Weekly Recap: Week 27: July 3-9th, 2017

Weekly Recap

Welcome Back! Just typing those dates I was thinking wow that 4th of July 5K was this week?! It seriously seems so much longer ago than this past Tuesday. I think that is because minutes/hours/days are all jumbled with everything going on. This was peak week I worked Sunday-Tuesday late shift (2P-12A) so I hadn’t gotten much sleep with early race wake up calls and then was off Wed-Saturday which I thought oh Ill have all this time and then that was quickly reminded that time in the day just gets taken up so quickly by the never ending  “to do list”.  Anyways I am SO EXCITED to have peak week over and done! Its crazy to think that this time last year I was doing my First Half Ironman and I didn’t think I was prepared enough that long of time last year and this year I am headed into a Full IM in hope of a BIG PR! It reminds in the constant of me always wanting to stronger, faster, better in the “future” just how much “faster, better, stronger” I am now than I was then. I think we all have to remind ourselves of that the future will come and we will be able to accomplish goals and be that vision if we just wait it out keep trying and let it unfold.


  • Bike: Tempo Ride – 35 Miles @ 19.1 mph
  • Run: Brick Run – 5M Easy @ 9 min/mi
  • Swim: 1000 yds Easy at 1:53/100yd
  • Side Note: I am not going to lie I was already feeling the effects of last weeks “peak week” and the stress lack of sleep from work. My HR was sky high Max 179 on the Bike and 194 on the Run. I  was totally spent. However, As I coach athletes they get hard on theirselves as “I was so slow today”, “I just felt spent”, “My heart rate is so high at ‘easy’ pace”. I think we have to remind ourselves that our fatigue is just not soley caused from running but other life stressors and we have to take all that into account when assessing our fitness level. Ok just a long side note 🙂
  • Work: 2P-12A


  • Run: July 4th 5K – 22:15 (watch) and 23:30 (potty break, official)
    • Here is my thoughts on this race. I knew it was not going to be my “best” day because for one I was on my third work shift in a row and got home at 1 and woke up at 6 for this race. Second I got my cycle (Sorry Boys) the morning of the race when I woke up.  Said second led to third the GI Issues in the morning. Which led to fourth the mid-race potty break at some nice random barber shop who let me in. But also this race was HILLY for a 5K, Nothing is “flat” in Ohio hardly ever so I knew that was going to be an added Bonus. Lastl y I am in “peak week” to expect my legs to turn over at some remarkable speed is not fathomable lol. Also I cannot race a 5K to save my life my pace for a Half Marathon is faster than my 5K PR lol. Anyways I am still happy with how it went out because it was a fun and always a great way to celebrate the fourth with family and friends before I headed into work. 
  • Run: 3.9 Miles at 8:27 min/mi.
    • I did this when I got back to the trail to ride b/c the traffice from the parade would have prevented me getting to work if I would have stayed.
  • Bike: Easy Progression Ride – 25 Miles @ 17.5 mph
  • Work: 2P-12A


  • Run: 4M Recovery @ 8:19 min/mi
  • Bike: 20M Easy @ 16.5 mph
  • Swim: 4000M (2.5 Miles) @ 1:49/100yd
    • Workout: 6 x 200 Fast Free straight into 400 Pull with 30 seconds rest
  • Run (PM): 5M @ 8:12 min/mi


  • Swim: 1625 yds @ 1:36/100yd of Intervals.
    • This was supposed to be a much longer swim however my right shoulder/RTC was bugging me as it had sorta heard during the long swim the day before and I tore my RTC swimming in middle school so I didn’t want to take any chances. 
  • Run: Track Workout with Ash – 6M @ 7:52 min/mi (HR 153)
    • 1M Warmup – 1 x 1600 @ 6:48, 1 x 800 @ 3:20, 1 x 400 @ 1:37, 10×200 @ 5:28 – 0.25M cooldown


  • Run: Runrise Long Run with Ash – 16M @ 8:08 min/mi (HR 143)
    • I was super happy with this run. Ash and I became best friends a year ago during these sunrise runs and I am so grateful for all the memories and miles we have shared and it was so nice to have her home again and I am always faster with her around. So I was quite pleased to see close to an 8 min/mi on a long run vs my more common 9 min/mi lately.
  • Bike: 20 Miles on the Trainer – Zone 1 Spin out
  • Swim: 2000 yds at 1:51/100yd
    • I was going for more but a storm rolled in and got kicked out of the outdoor pool


  • Bike: Century Ride at 17.9 mph  (HR 138)
    • I think I have to be honest on this one. On instagram everything looks like a highlight real and omg I rode 100 miles at 17.9 mph – AMAZING. But this ride was anything but. First 100 Miles Solo is not easy physically, mentally, emotionally on its own accord, its just a freaking long time. I honestly think the training is what makes the ironman distance so hard. Anyways added bonus I just wasn’t feeling “great” in the morning my legs and body were still fatigued and I had got a 90 minute deep tissue massage on Friday night thinking that would help and it did come Sunday but I think all those toxins from just how knotted up I was made me feel sick. Thinking back that happens all the time after a massage the next day I usually feel horrid and then better (anyone else this happen to). Anyways I just felt like my legs wouldn’t turn over the pedals, I was working hard even though my HR was saying different and I just felt lightheaded despite taking in ample fluids, eating more fuel than I usually do, and even taking a rest breaks so I was just like “what gives”.  So the part of the trail I choose has no cover from wind and if it remotely a windy day you don’t want to go that way because there is not shelter and Ash used the phrase last week of “I just felt so exposed” and that is really what you feel like, like it exposes you to the core and rips you down – I hate wind lol. Anyways on the way out I did not have a tailwind mainly I had a cross-head and some maybe cross tail at times but defintely more a cross-head because at one of the turn around points I considered turning around to get the tailwind b/c I was weary the wind might shift on me and I would add the extra 25M on another part of the trail the shelted my tree part. Well I did not choose this option I continued forwrad and then when I made my final turn around – BOOM that headwind I had been waiting for all my life – #SaidNoOneEver! 50 Freaking Miles of Head Wind sometimes a cross-head but no tail to speak of for 50 Freaking Miles! I was already not feeling “strong” and I felt horrid and all “lightheaded” and I just couldn’t put XYZ together I was all the way in Columbus and I live in Dayton. I was considering paying the exorbant Uber to take me back to my car or call my husband or Ash to drive the 30+ Miles to come pick me up. I was working so hard physically even though my HR was low to go so slow. I started beating myself up and in that if I can’t do this now how am I going to do this faster in 3 weeks. I remembered when I rode this same pace 3 weeks ago and it felt much easier and I was less fit. I also reminded myself that it was not a windy day and it was quite pleasant but still. Anyways I got back to my car FINALLY and then ran my 2 Mile Brick,  I wanted 7 but I settled for 2 and cut my losses and got in my car and whined to my mom about all above said things. I felt like it was the ride that broke me. I have alot of doubts alot (ash has to hear about them) but they are usually superficial but this ride this ride cut me deep. I was just so physically, emotionally, mentally broken down after like the deep pit sadness you just don’t know what to do so you just sit there. Well that the “truth” behind the little square frame. I think alot fo this also has to do with all the pressures outside of Ironman I am under currently with closing on the house next week, while training, while working, while trying to get a new job and the likelihood of me being out a job for a while when I move , not to mentioned the acutaly moving part nightmare so basically #AllTheThings. I  just felt like I should share the “real” side of the story. Because I think we all go through this moments the sitting on the sidewalk broken down moments that sometimes our non-athlete friends or significant others  just can’t understand but I wanted to share so you know you are not alone in those feelings. 
  • Run: 2 Miles Easy Run/Walk @ 8:54 min/mi


  • Total Rest Day
  • Work: 10-10 with Client Checkins 🙂


  • Run: 45 Miles // 6:09:40
  • Bike: 200 Miles // 11:11:47
  • Swim: 5.1 Miles // 2:40:30
  • Strength: None
  • Total: 250 Miles // 20:02

With Love and Training

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)






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