Client Testimonial: Stacy

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Stacy is one incredible athlete and individual. We spent the past 6 months cutting and reverse dieting in order to optimize her performance and physquie. Stacy is not one to deny a challenege or try sometihing new. We catered her nutrition to the specific needs of her daily workouts which allowed her continue to train at a high level while also dieting which is not an easy balance. After 6 months Stacy has lost a total of 13 lbs and 2 dress sizes and PRd in multiple events. But the best thing Stacy has won from this whole process is getting her confidence and belief in her herself back. Here what Stacy had to say…

Stacy’s Testimonial

“Having Kindal as a nutrition coach was the best decision I’ve ever made!  Before using nutrition coach, I was unhappy with my body after attempting reverse diet on my own and had been using IIFYM/macros approach for 2 years previously.  In my mind, I knew I had to eat a lot of carbs for multisports but was afraid to eat a lot of carbs because I wasn’t sure if I’d gain a lot of weight.  I felt burnt out & saw that my weight was going up.  It almost made me want to quit Triathlon but at the same time, I did not want to give it up!  After doing a lot of researches, I came into one of Kindal’s blogs and it got me interested so that’s how I found my nutrition coach.  Needless to say, with the nutrition programming, I have already lost 13 lbs and went 2 sizes down!  I achieved personal records for every Triathlon race!  My carbs intakes are higher than I have ever had before and I feel so much better than when I was 6 months ago!

Kindal has brought my passion back into my life!  I can now do it ALL…. triathlon, marathon, weightlifting & HIIT because of her nutrition programming!  Thank you to Kindal for being an amazing coach!”


If you want more information regarding coaching feel free to email me at for visiting the coaching page on the blog.

With Love and Coaching

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Client Testimonial: Roxana

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Roxana came to me in December wanting to start the year off with a new coach and new goals. She was weary initially as her previous coach was local to the area where she trains and had never done the “online coaching” thing but I assured her while I was far away I was still 100% there with her through every step of the process. She wanted her focus initially to be on running as she really wanted to crush her half marathon PR early in the year and after focus on triathlon training for Half Ironman Florida in April. I don’t advertise triathlon coaching but I do coach a select few athletes who reach out and I really love it and it inspires me to get out there and crush the swim-bike-run! Roxana is one of the dream athletes to coach she is so detailed and sticks the plan and is very communicative which is integral in any coaching relationship but even more imperative when it comes to online coaching. In just 3 short months Roxana has PRd her Half Marathon twice taking her PR from a 2:21 to a 2:04 on January 29th 1 month into training and then a 1:57 in March 5th just 2 months into training. She recently CRUSHED her goal of a 6 Hour Half Ironman 70.3 on the dot in 6:00:00 in Florida 70.3 April 9th with taking close to 27 minutes off her previous PR of 6:26:46 just 6 months ago at Augusta 70.3 in September 2016! We have big things in store for the rest of 2017 and with the lady the sky is the limit and I am just so lucky to be by her side! 🙂 Here is what she had to say…


“Before Kindal I was a triathlete in love with swimming, biking, but not so much running! In my eyes, the last leg of any Tri was a suffer fest filled with deception. Plagued with injuries, setbacks and very little progress in the years before, I was frustrated with this discipline that I saw so many others truly enjoy. It was time for a change! I was blessed when I found Kindal while searching for some inspiration and guidance for my running (bonus – she’s a triathlete too).. Her vibe stood out immediately in a sea of so many options for online coaching – real, down to earth, genuine and over the top passionate about her training. We began two months out from my first goal, Miami’s half marathon and instantly clicked! This positive, understanding, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic coach who I had never met makes you feel like the best teammates from the get co! Because with Kindal, your voice is heard, she appreciates your intake and opinion and is not one to pass judgement on questions or hesitations. We are a team 🙂 Kindal believes in you 100% and through her detailed, structured, personalized training plan you too will see what you’re capable of and get the results, no questions asked! Come race day I couldn’t believe the progress I had made and most importantly I had become a runner!!!! In love with my tempo efforts, excited for my long hauls, proud of my speed workouts and delighted to go on an easy one… this just all in two months! I crushed that half with a huge PR and immediately signed up for my second HIM two and half months later. In this short time Kindal has taken me to another level, not only as a runner but also a triathlete! I have seen huge improvements in all three disciplines as well as other aspects of the training cycle, such as nutrition. This past Sunday I completed Florida’s 70.3 and had a 26 minute PR!!!! The accomplishments have been incredible and that’s exactly what you get with Kindal – an amazing coach who believes in big dreams, crushing them and never settling for anything less!!! I cant wait for more successes together! I’m beyond grateful for Kindal and her coaching – thank you so much K!!!!”
With Love and Coaching,
❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Client Testimonial: Erin

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Erin came with Big Dreams and goals leading into her second marathon. She had finished Marathon Number 1 with the “just finish” mentality in 5:29 and really wanted to break into the world of being a 4 Hour marathoner with the ultimate goal being breaking 4 hours! I told her eventually it would come but we would start where we are and move to where she wants to be and we would get there together and she would be stronger at the end of the training cycle then she was entering it. Erin finished her marathon last Sunday in 5:15 a 15 minute PR and better than that she finished proud, happy, and eager to move forward and tackle more goals and PRs! I could not be more proud of her and excited to share her thoughts on coaching going into the St Louis Marathon! Her testimonial is below:

“When I first became a “runner,” I never really had goals. I just wanted to finish races. I would print out the generic training plans and would sometimes stick to them, but then I would come up with excuses and toss the plans out along with any type of goal. I ran my first full marathon in Chicago in 2015, with a time of 5:29. My goal was to finish. I finished, but it was the biggest struggle ever. I vowed never to do a full one again. Then last November, I thought, hey why not try to set a real goal for myself and run another full in April 2017. I tossed back and forth the idea of a coach, and when I saw that Kindal had coaching services, I knew I wanted her to be my coach. I reached out to her and asked if a sub 4 marathon was even possible. She said to me “Dream big and never settle.” She also kept it real and said that even if it doesn’t happen in April, I will be a stronger runner than before. So I started training in December with her coaching plans. Every time I failed a run or things didn’t go my way, she was always there to lift me up and get me back on track. There were times we had to adjust the schedule, either because of sickness or kid stuff. She understood that I had kids, work, and life to deal with, and would make it work for me one way or the other. I definitely went out of my comfort zone so many times with the training plans and by the time the training was almost over, I could not believe I was running the paces I was. Every time I wanted to throw in the towel, I would just think to myself that she believed in me and I could do this. The week before the marathon, we discussed goals. I knew that a sub 4 was probably not going to happen with this one, so we had a 4:30 for my first goal, 5:00 for my second and sub 5:30 for the third, and of course to have fun! I ended up finishing the marathon in 5:15. I stuck with the 4:30 pace group for almost half the marathon, then drew back. Once I knew that was not happening, I did get upset with myself and I didn’t want to let Kindal down. However, I knew I would PR no matter what, so I kept pushing. She tracked me the whole time and her email to me after made me feel so accomplished and proud of myself. She was so proud I PR’d! I can honestly say that I am such a stronger runner and have so much more confidence in myself. I owe it all to her. When fall comes around, I am going for a sub 2 half and I can’t wait to have Kindal coach me again! Thank you Kindal! You are such an amazing person!!”

IMG_20170409_123801694_1491777172238 (1).jpg

With Love and Coaching,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

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Client Testimonial: Nadia

Client Testimonials/Features

Nadia contacted me a few months ago in hopes of some nutrition coaching in going into her first half marathon. She was thinking of using the Hal Higdon plan for training and but really didn’t like the lack of specificity. I offered to send her my Half Marathon Plan with strength discounted and she said yes. Well she completed her Half Marathon not too long ago with a AMAZING TIME of 1:35:50! TOTAL ROCKSTAR! In honor of her accomplishments I am going to be offering the 12 Week Half Marathon and 18 Week Marathon Plans for the next week at $10 (Half) and $15 (Full) these included the training plans with detailed workouts, strength training, and nutrition recommendations!

Here is Nadia’s Testimonial: 

“Initially reached out to Kindal for some nutrition coaching in preparation for my half marathon and was immediately met with open arms! She has truly helped me learn the importance of fueling your body the right way while also reminding me to enjoy life and not obsess over the little things. I also purchased her half marathon training guide, which definitely gave me the structured plan I needed! As a student, it was great not having to depend on myself to create workouts that would probably have been not as effective. I LOVED the fact that every run and strength workout was meticulously laid out for you for each day of the week. However, it also gave me the flexibility to switch up days when I got sick or when life just got in the way! I had a goal of running a half in under 1:40, and with Kindal’s half marathon guide, I was able to reach that goal by running a 1:35:50! Kindal, thank you SO much for your constant support and help throughout my running journey!!!”


With Love and Coaching,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

If you would like to purchase the Half or Full Training Plan Contact Me through the attached form and I will send it to you in PDF format with the PayPal Invoice

Client Testimonial: Shannon (@simply_shannn)

Client Testimonials/Features

Shannon came to me early on when I first started coaching for help training for her first marathon. She is 19 and in college and was going to be training for her first marathon from a distance with her dad. Her story sounded so similar to mine as that is how my running journey started with training and running my first marathon with my dad so how could I not bond with her almost immediately! Shannon gave me a goal of 4:20 on her initial intake form for the marathon and when we talked even questioned herself if that was possible. However, from the very beginning of coaching this young lady I 100% believed she was capable of so much more and she was completing her first marathon Sub-4 at Philly in 3:53 !!!! TOTAL ROCKSTAR! Additionally during this time Shannon entrusted me with her nutrition. Like most young college girls she was eating around 1200 calories per day and we worked her up to close to 1700 calories and she LOST 8 lbs and learned to fuel her body for proper training and a full college life! I could not be more proud of her and cannot wait to see what our future bring together because I can imagine it is going to be some pretty big things!!!! Here is what she had to say about the experience…

“After finishing my third half marathon in May 2016 I knew I wanted to go after a full marathon in the fall 2016.  With being a college student I knew I wouldn’t be able to figure out my own training schedule (and learn everything about marathon training) on top of school work, so I figured getting a coach would be best! I wanted someone to guide me through the whole experience and help me achieve my goals. I was following Kindal on Instagram for a long time at that point and from the start I knew I wanted Kindal to be my coach! From there on out having Kindal as my coach has been the best thing!! After talking to Kindal about my marathon goal she quickly put me to work! From training with Kindal I have learned SO much about marathon training and running. I am grateful for everything I have gained from working with Kindal. Before training with Kindal I didn’t know what kind of speed-work to do, nor did I know what a tempo run was, but now I run both of those every week! Kindal didn’t just help me achieve my goals or running a marathon, she helped me exceed my expectations of myself.  She has showed me the importance of not just training hard but also training smart! She helped push me father that I would have pushed myself and it has made me stronger, faster, and smarter. Along with helping me run the best first marathon I could ask for she also helped me with my nutrition tremendously! She gave me my macros and I would follow them! Through a reverse diet she helped me improve my metabolism (which I am forever grateful for, losing 8 lbs. while increasing food. 133-125!!) and learn the significance of making sure you get enough of each macronutrient. Training with Kindal has been the best thing I could have asked for and I am truly thankful to be able to call her my coach!! ”


With Love and Coaching

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Client Testimonial: Amanda Rhodes

Client Testimonials/Features
Amanda came to me very early on in my coaching journey and wanted to see if I could help her achieve some pretty big marathon goals! I automatically knew we would make a great team because my motto is to “Dream Big and Never Settle” and I knew she was definitely on board with that. We went through several coaching services over 6 months with Running as a base and then adding in strength and nutrition and always met the challenge even with her demanding career! Well Marathon Day came last week and she got a 24 MINUTE PR AND BROKE THE 5 HOUR MARK! I could not be prouder to be her coach and her friend and am so blessed to be a part of her journey! Here is her testimonial…
“Where do I even begin when I talk about Kindal and how much she has changed my life!
I started following her instagram account earlier in the year. I could not get over how awesome her workouts were, and her goals, and her drive to reach them. I was instantly hooked. And then by the grace of God, or whoever, she decided to start coaching! I had been looking in to getting a running coach for a while but didn’t want to spend crazy amounts of money like the local ones around me wanted. So when I saw Kindal was doing it and she wasn’t charging an arm and a leg I commited then and there.
We started in June when my marathon training was beginning with a local running group I belong to that meets on Saturdays. But I wanted the extra guidance from Kindal to get faster. I ran all my runs in 2015 at the same pace whether it was a three miler or a 20 miler it was usually a 12:00ish min/mile pace. My first marathon in 2015 my goal was to finish it and have fun which I did just that and I crossed the finish line in 5:23:06 I didn’t go in that with a time goal but I knew I wanted to finish it faster in 2016 but had no idea how. Here is where Kindal comes in….
We spent a half hour or so on the phone and I told her my past and my goals and she immediately sent me a customized training log to get started the next day! However I had no clue what tempo/speed work none of that was. I did not come from a running background. In fact I didn’t start running until 2015 with a 5k when I was 27 years old! So this was all brand new territory for me and she so graciously answered any and all of my questions.
Later in training I could text her for motivation to get through my tough workouts or even to just go do them when I didn’t feel like it. I also work a lot of overtime so she had to switch up my days and miles so many times to accommodate for it all the way up to marathon week!
Fast forward to marathon day.. she had prepared me for race day and I was just ready to do the dang thing. Normally I would run it with friends but I did it on my own this year and finished in 4:59:49 a 24 minute PR!!!!! That is HUGE!  Despite a few mishaps on race day I had a major PR!
I owe it all to Kindal! Without her there is no way in heck I could have ever done that! and I can honestly say that she is not just my coach, but she is my friend and I can’t wait to see what she has in store for my for my next season of running! She has built in me so much confidence and love for running and I could never repay her for that.  So thank you thank you thank you Kindal! “
Screen Shot 2016-11-16 at 2.32.14 PM.png
With Love and Coaching
❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Client Testimonial: Jessica McManus

Client Testimonials/Features

Jessica has been with me since the beginning – 5 whole months now – wow has time flied. This girl came to me with a goal of just looking more toned. She didn’t have a necessary number on the scale she needed she just wanted to feel better about her appearance and become a strong runner from the inside out! We started with a macro and lifting plan and very early on started seeing results. As she signed up for the Columbus Marathon we started merging her Marathon plan with her nutrition and decided a reverse diet was in order. We took this young lady from under 1,600 calories daily to over 2500 on her long training day and between 2000-2200 calories daily with her loosing weight and become more toned along the way. Not to mention crazy PRs in her Half and 5K as well as kicking butt in the Columbus Marathon despite the heat. Additionally all the way this girl continued to lift weights 3-4 days per week and PR on her lifts on the weekly. She is a total badass through and through and if you want to follow her journey her instagram is @Marathoner_Jess.


“Wow, words cannot explain how I feel about meeting Kindal and our past spring/summer working together. This all started about 10 months ago when I was training for the Louisville Marathon. My new years resolution was to run 2 marathons in 2016. That decision was easy…

The decision that wasn’t easy was to focus on my nutrition. For about 2 months before I met Kindal, I played around with tracking my own macros but I would fall back to my old ways of complete splurge days, followed by days of eating below 1,200 calories. I have a vivid memory of leaving the gym in the middle of a workout because I felt so nauseous and weak; this is when I knew something needed to change. This is the day I emailed Kindal. I had never done anything like this before, so I had no idea what to expect.

From day one Kindal has been amazing. She has always responded very quickly and does not just tell me what I want to hear, but she is always tells me what I should hear. I look forward to herSunday e-mails that encourage me and re-assures me that I am on the right track. We have worked my metabolism up from my unhealthy crash dieting to nearly 2,200 calories on an average day during peak marathon training. I used to be terrified of any calorie over 1,600; Kindal has taught me that that number doesn’t matter. I don’t think about getting my workout down fast so, “I wont get hungry”. Instead, Kindal has helped me learn how to eat to run, and not run to eat and this was a HUGE step.
Kindal has also taught me balance with lifting and how to use it to supplement my runs. I would still be overtraining if it wasn’t for her guidance.
Although I didn’t PR in the Columbus Marathon this fall, I had the best training season I have ever had, period. I have never looked forward to workouts but with the right nutrition and rest, I have learned that I love running fast! I have ran dang near my college pr’s for the half and 5k this past summer. I never thought I would be able to reach those times but now I know I can strive to race even faster! I’m SO ecstatic to see what 2017 has to bring.
I went from feeling alone during training to feeling like I have a little coach with me on my shoulder every single run. Not only did I meet an amazing coach, but I can consider Kindal as my friend :)”
With Love and Coaching,
❤ Kindal 🙂

Client Testimonial: Christine Anderson

Client Testimonials/Features

Christine has been with me since the day I announced I was coaching and it has been an amazing and adventurous journey over the past 5 months! I jokingly call her my “spastic bunny” as she nicknamed herself that during our early training days when her pace was all over the place for her weekly runs. I always looked forward to her check-ins she has this amazing gift and talent as a runner and just has the most fun and quirky personality that can’t help but make me smile and laugh. Well this beautiful and talented lady debuted her first marathon at Chicago this weekend and despite having some mechanical issues with her knees she managed to not only finish but to BOSTON QUALIFY with a 03:29 on her first dang marathon! She is nothing short of amazing inside and out and I am so blessed to share her with you guys. Here is a little bit of what she had to say…

“Kindal is just the best. I stalked her instagram and when she announced she was coaching, totally jumped on it. I started running 2 1/2 years ago when I had hit rock bottom in my life. I couldn’t run a half mile without getting sick, but kept at it. Kindal brought my running to a whole new level. I never thought I would be able to complete a half marathon, let alone a full marathon like I just did, and she got me there. I faltered many times throughout my training and she was always there with support, without judgment and with positivity. There were a lot of times that my vices were calling to me, but I never wanted to let Kindal down and kept at clean living and running. Her passion for helping others while pushing herself to be the best she can be is awe-inspiring. I never felt like I was training alone because of her and she has truly brought out the best in me. I could go on and on about the person and athlete she is, but the statement “she is the best” sums it all up.”

With Love and Coaching,

❤ Kindal 🙂

Client Testimonial: Taylor Maccario

Client Testimonials/Features

My babe Taylor just ran her marathon and while it didn’t go as hoped for her, her performance showed me she was capable of way more than she believed. She was steady and strong with a negative split going into the 2nd half and was unfortanutely delt the dreaded marathon GI issues. Despite watching her PR slip away and the dreaded GI pit stops she pushed through and finished strong and I could not be more proud! This journey has been an amazing experience for me coach Taylor through the past 4 months and I am so blessed to have been part of her journey. Here is what she had to say 🙂

“Working with Kindal has been such an amazing experience. I’ve been running for almost 5 years now and never really understood how to train with purpose and with a goal in mind until I started working with her. With each week of training, Kindal was there to make adjustments for every life situation or obstacle that came in the way and answer beginner questions like what exactly a “tempo run” was, lol. I’ve developed a friendship and love for Kindal these past 4 months. I’ve always felt comfortable reaching out and seeking advice when training and life got difficult. She would always tell me how hard I was on myself and taught me how to look at the bigger picture of how successful my training was each week. I took a leap of faith investing my time in training with a coach, and I’m honestly so happy and blessed that I did and had Kindal. Despite the fact that I didn’t necessarily achieve the outcome in my marathon I had hoped for, I learned a lot about running and discipline because of having such a strong minded athlete and person like Kindal guiding me each and every day. “


With Love and Coaching,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Friday Feels – Coaching <3

Client Testimonials/Features

I started coaching 4 months ago both running and nutrition. When I announced I was coaching I literally didn’t think anyone would reach out and my husband thought I was insane to start coaching while working 160-200 hrs/month as a Physician Assistant as well as being in the midst of Ironman training, but I felt a calling and so I went with it. Coaching is not my primary job or income it is more of a hobby I do out of my heart to build relationships and helps ladies (and gents) reach their goals. I thought it would be “fun” but I never imagined how much more it would add to my life. Coaching has allowed me to be blessed to be an integral part of some of the most amazing women’s lives and journey’s. Here is some recent stories from my clients just in Checkins that I did not ask for and seriously my heart could not be more full…

Annette: Marathon Coaching and Nutrition

  • Hey there! I’m having some really crazy things going on lately with our running endeavors (in a really good way)! First, yesterday I was doing my easy run day of five miles. I had to stop & take walk breaks along the way just to stay in the “easy” zone! How bout that??!! My comfortable easy running pace has quickly shifted to a faster rate & a slower pace feels very forced & clunky & unnatural. So I would take a 30 sec walk break here & there. Secondly, yesterday as I was cruising through the five miler, I had a moment of clarity where I was almost outside myself looking in & wondering…”who am I? And how in the hell did I get so strong?” This is such a new & exciting feeling that I’ve never experienced before. In past years, a few easy miles would tax my system & completely wear me out. And now I’m cranking up mileage easily & confidently & finding gears that I truly didn’t believe I had. I used to blame poor genes or being big boned or any other number of excuses. I don’t exactly understand how it’s all happened/happening but I am positively delighted!!! I just wish I’d found you sooner!! Thank you for everything you do!

Amanda R. (@Runnin_Rhodes): Marathon Coaching, Nutrition, and Strength

  • I don’t even know where to begin…I could write a novel on how grateful I am for Kindal and her coaching!!! I emailed Kindal 4 months ago about coaching my marathon training with a BIG  goal time for my second marathon this fall. I started with just running coaching for the first month and then added in strength training and now nutrition.  From day one she has been my biggest cheerleader! Whenever I have a good or bad workout or food day I go to her! She is always so quick to respond through my daily emails and texts with the exact thing I’ve needed to hear! And not just a generic “you’ve got this keep pushing” but honest answers and guidance! She answers every question I have about nutrition and shares my love of pizza and ice cream and does not tell me I can’t have it!!! There have been so many times this summer I’ve wanted to give up on running because let’s face it VA weather is MISERABLE and makes you wanna quit…. She has not let me. She reminds me every time I feel like I haven’t been able to succeed that I can and with her help I am so excited to see what happens marathon day AND there after! I just love her so much I don’t think I could ever give her up!

Amanda E.: Nutrition Coaching:

  • You’re the absolute best! You always pick me back up and I seriously can’t thank you enough. You go way above and beyond my expectations and I am forever grateful. I give a lot of my mental progress success to your credit. You truly have a special calling and I am so glad to have you in my life.

Jessica (@marathoner_Jess)

: Nutrition and Strength Coaching

  • I’m so happy that I started this journey with you. Words can not explain how happy I am and how excited I get to do my workouts now. I am so inspired by our group and seeing so many amazing ladies smashing through their training. I realized before I was not fueling my body and my workouts suffered. Now I have this crazy metabolism and I’m giving my body what it needs. I don’t have to think about being hungry during workouts. I used to try to get them done before I would get hungry. But now with my increased metabolism and right fueling, I don’t have to worry about that anymore. I used to think “I just am never going to be faster than a 3:45 marathon or I’ll never run a 1:41 half marathon again”…..and I’ve already smashed one of those goals easily, and now for the next. But more than that, I can see this being a stepping stone to even FASTER races, which is something I didn’t see myself being able to do before

These are just a few examples of things I have recieved in checkin lately that make my heart want to explode with happiness. I never thought I would be blessed enough to make an impact in these women’s lives and I truly feel like they have all become my friends and family. I always questioned whether I was a “good coach” or “If I was failing them” and week after week they remind me I am doing just what I should be. So moral of the story if you want to try something you feel you have a passion for but think you might fail – GO FOR IT because it might be the best thing that ever happened in your life. ❤

With Love, Coaching, and HeartFelt Moments,

❤ Kindal