaged and makes it all the more opening one as if it is an indivual gift.

    In my first Rocksbox I recieved one ring, one bracelet, and one necklace. Out of the 3 items only one was on my wishlist. You can check this on their site under “wishes granted”. However, I can tell they looked at my wishlist because the other two items were just perfect for me as well! And the cool thing is if you dont love a piece you send it back free shipping and they send you a new one ASAP!

    I think this product is awesome for someone who is kind of wishy washy on buying jewelry. I mean at $19/month it is the average cost of one nice piece of costume jewely let along premium fashion jewelry. Plus for someone like me who is noncommital to anything other than something I am going to wear everyday it is nice to be able to try out a few pieces with no commitment and then buy one if I fall in love. In addition if you love it you get $10/month in shine cash so that makes your memeber essentially $9/month!

    This is my first monthly suscription box membership so I will keep you posted as I go along – but for now if you want to give it a try you can sign up at and use the code runningwithstrengthxoxo for your first month’s trial FREE! Doesn’t get much better than that!

    Here are a few pics of the jewlery I recieved in my first RocksBox!


    The Necklace


    The Bracelet


    The Bracelet


    The Ring

    For More information visit FAQ and How It Works Pages!!!

    With Love and Girly Things,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

    Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post by RocksBox, however the opinions given are all my own and not provided by the sponsored company. 

    Product Review: Zensah Gazelle Sports Bra and Compression Socks

    Gear, product review

    Recently I was contacted by Zensah to wear and review their new Gazelle Sports Bra and Compression Socks. I recieved the products this week and could not have been more excited to try them out and share with you guys my thoughts!


    Gazelle Sports Bra

    So this bra is a seamless sports bra with moisture whicking fabric made for medium-high impact support for larger cup sizes. This is the first time I had ever tried out a “performance sports bra” and I was impressed. This sports bra is well made with runners and athletes in mind.


    The Best Qualities of the Gazelle Sports Bra:

    • Support. Alot of the sports bras on the market are aimed at the smaller cup sizes (A/B) and do not offer alot of support to keep the girls in place. This bra allows for a snug fit for the girls without having an uncomfortable underwire band. I would definiately recommend this bra for women of larger chest sizes (C+)
    • Moisture-Wicking/Anti-Chafe. This bra has built in specific fabric in the areas where the most sweat accumulates (cleavage, back, underarms) that specifically allows for heat and sweat to be released effectively.
    • Performance Fabric. I love how the fabric is odor resistant. We all know as women alot of our sweat accumulates in the sports bra and its nice to know that none of that odor is there to stay! 😉

    Zensah Compression Socks

    So we all know I love me some compression socks. I was SUPER excited when Zensah also put a pair of white compression socks in my trial bag. Zensah was the first compression sleeves I ever purchased over 5 years ago and they are still my go to for recovery and plane rides so I was super excited to try their socks. Let me tell you they did not disappoint.

    For those who do not know Compression Socks are knee-high socks that are used for injury prevention and recovery. The Zensah socks are a graduated compression with the highest compression at the ankle and then tapers up to the calf to allow for increased blood ciruclation and oxygen flow to decrease calf cramps and shin splints. Some athletes will wear them during their exercise (running/cycling/etc) or some use them after exercise for recovery – total personal preference. I perfer to to do both 🙂


    The Best Qualities of the Zensah Compression Socks:

    • Compression. The socks were tight but not too tight. In some brands I have tried the compression is just too much and it causes me more cramps instead of alleviating them. But with Zensah I just felt the comfort and support.
    • Fabric. The fabric is so soft and comfy. This is extremely important in all your workout attire because no one wants to be uncomfortable on a 20 mile run! I would lounge around in these all day!
    • Support. Zensah took time to improve their technology. I love the addition of an elastic band around the foot to help support the arches. Because I know after a long run my feet need some extra love.

    Some Photos of Me Playing around in the Zensah Gear



    So there you have it a little review on the Zensah Gear! Go to their Website to check out all their Gear from socks to sleeves, tops, and bottoms!

    With Love, Running, and Product Reviews

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)