Monthly Recap June 2017 and Half Year 2017 Recap

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Half way through 2017 – I seriously cannot believe it. Time flies by so fast sometimes it is just so scary! 2017 I have to admit so far in the first 6 months athletically has left more than be desired. I have grabbed a few PRs in the 10K and Half Marathon but almost every race I have competed in this year has had some complications. First the WDW Half was cancelled due to weather, then Phoenix Half I grabbed by PR but fell short of my goal due to having the Flu, Then Boston well we all know what happened at boston the wall of humans plus record heat, Then Gulf Coast 70.3 the swim was cancelled, it was like  SO HOT and I had strep and cracked my head open with a car trunk.  It just quite frankly has been a hot mess lol. However this month in June I FINALLY had a good race and a much needed PR in the Half Ironman 70.3 Distance. It wasnt necesarily that I like blew all my time goal expectations out of the water or did something phenomenal however it was just a good overall race where I didn’t have any bad luck storms before and I felt solid throughout the whole race and not like I was dying. So I considered that a win! I also am remembering I never wrote that recap…Hmmm… I guess Ill do that next week so be on the lookout! Well with June out of the way we welcome July and its IRONMAN MONTH – HOLY CRAP!!! EEEK IM EXCITED and I got my Bib # Finally 103!!!

June Stats: 

  • Run: 164 Miles // 23:47
  • Bike: 750 Miles // 42:48
  • Swim: 21.9 Miles // 11:13
  • Strength: 4:00:00
  • Total: 935.9 Miles // 77:48
  • Highlight: Half Ironman 70.3 PR of 5:33 🙂

Year to Date Stats:

  • Run: 1090 Miles // 152:34
  • Bike: 2861 Miles // 164:54
  • Swim: 83.4 Miles // 43:19
  • Strength: 14:46
  • Total: 4,034 Miles // 360:47
  • Highlights:
    • Half PR at the Phoenix Half in 1:32:46 in February
    • 10K PR of 43:30 at Cincinatti Frozen 10K/5K in February
    • Running the Boston Marathon
    • Half Ironman Bike PR at Ironman Gulf Coast in 2:51
    • Half Ironman PR of 5:33 at a Local Indiana Half Ironman

Well Here is to June and halfway through 2017!

With Love and Training

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Monthly Recap: May 2017

Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

May – Hmm, where do we start. I am not sure much to say about May except my training was always somewhere in between recovery and taper and I can’t say I ever got a “great” training week in there. I was recovering from Boston in the Beginning of the Month – then tapered for Gulf Coast 70.3 – then recovered – then got the stomach flu – whomp whomp whomp basically. Anyways given all the above I am happy about how it went, I promise I will post a Gulf Coast Recap Soon! Here are the stats…

Monthly Stats:

  • Run: 107 Miles //  15:24
  • Bike: 558 Miles // 31:50
  • Swim: 25.5K // 7:20
  • Strength: 1 Sessions // 0:40
  • Total: 680 Miles // 55:15

Training Highs:

  • Gulf Coast 70.3 – I had a 20 minutes PR on my bike split from 3:10 to 2:50
  • 500 TT Swim PR from 8:00 (1:36/100) in February to 7:46 (1:33/100) yesterday

Training Lows:

  • Gulf Coast Swim being Cancelled and Gulf Coast Run taking the Tank – More details to come on this in the recap. 

Life Updates

  • We found out we are moving to Florida in the Melbourne Area which is exciting and WE BOUGHT OUR FIRST HOUSE. All of these changes has been super exciting but also SUPER STRESSFUL.  So I have basically been running around like a chicken with my head cut off between FT PA in the ED, Coaching business, Moving, Buying a house, looking for new jobs, blah blah blah the list never ends haha!

So there you have a little recap on May – Look of the Gulf Coast Recap to Follow Soon! 🙂

With Love and Training

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Monthly Recap: April 2017

Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

I feel like I started 2017 waiting and waiting to figure out what April 2017 would bring and while it didn’t bring what I wanted it still holds some amazing memories!


  • Run: 129 Miles // 17:56:56 // 8:20 min/mi Average
  • Bike: 268 Miles // 15:37:27 // 17.2 mph Average
  • Swim; 12.3 Miles // 6:21:47 // 1:46/100yd Average
  • Total: 409 Miles // 39:56:10


  • I dont think we can discuss April without the Boston Marathon and that being the ultimate Highlight! All of April surrounded the Boston Marathon – I spent the first 2 weeks Tapering and the last 2 weeks reverse Tapering. So basically Boston is the Highlight and STAR fo the Month.


  • The Boston Marathon – hahaha! I think the low was just not getting the PR I had worked for. I am still sad but moving forward. I realize there were too many factors at play to really knock myself down so my performance.

Boston Blog Posts:

With Love and Training,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)




Monthly Recap: March 2017

Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

March Miles Total and Peak Month of the Boston Marathon Training is over. I started this month off recovering hard core from the flu and the last week of this month dealing with an unexpected niggle in my calf. So in out with not so great and out with the not so great but oh well that is what life throws you! This month was very anti-climatic as far as training goes. No big milestones of things to note in PRs basically just the day in and day out grind of marathon training. I did hit my highest weekly mileage ever at the end of peak week at 72 Miles on top of swimming, biking, strength training, and working FT so all things considered I am happy with how March went but I just don’t have anything WOW to report haha! Anyways here we go into April – the Boston Marathon 2017 is finally here and I seriously cannot believe how fast the time has flown since I qualified 18 months ago!

March Miles:

  • Run: 271 Miles // 37:48:16
  • Bike: 545 Miles // 31:16:52
  • Swim: 24,100 yards // 7:13:41
  • Strength: 3:00:00
  • Total: 830 Miles // 79:18:49

With Love and Training,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


February 2017 Monthly Recap

Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

TWO Month down and TEN to go in 2017!!! This month was filled with highs and lows. I felt super strong in the beginning of this month only to end with the Flu right before my big race in Phoenix. I can’t say I wasn’t expecting it I work in the Emergency Department after all – exposed to ALL the Germs. Looking back at my previous monthly recaps from 2016 all of January through April my lows were the fact that I had Pneumonia, Influenza, Stomach Flu, etc so I don’t know know why I expected 2017 to be any different. Either way it left me with the first 3 weeks of the Month feeling on top of the world smashing workouts and hitting mileage I had never done before to being so dead that 3 Miles feels like a marathon.

Breakdown of Training

  • Run: 202 Miles // 27:25:55 (8:08 min/mi)
  • Bike: 395 Miles // 22:47:20 (17.34 mph)
  • Swim: 20,000 Yards // 5:52:43 (1:45/100yd)
  • Strength: 2:07:02
  • Total: 608.36 Miles // 58:13:00

    Race Highlights/PRs:

    • 10K PR at Cinicnatti Cyclones 10K in 43:33 (7:01 min/mi)
    • Half Marathon PR at Phoenix Half Marathon 1:32:46 (7:05 min/mi)

      Key Training Moments:

      • Highest Mileage Week – 70 Miles
      • Fastest 400m at 1:27
      • Fastest 800m at 3:16
      • Fastest Tempo – 8 Miles at 7:15 min/mi
      • Fastest Mile (During Half) at 6:43 min/mi and in Training 6:46 min/mi at end of 16 Miler before the 10K
      • Fastest 5K (During Half) at 21:09 (6:49 min/mi)
      • Fastest 10K (During Half) at 43:02 (6:56 min/mi)
      • Brick Workout after 3 Hour Interval Training Ride – 8 Miles at 7:48 with Negative Progression 8:15/8:01/8:02/7:55/7:44/7:40/7:33/7:30 at 127 HR!
      • 500 yard Time Trial in Pool at 8:00 min flat – 1:36/100yd


      • Influenza during the Phoenix Half. Honestly I trained and anticipated this race for so long to feel so crappy going into it was such a disappointment. I wanted to have my “A+++ Race” and the conditions were ideal. But you can’t predict illness and race conditions but I won’t lie I was upset.
      • Ash and I’s First 18 Miler Together. Between work, training fatigue, and emotional stuff going on this run was just horrible. We ended laying down on the pavement for 10 minutes after like ugh kill me now.

      With Love and Training,

      ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


      Monthly Recap: January 2017

      Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

      First Month of 2017 Complete! This Month marked my first full month into Boston Training. I seriously am still in crazy denial that it is already here and have already added it my weather app for monitoring lol #CrazyRunner. Here are some quick highlights for the month.


      • Run: 216 Miles // 30:12:15 // 8:23 min/mi average
      • Bike: 346 // 20:33:09 // 16.8 mph average
      • Swim: 16,900 yards // 5:17:26 // 1:51/100 average
      • Strength: 4:56:01
      • Total: 570.6 Miles // 61 Hours

      Important Events:

      • WDW Half Marathon – Oh wait that didn’t happen haha! But Ash and I ran it alone and it was all good because Disney was fun with my family!
      • Highest Mileage Week so far in my Marathon Training Cycles at 57 Miles/Week
      • Fastest 800m and 400m – 3:16 and 1:27 respectively
      • First Tempo Long Run

      Downer’s this Month:

      • WDW Half being canceled due a freak weather storm just during the race – Only in Florida!
      • I also had some bronchitis/laryngitis crud at the beginning of the month right before Disney so that stunk

      Excited for what next month holds and hopefully some exciting news coming soon! 🙂


      Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


      Monthly Recap: November 2016

      Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

      Hey Guys! We have officially moved into the last month of 2016! We have moved into our last races (if we have any left) of the 2016 and chances to pull out once last PR! I have one last minute surprise for December so lets hope its a good one 😉 ! Here is how November Looked.


      • Run: 126 Miles // 17:36:20 (8:23 min/mi average)
      • Bike: 7.5 Miles // 26:58 – Yep I am still injured
      • Swim: 17,500 yards // 5:16:18 (1:48/100yd average)
      • Strength: 5:32:00

      Memorable Moments:

      • 10K PR at Dare 2 Care 10K in Ocala, Fl (My Hometown) in 45:40 – 1st AG, 2 Overall Female
      • 15K PR at Fall Festival 15K in Dayton Ohio in 1:11:00 (9.35 Miles) – 2nd AG
      • 10 Mile PR at Turkey Trot 10 Miler in Deland, Fl in 1:13:57 – 1st AG, 3rd OA Female
        • I also PRd my 5K (21:56) and 10K (44:52) during the race – Read more about it HERE.
      • Unfortunately during November I also lost my Uncle unexpectedly. While I did get the chance to spend close to 10 days in Florida with my family a lot  between the funeral and Thanksgiving, this Thanksgiving makes you feel a little more blessed for what you have. However, the travel has made me extra fatigued.


      • Excited for all I accomplished this month. I didn’t expect to have this pep in my step after Ironman. I am not one that bounces back rapidly (speed wise) after big races such a marathon let alone an Ironman. I have big goals for 2017 though so I am excited to end this year on a bang and go into 2017 guns a blazing!

      With Love,

      ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

      Monthly Recap: October 2016

      Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

      WOW! Honestly I cannot believe this month has gone and passed. I feel like this is the month I dreamt about when I set my New Year’s goals – This was the Month my year geared towards and BOOM like that here we are and its over. It was an awesome month with some amazing memories and this is what went down…


      • Run: 109 Miles // 16:09:49
      • Bike: 168 Miles // 9:50:00
      • Swim: 12.1 Miles (21,317 yds) // 6:26:43
      • Strength: 2:47:00
      • Totals: 289.1 Miles //  35:12:32


      FIRST TIME SUB-12 IRONMAN at Ironman Louisville! It was serious PERFECT! Read more about it HERE. Swim: 1:06 // Bike: 6:18 // Run: 4:09 // Total: 11:51:00


      First Fall Ever! To see the leaves change has been absolutely beautiful but I have to admit that I am not quite sure if it is good enough to endure winter. This Fl/Az girl is really missing her warmth and year round short weather! lol

      My life really wasn’t that intesting this October except for that Big Ironman I did haha which was in the beginning on the Month. The majority of this month has been spent tapering and recovering. I am not someone that just jump back to normal after a hard race it takes my body some time to acclimate! Here is to hoping this legs get a little more pep in their step come November!

      With Love and Training,

      ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


      Monthly Recap: September 2016

      Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

      I cannot believe September has came and went. September included alot of momental events in both fitness and my life and here is a little recap…

      Training Recap:

      • Run: 184 Miles at 8:33 min/mi average // 26:14:31
      • Bike: 603 Miles at 16 mph average // 37:35:44
      • Swim: 18.1 Miles at 1:50/100yd average // 09:56:43
      • Strength: 11 Sessions // 03:22:30
      • Total: 805.1 Miles // 77:09:28
      • Training Momuments:
        • 2 Century Rides – 1 on Louisville IM Course at 16.2 mph and 1 with Ash (@ahappypace) at 17 mph
        • 5K PR at Beavercreek Popcorn Festival @ 22:15
        • 10K Overall Winner at Applefest 10K in Lebanon Ohio

      Coaching Monuments:

      • My first client and giveaway winner officially completed her Marathon with a 12 minute PR after facing medical issues and injuries and I could not be more proud. Check out her testimonial HERE.

      Life Monuments:

      • Started my Dream Job Full Time as an Emergency Dept Physician Assistant as well as my PRN job as a PA at the Urgent Care
      • Turned 28 on September 9th and celebrated with a 28K Run, 28 Mile Bike, and 2800m swim!
      • Got my own “Pain Cave/PlayRoom” with my New Nordic Trac 1750 Treadmill and Bike Trainer with Plasma TV and Apple TV setup! And of course all my bling displayed on the walls – ITS A DREAM!

      Can’t believe we are into October! It’s officially Ironman month – look forward to some sappy reminencing blogs about how far I have come because I am started to look back and am seriously so proud of my improvements.

      With Love and Training – xoxo,

      ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



      Monthly Recap: August 2016

      Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

      Hello Fall!!! So I am really excited about moving into September! For one it is my birthday month and secondly this will be my first time in my life actually seeing Fall! I have heard such wonderful things and I am SO EXCITED!!! Still terrified for Winter but we will get to that later haha! August was a big month in terms of Ironman Training and just getting settled into my new life in Ohio! Here is how it went…

      Training Breakdown…

      • Run: 204 Miles // 28:46:37
      • Bike: 709 Miles // 44:25:45
      • Swim: 21.25 Miles (34,200m) // 11:16:21
      • Strength: 6:50:00
      • Total: 934.25 Miles // 90:28:43

      Screen Shot 2016-08-31 at 9.34.45 PM.png

      Milestones Hit in Training…

      • First Century Ride
      • First Ironman Distance Straight Swim

      Milestones Hit In Life…

      • Started my Dream Job in the Emergency Department as a Physician Assistant
      • Finally settled into my home with my husband in a new state – Ohio.
      • My new training bestie @ahappypace finally arrived in Ohio just in time for Fall and is living down the street – how luck am I?!!

      So there you have it – a short and sweet overview of the month of August! Any Big Milestones hit for you guys?! How is your fall training going? Let me know in the comments below…

      With Love and Training,

      Kindal (RunningWithStrength)