Looking Back and Forward to Boston 2017

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As I look forward to Marathon Monday just one week from today I can’t help but feel an out of body experience in a way. I NEVER saw myself here. Two years ago I set out on my journey to BQ with a marathon PR of 4:04 and no clue how to differentiate a tempo run from an easy run from 800 repeats.  I was never a “runner” growing up but as I watched others on instagram the BQ bug got ahold of me and I started to dream that hey maybe one day it could be me. I went for my first BQ Attempt a short 22 months ago at Utah Valley and ended up with a 3:48 (8:42 min/mi) – it was a BIG 16 minute PR at the time and I was so thrilled to walk away uninjured and still loving running as that had never happened before. I went again for round 2 at Revel Canyon City 18 months ago in Nov 2015 and this is where I landed my BQ dream with a 3:24:48 (7:48 min/mi)! I remember it clearly looking at my watch thinking I cannot believe this is seriously me running this time it was unreal. I repeated this feeling again at Revel Mount Charleston where I hold my PR of 3:16:06 (7:29 min/mi) followed by my Half Ironman in 5:48 and Ironman in 11:51. 2016 was the year of completing unthinkable dreams so it is only suiting that I start off 2017 conquering the biggest marathon dream of all the Boston Marathon! I am scared but I am ready (at least I hope)! TMinus 7 Days until Marathon Monday and I cannot wait!!! Below I will share some links to blog posts I wrote about My Journey to BQing and Thoughts! Look out for more Boston Blogs coming soon! 🙂

With Love and Boston

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



My Boston Confirmation…

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I got my confirmation to Boston 2017 in the mail this week and all the emotions flooded in. It is finally here training for the Boston Marathon. In the moment I found myself thinking about the journey to that moment and how so much has changed. Since my BQ moment at Revel Canyon City (Read Recap Here) I have since PRd my half marathon and marathon as well as completed my first Half Ironman Sub-6 and my First Ironman Sub-12 however I feel like that moment has still stood the test as the most memorable and magical.  Most people thought maybe the Ironman would top that moment and for me I thought it was a possibility but after crossing the Ironman finish line I can whole heartly say it still didn’t compare. People always question how could that be and I also started questioning it myself – I have done incredible things – things I didn’t think were possible since my BQ moment and I have pushed myself beyond my expecatations in limits so why don’t the finish lines compare? I proposed it to Jennifer and as always she had the perfect response. She told me your Boston Qualifying moment is so special because it was the moment you truly BELIEVED IN YOURSELF AND YOUR POTENTIAL. Finally my Ah Ha moment!

Before my BQ at Revel Canyon City I never believed I could run 2 marathons in a year. I never believed I was capable of a Boston Qualifying Time and NO WHERE in there was an Ironman a possibility for me. When I crossed that finish line at Revel Canyon City with a BQ and a Sub 3:25 Marathon (3:24:48 to be exact) I was floored. I could not believe that was me – that was my time – I did that – how could I have done that. I seriously felt I achieved the impossible. I am not a gifted runner by nature guys – you can read more of my story HERE but I started out 6 years ago and couldn’t run around the block. My first 5K was over 33 minutes. I got fast in college and then got a stress fracture and then went to PA School and sat on my butt and studied so hard for 2.5 years. Then I ran a marathon for my Sweating for the Wedding in 2014 and then got injured by the end of the year to the point that I couldn’t even walk let alone run and was only running at best a 1:58 half marathon. My PR for my Half Marathon in college was 1:47:30 and I remember the moment vividly telling my dad in Novemeber 2015 on the phone while sitting on the couch looking at my previous time saying “Well I’ll never get that back – those days are long gone” and NOW HERE I AM. HOLY SHIT. Sometimes I have to pinch myself because I can’t believe its real. I can’t believe those are my PRs. I don’t believe its me. My dad even told me on the phone yesterday that he cannot believe those times are mine as well because he knows where I started. But that one moment at Revel Canyon City when I got my BQ – THAT moment solidified it all for me. I didn’t know how I did it and nothing in my training added up to that time but I DID IT. From that moment forward I stopped thinking I wasn’t capable and started believing in PRs and Bigger Dreams like Ironman. I started to live the motto “Dream Big and Never Settle”

I dont know where this journey will take me I mean I am 28.5 now and babies are on the horizon so my Pre-Baby PRs time frame is becoming more scarce. However, one thing is for sure that moment at Revel Canyon City where I earned this Letter of Acceptance in the Boston Marathon was the moment where everything changed for me as an athlete. Where the impossible became a Reality – and for that I think that moment will never be topped.


With Love and Reflections,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Reflecting Back to 1 Year Ago….

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1 Year ago I towed the start line at my first BQ attempt at the Utah Valley Marathon and spoiler alert I did not succeed, but I learned a valuable lesson – Dream Big and Take Big Risks…

In January 2015, my new year’s resolutions said nothing about running a marathon to be honest I was thinking maybe the Phoenix Marathon in 2016 would be my next marathon target but circumstance had other plans. I was coming off a severe ITB injury and as of January 1st I could not even run a mile and my PR potential had been lost over the previous years between stress fractures, PA School, Married Life, and Starting my career. I had succumbed myself to the thought that my “fast running day” were well behind me and not coming back. That was until Jan 18th 2015 when I ran the Rock and Roll Phoenix Half with my now best friend Nicki and ended up running the last 3 miles Sub 8 min/mi out of nowhere – I had not run that fast since college which at this point 5 years ago. It set a spark and a fire that maybe I had some hidden potential left in me that I did not know and sprung the idea to why not DREAM BIG…

So I contacted Lauren Floris who ended up setting up my custom plans for both UTV and Revel in 2015 and asked her if I got a Sub 1:50 at the Phoenix Half Marathon the end of February would I possibly have a shot a BQ. She responded YES. So when the Phoenix Marathon came only 2 months post injury I tried my best to be a smart runner and negative split the course I started off in the 8:45s and ended in the 7:45s and came out sub 1:50 at 1:47:23 and beating my previous PR at 21 y/o  of 1:47:30. I was SHOCKED – like what did I just do – OMG I just did something I told myself 3-4 months prior was never going to happen again and that when I set my eyes on BOSTON. I emailed Lauren my race times and she finalized my plan and there I was 14 weeks out from UTV Marathon.

Everyday training for the UTV Marathon I doubted myself, I was scared shitless. The paces were hard and the training was unlike anything I had every done in the past. I struggled to hit the desired paces but I wanted it bad enough to try and fight for it. I wanted to be a BQ Marathoner – I wanted the Dream. When I lined up at the start I had no clue if I would actually get my goal and had my doubts if I was really ready but I did not care I lined up in my Royal Blue and Yellow and tried my best. At mile 16 I knew my best was not going to be enough on that day so I let my BQ dream go at Mile 16 in the Tunnel I nicknamed “my long lost BQ tunnel”. At that point in the race I became not just a “runner” but an “athlete” I said to myself at this point I will PR my previous PB was 04:04:04 and I was under target. I knew the temperatures were rising and the course was harder than expected so I paced myself, took my time and ran smart instead of just pressing to shave a few more minutes. I wanted to save myself for my future attempts and not risk another injury. I came through the finish line in 03:48:39 a 16 minute PR and a HUGE SMILE. I felt at this point I had become an athlete and I had truly learned to respect the sport, the distance, and myself.

After UTV I still assumed my next marathon would be the Phoenix Marathon in 2016 but then Carlee McDot presented Revel Canyon City. I still doubted myself – was I ready again for another attempt to try and be a BQ Marathon Runner. I asked my friends Chelsey (FitandFaithfulFitness) and my coach Lauren Floris if they thought it was possible or a good idea – I had NEVER even fathomed running 2 marathon in a year, I did not know if my body would handle it. They both reassured me I would be ok and this was a great race for me to set my goals. So Carlee and I both set forth on our journeys to #BQorBust. Once again I started a new training plan but this time Lauren and I decided on a more gradual approach to get to me my BQ dream starting from where I was to where I wanted to be. When I toed the line for Revel Canyon City I was equally as nervous but more at peace that if it was meant to be it would happen. I crossed the finish line with my BQ in tow that day at Revel Canyon City with a HUGE PR of 24 minutes in 3:24:42 and I will never forget that moment.

1 Year later I am training for my first Ironman – LIKE WHAT? Last year I didn’t even think I would be running a marathon until Feb 2016 and here I am in June 2016 and have run 3 marathons with 2 BQ Times and a PR of 03:16:06, 2 olympic tris, and a half ironman in 3 weeks. I would have never imagined I would be where I am at physically today and I think it is all about the baby steps and dreaming big. 1 year ago when I crossed the finish line of the Utah Valley Marathon I realized anything was possible if you are willing to take the risk and step out of your comfort zone, dream big, and gave it your all. The process wasn’t easy – I took risks in training and was scared but it is about those risks and the journey that build your character.   The UTV Marathon was a pivotal moment in my journey that sparked a passion and zest for endurance events that I never dreamed possible. I realized I am so much more than I thought and if I just dreamed big enough and took that leap of faith and removed self doubt eventually anything could  be possible.


Utah Valley Marathon Race Recap

Revel Canyon City Race Recap

Revel Mt Charleston Race Recap

My Journey to Boston

With Love and Reflection,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)




Transformation Tuesday: One Year with KatiesFitScript

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Hey Guys!!! So one year ago I signed up with Katie Ringley through KatiesFitScript and you can say my life has been forever changed! I have so much more left to grow but I can definitely say this year has been on of amazing accomplishments and personal victories!

For the link to my KatiesFitScript Testimonial Click Here


Right: My Honeymoon May 2014 and Left: Vegas during RnRLV Nov. 2015

With Love, Fitness, and Life Changing Choices,

❤ Kindal (runningwithstrength)

My Journey to Boston 2017

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Early last week I shared my marathon story leading up to Revel Canyon City. Today I am going to go into more detail of the ups and downs leading to me to my Boston Qualifying time for 2017.

In June 2009 I started running and signed up for my first marathon all the the same time – jump in the deep end and start swimming I guess lol. I went from a 33 minutes 5k to a 1:47:30 half marathon in 6 short months and completed the Disney Marathon in January 2010 in 4:12:00. Although my first marathon was not as enjoyable as planned due to sub freezing temps in Florida and my stomach shutting down to the point of the stomach flu miles 16-26 – I was still proud to call myself a Marathoner and place the 26.2 sticker on my car! #RunnersPride

In June 2010 I started running again after taking a hiatus for 6 months after my first marathon due to overtraining. I joined a running/triathlon club at my college and started doing speedwork and I remember I was getting fast quite quickly and running tons of miles with ease. I remember a 10 mile run twice a week at 8 min/mi pace was like a day in the park. At this point the BQ time for my age group was 3:40 and I figured I could do that and planned to run the Jacksonville Bank Marathon that December as it is a top qualifier in Florida. Things were going smoothly – running all the miles and getting all the speed, however life had other plans. In mid September 2010 I ran a 20 miler with my friend helping him train for his upcoming Marine Corps Marathon and I noticed a twinge in my ankle after. I took a few rest days and braced it as I had a half marathon the next weekend but thought nothing of it. However, after the half I could barely walk and I knew something was wrong. I went the orthopedic and had a stress fracture in my calcaneus (heel). As you can imagine there went Boston and Running for a while.

After the fracture news I basically switched gears to going to the gym for health and starting living out my senior year and enjoying my remaining year in college. After I went to Physician Assistant school which took over my life lol. I continued to run throughout this period – completing a few half marathons, 15K, and 5Ks – but nothing serious and my times had never returned to those pre-fracture days.

When we moved to Arizona I completed the Phoenix Marathon in March 2014 in the “sweating for the wedding” mindset. I was aiming for a sub-4 but ended up 04:04:04 and was still happy as it was a 8 minute PR from 4 years earlier. After the marathon I took another hiatus – the marathon completely wipes me out guys!

In June 2014 after my wedding I started training for the AFC San Diego half in August 2014 and was planning on running the Phoenix Marathon again in March 2015 for a potential PR. In August I ran AFC San Diego in 1:59 and then signed form my winter line up. But after a series of 3 Half Marathons (PR 1:58) and a 10 miler in October and November I had an ITB injury that I knew was not going to let up. I ran the Hot Chocolate 15K on December 5th 2014 and said goodbye to running for a while as my ITB was injured to the point that I could barely walk.

1:26:48 (9:20 min/mi average)

At this point I signed up with KatiesFitScript to learn about Flexible Dieting and Lifting. I figured if I couldn’t run I need to do something and “bodybuilding” seemed to be the new thing – plus my hubby always told me lift weights. Additionally, during my time off I read several running books and performed PT exercises and muscle release techniques to quicken the healing process. During this time I vividly remember being on the phone with my dad looking at my previous PR at the half of 1:47:30 and thinking and telling my dad “wow I will never be that fast again, those days are long gone”.

After about a month off from injury I started working back into running slowly. I kept the mileage low at first stopping if I experienced any pain at all and slowly worked it up. In January 2015 I ran the Phoenix Half Marathon with a friend aiming for a 2:00 hour half. I assumed it as a good goal coming off injury and it was right around my previous fitness level for the past year or so. At mile 11 we split off and I ran the last 2 miles at 7:30-7:45 pace and I was like where did that come from. So I decided I would try and get a 1:50 half at the Phoenix Half Marathon in the end of February 2015. I wanted to run the race with negative splits and I realized when I looked at my watch the last mile I was not only going to break 1:50 but I might PR and I did – 1:47:23. This was the turning point for me – my ah ha moment.


After the Phoenix Half I was determined to try to qualify for Boston. If I had somehow managed to get this fast this quick maybe I had a chance. I emailed Lauren and asked her if it was possible and she said I had a shot and I went for it. We decided on the Utah Valley Marathon and a 16 weeks training plan and the goal being 3:33:00. This was my first time with a fancy plan, speedwork, tempo runs, etc. I was scared everyday. I completed the Utah Valley Marathon in June 2015 in 3:48:39. I did not boston qualify obviously – but I was still so happy with myself. I had run a smart race and got a 16 minute PR from my previous marathon a year prior – that is something to be so proud of.

Let’s make note I do not recover from marathons well. It took me a solid month to get back into speedwork and I was still dragging. At this point Carlee McDot had posted about this new site “FindMyMarathon” and the “Revel Canyon City Marathon” and how it was an amazing BQ. I started thinking about it and finally consulted my friend Chelsey (@FitandFaithfulFC) and Lauren and they decided it would be the perfect race. I was nervous – is 5 months between marathons enough time? I mean usually I only run 1 per year. But they both assured me it would be ok and that I should go for it. Lauren and I decided on a 14 week plan and I started the beginning of August officially training after spending the prior 2 months building my base again and strength training.

So Revel Canyon City crept up quite quickly on November 7th, 2015. I have to say leading up into the race I was scared like crazy. I really wanted it but I also knew that the past few weeks of training had not been on point. I couldn’t complete any of my speed workouts and my paces were way off for my runs. I felt like my body was struggling big time and I ended up injuring my left hip the weekend prior in the Halloween Half. I knew it would need to be the “perfect day” and the “perfect race” in order to achieve my goal. Luckily somehow everything went to plan and I ended up with my Boston Qualifying time plus some 3:24:42!

As you can see my road to boston has not been a straight path. I really only consider my “true road” since March 2014. But as well all know it is the whole journey that makes up your wins!

With Love and Boston Qualifying,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


ThrowBack Thursday – A Look Back at My Marathon Journey!

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So I think most would assume I always “loved running” and was always a “runner”. When I go to races most people ask if I run cross country in highschool or college – My answer is first I am actually not in high school or college I am 27 lol and second the answer is no I did not start running until 21 years old. Actually I HATED/LOATHED running my entire life until I started training for my first full marathon.

My running story started in June 2009. I had recently got into working out aka “elliptical and 5 min abs” and wanted to walk a half marathon. My Dad a marathoner and ironman was like “WALK – NO YOU RUN” haha. At this point I could not even run a half a mile – but I said sure ok. As you guys may or may not know I am OBSESSED WITH DISNEY lol so my dad thought it would be the perfect race for me to start. When the Disney World half marathon was FULL he went ahead and just signed us up for the 26.2! Guys I was terrified. But I went from not running a half a mile to running 26.2 in 4:12:00 with my dad by my side in 7 months and since have always been a “runner”.

I was running pretty competitively in my senior year of college until I gotta stress fracture in my heel that set me out. From then I just ran for fun and exercise through my senior year of college and through PA school. In 2014 I decided to run the Phoenix Marathon in the “sweating for the wedding” mentality for my wedding in May 2014. I completed my 2nd marathon Phoenix in 04:04:04 a 8 min PR!

In Fall 2014 I decided to start training for the Phoenix Marathon 2015 and got a horrible ITB injury that I thought would knock me out of running for good. However life had different plans. After 2 months off I came back quicker than I had been in years! This is when I decided to try for my first BQ attempt for Marathon #3 at Utah Valley in June 2015. I did not get my BQ but I did end up with a 16 min PR finishing in 03:48:39!

So I guess that leads me to now! I hadn’t planned on running another marathon after Utah until Phoenix 2016 in late February but I feel like when Carlee McDot presented Revel Canyon City it was too good a race to not go for it! So I am officially now 2 days out and fully tapered. My A goal is a 3:30. My B goal is a 3:35 and My C goal is a PR (less than 3:48:39). But my overall goal is to leave it all out on the course and finish with a smile – because at the end of the day we are paying to run races for fun!

Left Top: Marathon #1 , Left Middle: Marathon #2, Left Bottom : Marathon #3, Right: Revel Canyon City?

With Love and Marathons,

❤️ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Wednesday Wambles – Its Physician Assistant Week!

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So as you guys may or may not know I am currently a practicing Physician Assistant (PA-C) at an urgent care in Arizona and have been practicing now for 2 years! It is crazy how times flies. If you don’t know a PA practices medicine and prescribes medication on healthcare teams with physicians and other healthcare providers. Here are a few links to learn more if you are interested (Here and PDF Infographic Digital PA Week)

My job is craziness sometimes. I work 12-13 hours per day 3-4 days/week, weekends, and walk between 3-5 miles/day in a building that is the size of a bank. But, I LOVE IT! I get to help people everyday and it doesn’t hurt that it just comes easy to me! So I thought I would share some reasons I love my profession!


❤ Top 5 Reasons I LOVE being a Physician Assistant ❤

  1. Helping Others. I truly think this is by far the best part of my job. I have ability to make someone feel better in so many ways and it truly is a gift.
  2. Relationships. I get to enjoy relationships with both patients, patients families, and my staff. It is very rewarding  and humbling to hear the stories some people have to tell you their lives triumphs and struggles.
  3. It’s my Thing. Medicine always came easy to me  – like a second language. Sure I had to work hard and studied by butt off in PA School, but I just feel like it “clicks” and I am very blessed to be in a profession where I don’t have to “work” to excel.
  4. Diversity. In my field (urgent care) I am always on my toes and learning new things. I don’t think a day goes by that something new and exciting doesn’t happen. It just keeps life interesting.
  5. Job Security. Physician Assistants are s fast growing profession in the United States and ranked in numerous studies as one of the Top 10 best paying jobs for a Masters Degree. We all love when we know all our money towards education is going to pay off and for me I could not have made a better investment.

With Love, Life, and PA Week,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



About Me, Introduction

Welcome All,

My name is Kindal Alysse Wallum. I am a newlywed living in Arizona and mommy to one adorable Pomeranian named Minnie. I love all things fitness and here is my journey!

As a child I was constantly surrounded by fitness and running. My dad was an avid marathoner and ironman and I was the quintessential sport hopper playing everything and anything as the seasons changed. However, I was also the quintessential couch potatoe and really relied on my good genes and awesome metabolism (yay for being a teen). After my freshman year of college I realized that I could no longer rely on my metabolism to hold down all my teenage eating habits. So in the winter semester of my sophomore year of college I decided to do weight watchers and then by the end of the spring semester I had gotten into the “gym thing” and by that I mean 30 min on the ellipitical and 30 cruches (you know the usual) lol! However, over summer I started Marathon training – couch to 26.2 I’d like to call it – and the rest is history. I went from a hater of running to a lover of running and all things fitness. I ran the Walt Disney Marathon in 2010 with my Dad in 4:12:00 and totally fell in love with the running community and fitness. Over the next 3-4 years I finished up college and Physician Assistant Masters and continued to use fitness as more of an outlet from school and life than anything else – competing for fun in half marathons and triathalons. In Sep 2013 I graduated from PA School and moved out to Arizona from Florida to be with my now husband and started boxing and marathon training again in the “sweating for the wedding” mindset and completed my most recent marathon to date Phoenix in Feb 2014 in 04:04:04 an 8 minute PR! After the marathon I continued running and boxing and completed in severeal half marathons but kept plataueing around the 2:00 hr half marathon mark. Around November 2014 I encountered a severe ITB issue knocking me out of running (a first) and that is when I found KatiesFitScript and started lifting heavy and macro based dieting. My return to running was in January 2015 at the PF Changs Half Marathon which I ran for pure fun with a KatiesFitScript Team Member and now one of my best friends. I went on in Feb 2015 to PR in my half at 1:47:23 the best I had ran since i was 21 (Im now 26.5)! Which leads to now, I am currently “running with strength”. I am training for the Utah Valley Marthon on June 13th while lifting 3-4 days/week depending on if legs fit into my marathon schedule. Additionally I am also in the “reverse diet” phase of macro counting and have gone from 1450 Cal/130P/140C/42F to 1850 Cal 145P/200C/53F and increasing weekly!

So there you have it. Where I’ve been and where I am going. I hope you all follow along in my journey in life and fitness!


Kindal (RunningWithStrength)