Weekly Recap: Week 26: June 26th – July, 2nd, 2017

Weekly Recap

This week we are definitely in the peak of Ironman training, I have one more big training week next week with my last century ride and then it is time to TAPER! This training cycle has been rather odd as it is much shorter in comparison to my last Ironman and most of the “training cycle” was spent in recovery from Boston/Gulf Coast and my body just not responding. I really think honestly even though I technically finishing up week 10 of this training cycle I feel like I didn’t start actually “training” instead of “back recovering” until 4 weeks ago. So in that respect it sorta feels like I am just settling into training and volume and now its time to taper. In some regards its great because I can feel my body bouncing back from workouts and peaking and definitely don’t feel the fatigue I did last year at this point in the training cycle for Ironman Lousiville but also it leads to be fear have I done enough?! I have never raced 2 target races before this close together Boston, IM Gulf Coast 70.3, followed by Ironman Santa Rosa. I am not one of those athletes who can race back to back races and obtain PRs, my body is like a one and done racer and then needs significant recovery which is why it took my body nearly 7 weeks to start responding to training again and build some confidence. I am hopeful that while Boston did not bring the PR that I had hoped for that the fitness gained will finally show up at Santa Rosa and help me have a killer race and especially a killer Ironman Marathon because at the end of the day any runner turned triathlete always wants to smash the run portion? Right?!

Weekly Training Recap


  • Run: Track Speed: 1M w/u – 4×400 w/ 400 recovery, 8×200 w/ 200 recovery – 1M c/d
    • Splits:ย 4×400 – 1:29,1:28,1:30,1:31 // 8×200 – 42,44,42,44,41,43,42,44
  • Bike: Zone 1/2 Outdoor Ride – 20 Miles @ 17.3 mph (HR 134)
  • Strength: 35 Min Legs, shoulder, chest, abs
  • Work: 2P-12A


  • Bike: Tempo Ride 40.5 Miles @ 18.6 mph (HR 150)
  • Run: Recovery Brick Run 5M @ 8:41 min/mi (HR 140)
    • 3 Min Zone 2, 1 Min Zone 4, 1 Min Walk
  • Swim: Ironman Distance 2.4 Miles @ 1:53/100 yds Zone 1 Swim


  • Run: Long Run 20 Miles @ 8:58 min/mi – HR 140, 550ft Gain
  • Swim: 2200 yds Z1 Recovery @ 1:51/100yd
  • Picked up Ash from Airport!!! YAY


  • Run: 5M Recovery Run with Walk Break @ 9:05 min/mi (HR 146)
  • Bike: 60 minutes Zone 1 KickR Ride
  • Strength: 25 Minutes Bis/Tris/Back/Abs
  • Swim: 1750 yds with Ash @ 1:49/100yd
  • Work: 2P-12A


  • Bike: Long Bike with Ash – 85 Miles @ 17.4 mph
  • Run: Brick Run 3 Miles @ 7:45 min/mi
    • 4:30 in Zone 3, 0:30 Walk Break
  • Work: 2P-12A



  • Run: 5M Progression Run @ 8:01 min/mi (HR 147)
    • Miles 1&2: 0.95M Run @ Zone 1/2 (8:23, 8:10) with 0.05M walk break
    • Mile 3&4: 1.95M Run @ Zone 2/3 (7:39) with 0.05M walk break
    • Mile 5: Zone 4 Run (6:56)
  • Bike: 15 Mile Zone 1 Ride at 16.3 mph (HR 128)
  • Swim: 1850 yds at 1:36/100 yd of Intervals
  • Run: Double Run with Ash – 6M @ 8:05 min/mi (HR 150)
    • This was most definitely unplanned but just like Ash said best friends dont let each other long ride solo we also don’t let each other long run solo! I missed our runs together so much these past few weeks, they’re the best!


  • Work: 11A-10P


  • Run: 50 Miles // 7:15
  • Bike: 178 miles // 10:08
  • Swim: 10K Yards // 3:01
  • Strength: 2 Sessions // 1:00
  • Total: 233 Miles // 21:24

With Love and Training

โค Kindal (RunningWithStrength)




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