How to Determine your Training Paces

Training Tips

Hey Guys! I took a Poll on Instastory and it was 50/50 as to who knew their training paces  and who did not. As a new runner I literally had no clue there were even training paces or various workouts – all I knew was you had to run. This was before the instagram days and I had no track/XC background so I was really running blind to knowledge. I think it should be noted that I am going to give you a few different outlets to determine various training paces but the most important one is your easy/recovery run pace. In the beginning and base building phase 90% of your volume should be at that pace with the other 10% as strides/pickups but nothing strenuous like tempos or long track workouts. If you want more blogs of various training topics comment below and I will write them. Sorry I haveb been MIA from blogging moving cross-country twice in 1 year and changing jobs on top of my coaching business has left me little room for my blogging hobby. But here we go…

Step 1: Determine a Subjective means of Fitness

  • So what is a subjective means of fitness? It is something that is measurable like a Recent Race 5K-Marathon. If you are using a predictor app remember also that the closer the distance is to the goal race the better the prediction. For example, a Half is better than a 5K for predicting a marathon.
  • When using the App for training paces and prediction make sure if you use a race that it is recent and reflects your current fitness level.
  • If you are a new runner and never race or returning post injury/time off and starting from a different baseline and you’re not ready to race then you can use the “Magic Mile” by Jeff Galloway to determine your fitness.

Step 2: Determine your Paces using an Online Free Calculator.

Step 3: Apply the Paces to your Current Goal Training/Plan

  • If you are Base Building then stick to the 90/10 rule of 90% Easy with Pickups for 10% at the Threshold/Marathon Paces
  • If you dont have a coach you can apply these plans to generic free plans or automatic downloads from your favorite instagram runners.
    • Best Plans for Free I think are Hal Higdon – he has various levels and are easily modifiable.
    • If you are looking for an automatic download I have both Half and Full Marthathon Downloads available.

I hope this is Helpful! If so comment below if you have any questions or if you enjoyed the blog post. If you are intested in Coaching or Automatic Downloads you can contact me below and if you mention this blog post I will give you a discount 🙂