About Me, Introduction

Welcome All,

My name is Kindal Alysse Wallum. I am a newlywed living in Arizona and mommy to one adorable Pomeranian named Minnie. I love all things fitness and here is my journey!

As a child I was constantly surrounded by fitness and running. My dad was an avid marathoner and ironman and I was the quintessential sport hopper playing everything and anything as the seasons changed. However, I was also the quintessential couch potatoe and really relied on my good genes and awesome metabolism (yay for being a teen). After my freshman year of college I realized that I could no longer rely on my metabolism to hold down all my teenage eating habits. So in the winter semester of my sophomore year of college I decided to do weight watchers and then by the end of the spring semester I had gotten into the “gym thing” and by that I mean 30 min on the ellipitical and 30 cruches (you know the usual) lol! However, over summer I started Marathon training – couch to 26.2 I’d like to call it – and the rest is history. I went from a hater of running to a lover of running and all things fitness. I ran the Walt Disney Marathon in 2010 with my Dad in 4:12:00 and totally fell in love with the running community and fitness. Over the next 3-4 years I finished up college and Physician Assistant Masters and continued to use fitness as more of an outlet from school and life than anything else – competing for fun in half marathons and triathalons. In Sep 2013 I graduated from PA School and moved out to Arizona from Florida to be with my now husband and started boxing and marathon training again in the “sweating for the wedding” mindset and completed my most recent marathon to date Phoenix in Feb 2014 in 04:04:04 an 8 minute PR! After the marathon I continued running and boxing and completed in severeal half marathons but kept plataueing around the 2:00 hr half marathon mark. Around November 2014 I encountered a severe ITB issue knocking me out of running (a first) and that is when I found KatiesFitScript and started lifting heavy and macro based dieting. My return to running was in January 2015 at the PF Changs Half Marathon which I ran for pure fun with a KatiesFitScript Team Member and now one of my best friends. I went on in Feb 2015 to PR in my half at 1:47:23 the best I had ran since i was 21 (Im now 26.5)! Which leads to now, I am currently “running with strength”. I am training for the Utah Valley Marthon on June 13th while lifting 3-4 days/week depending on if legs fit into my marathon schedule. Additionally I am also in the “reverse diet” phase of macro counting and have gone from 1450 Cal/130P/140C/42F to 1850 Cal 145P/200C/53F and increasing weekly!

So there you have it. Where I’ve been and where I am going. I hope you all follow along in my journey in life and fitness!


Kindal (RunningWithStrength)