Weekly Recap: Week 17: April 24th – 30th, 2017

Weekly Recap

Week 2 of Boston Recovery in Full Effect and Week 1 of Official Ironman Training complete! I am officially now 13 days out from my 70.3 at Gulf Coast – God knows what Ash and I were thinking when we thought a little less than 4 weeks was enough time between races but hey we are going for it. If all else fails BEACH VACATION! I am also officially 13 Weeks out from Ironman Santa Rosa 140.6 – EEEK!!! To say I am not scared shitless is an understatement but it just means I gotta get my booty in gear. This week I ramped up the bike and swim and kept running light. My legs are coming back but the combination of increased time biking and swimming and marathon recovery has been tiresome. Lets just hope these legs wake up in time to race again 🙂


  • Run: 30 Minutes – 3.42 Miles – 9:1 Walk/Run Ratio – 8:42 min/mi – HR 135
  • Cycle: 10 Miles outside @ 17.1 mph – HR 118
  • Work: 12-10 ED


  • Run: 4 Miles at 8:15 min/mi – 9:1 Walk/Run – HR 140
  • Cycle: 20 Miles outside with Ash at 17.2 mph – HR 143
  • Swim: 1500 yards at 1:42/100yd with variable intervals


  • Swim: 1750 yds at 1:51/100yd average
  • Cycle: Long Bike – 60 Miles at 17.4 mph – HR 149


  • Run: 4.35 Miles at 8:58 min/mi – HR 146 – Dead Marathon + Cycling Legs
  • Cycle: 47 Minutes Z1 KickR Ride – HR 115
  • Swim: Long Swim – 3500 yds (2 Miles) at 1:42/100yd


  • Run: “Long Run” -1:00 // 6.57M @ 9:08 min/mi – HR 164 (9:1 walk/run ratio). I woke up sick prior to this run so I felt kinda crummy so kept it short and easy
  • Bike: 20 Miles at 17.3 – HR 137 bpm
  • Swim: Recovery 1250 yd Pull Swim at 1:59/100yd
  • Work: 2-12 ED


  • Run: 4.2 Mile Treadmill run at 8:34 min/mi – HR 111
  • Bike: 1:20 KickR Ride – HR 136
  • Run: Brick Run 2.5 Miles at 8:15 min/mi – HR 160
  • Swim: 2000 yds at 1:44/100yd – Variable 200s


  • Work: 11-9 at ED


  • Run: 25 Miles // 3:38:28
  • Bike: 147 Miles // 8:30:00
  • Swim: 10,000 yds // 2:56:47
  • Strength: None
  • Total: 177 Miles // 15:05

    With Love and Training,

    Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


    Race Recap: Boston Marathon April 17th, 2017

    Race Recap

    Eighteen Months in the Making for this very moment.. 3, 2, 1…START

    The Attire:

    • Ash and I had custom tanks made for us by Hyperthreads – if you havent heard of them they are an awesome company based out of Utah that makes custom Triathlon, Cycling, and Running Gear – High Quality and Super Comfortable and Flattering and did I mention CUSTOM! We went with Tri Tanks because POCKETS and let me tell you every marathoner should now wear tri tanks because it eliminates the whole where to store your fuel thing ;)! Rudy was also kind enough to give us a pair of matching Sunglasses to Sport for the Race there were the perfect shade of blue to match out outfits perfectly! We paired the combo with the tried and true Lululemon Black Speedshorts, White Procompression Socks and Newton Running Shoes of Course and we were on our way to the Boston Marathon!!!!


    • I opted to carry 3 Huma Plus Gels with me and then substitute with the Clif Vanilla on the course. Additionally Tam (@Tamarynnleigh) saved the day and sent BaseSalt Tubes with Ash’s Mom from Utah who flew in just for the race. So THANKFUL in the hot and humid conditions that Boston blessed us with on marathon Monday those Base Salts SAVED my butt and life and is one of the reasons I did not end up in the med tent – I LOVE YOU TAM!

    Music Choice:

    • Ash had decided she was going to use headphones during the race. I usually race marathons without headphones so I was like how are we gonna run together and use headphones – pouty face emoji lol. Ash decided for her it was a must so I figured well I mise well too. So then I was liek well what do we listen to becuase it has to be the exact same if we are running together for the marathon and she responded “The Hamilton Soundtrack” and I was like what is that?! haha. Needless to say I downloaded that soundtrack Sunday night and you better believe we listened to that soundtrack until Mile 20 of the marathon. I actually LOVED it and I think forever forward it will always hold a special memory in my heart 🙂


    Pre-Race/Athlete’s Village: 

    • Ash and I woke up got bagels and Tess kindly drove us to the bag drop and bus check. We made it just before they closed the roads (2 minutes) and she got us right next to the gear check tents and I was well that was pretty AWESOME. After we checked our bag we went to load our buses and make our way to Hopkinton. It takes about 1 hour to get to Athletes Village. By this point I had downed my breakfast, coffee, and a large powerade and really regreted not going to the bathroom prior to our bus loading. Needless to say once we got there we hopped off the bus it was right into the bathroom line. Ash found the shortest line and people were nice enough to let us go ahead as we did the potty dance. We figured we needed one more round in the bathroom prior to the start so we made our way back in line then sat beside the front of the line until we got the “urge” lol. We chatted, ate some fuel, took photos then went to the bathroom and on our way. They had been calling the White Bibs for a while but I did not anticipate the walk to the start was SO FAR AWAY. It is a good mile or so from the athletes village whoops. I now see why people were running. Needless to say I am pretty sure we ended up starting with the White Bibs in the Last Corral by time we made it to the start line because we were late – whomp. However to be honest this isn’t unusual we were late starting Tuscon as well and Ive been late for almost every Phoenix Start soo. By time we made it to the start line which I didnt even realize Ash had to shout this is it start your Garmin and it hit me HOLY CRAP thats the Boston Marathon start line!!!!!

    Mile 0-4: The Beginning of the End…

    • Ash and I crossed the start line in our matching attire smiles galore – OMG WE ARE RUNNING THE BOSTON MARATHON! We started off right around 7 min/mi which felt very comfortable. I am use to running downhill and so is Ash so that doens’t bother us. The key is just to maintain an even effort and that was our plan. Then at the 0.25 Mile mark BOOM we hit the wall of humans – SO MANY HUMANS! Ash bolted to the side and we tried to weave the best of our abilities to maintain pace but it was a constant going from 6:50 – 7:00 min/mi to complete stops. We were on the side rails so the terrain was changing as well – asphault, grass, curb, dirt, gravel, etc. Our first 4 Miles were 7:17, 7:19, 7:20, 7:17 – so not horrible and conservative my most standards since we were aiming for around a 7:00 – 7:05 min/mi for the first half but in order to make those splits happen it was a horror story of the fly then brake method due to the large crowds and the weaving. I knew our goal of a 3:12 (7:20 min/mi) was long gone at this point for me and with the headphones and being just behind Ash due to the crowds I couldnt get a sense of how she was feeling. However, things were going south quick. I couldn’t figure it out – I had hydrated, watched sodium intake, I took my Inhaler (I have exercise induced Asthma), and it was hot but I wasn’t dying (I am from Az and Fl originally). I mean in my head I was dumbfounded – “My Race” is the Marathon and especially downhill marathons (I suck at short distance running in comparison) so how could I be bonking at Mile 4 in “ideal” race profile minus the heat. Later on that evening Ash figured out the mystery it was the braking and exerting all the energy and side weaving going around the humans that did it however at the time I just couldn’t grasp that concerpt myself. I couldn’t for the live of figure out HOW IN THE HELL I WAS HITTING THE WALL AT MILE 4! WHAT THE HECK! I told Ash to leave me I figured I was just having an AWFUL day and I didn’t want to bring her down with me. She kept urging that I could do it – we could do it – but I just kept thinking there is no way I am pulling off a 3:12 or even a PR of 3:16 at this point and I thought she was doing GREAT. Needless to say she wasn’t I found out later but either way I told her to leave me as I didn’t want to hold her back. We pulled over gave each other a hug and off she went. This is where I made the objective decision to pull WAY BACK and raise my hands high for the all that is glorious “WALK BREAKS”!


    Miles 4-10: Yep its Gonna be a Long Day….

    • I helt a somewhat respectable pace for beginning of this stretch after I left Ash but then I just basically threw in the towel. I knew I wasn’t planning on coming back in 2018 so I knew a BQ was pointless except for my pride in the big picture with my IM and HIM quickly approaching. The heat was rising and I knew it was going to a rough day managing it so I just decided to enjoy running the Boston Marathon and not tax my body more than I needed to. I texted my Mom and Tess around Mile 10 saying it was going to be a much longer day than anticipated –  I remember I walking over Lake Cochichuate. I never take my phone out during a race but I also didn’t want them to worry that something terrible was happening to me as they tracked behind a computer since I was so far off my goal. After I put my phone back in pocket and went back on my way towards Boston…

    Mile 10 – 16: Enjoying the Ride

    • At this point I was maintaining a steady 8:20 – 8:30 min/mi and just enjoying the race. I stopped at every aid station and grabbed one cup of water to drink and on cup to pour on my head. I took my time, I took walk breaks, literally took all the pressure off myself. I actually ended up malfunctinioning my JayBirds due to all the water douncing so I had to drop the headphones right around Mile 14 after going through Wellesley Scream Tunnel. No need to worry though you could hear those girls from a mile away. I couldn’t help but not laugh and smile at the signs they are quite creative and a riot to read. In some regards I am glad I wasn’t taking running seriously at all at this point because I really got to soak it all in. My Mom and Tess were texting me uplifting things the whole time while I was running and Tess and Christian (Ash’s Brother) made a surpise stop at Mile 15. It was such a welcomed surprise. Nothing better than seeing your best friend when you’re having a crappy marathon day. It really gave me that push to smile and move forward. I mean I was running the Boston Marathon!

    Mile 16 – 21: The Newton Hills

    • Mile 15-16 you make a steep decsent into the Newton Lower Falls before hitting the hills. I took that downhill with stride and then really embraced the walk breaks lol. I met a fellow instagramer @gypsysoul_runner around during the Mile 16-17 who was nice enough to say she followed me and how much of an inspiration I was. I said thanks but thought to myself “wow I am such an inspiration phoning in the boston marathon”. She looked strong so I told her to keep going and she had this but I was gonna take another walk break haha. I basically ran/walked the entire Newton Hills. I ran the downhill then ran/walked the uphill. I actually ran into one of my clients around Mile 19 at the Nuun booth and gave her a hug and thought wow this looks horrible watching your run coach walk up the Newton Hills and tank her Marathon Goal Time. She didn’t disown me thank god lol. I made my way thought heartbreak – saw the infamous no stopping Mondays sign and really soaked it in. I was on heartbreak hill. I felt no pressure, no time goal, no nothing just soaking in the Boston Experience as if I was on a long run by myself on a calm Monday except with thousands of people around – it was kind of surreal. I crested Heartbreak and knew it was downhill to the finish.

    Mile 22-25: Downhill to the Finish…

    • I’m not gonna lie I ran walked these too – I figured at this point I had nothing to gain  from going any faster or slower lol. These miles seemed to go by rather quickly. I dont remember anything of interest, you get a good decsent off of Heartbreak and if I was having a good day I would have loved flying down the downside of that hill guns a blazing but that didn’t happen. I remember looking at the train to my left and thinking of the history and the people that used to take the train to watch the marathon and how that was how the course was created. I watched as people carried their friends, solidier in full uniform, amputees running strong, I felt like I really got to sit back and watch the marathon unfold from a different perspective than when you are gunning hard for a PR. I remember seeing the sign for Brookline and thinking OMG we are almost to Boston – YAY and then you have the Citgo Sign in sight and you know you have almost made it!


    Mile 25 – 26.2: The Citgo Sign and The Finish 

    • You hit the Citgo Sign at Mile 25.2 and there is a line across the ground that says one mile to go as well as little Citgo signs. It was so neat to finally experience being at that infamous sign. In my head after the countless walk breaks I told myself ok Kindal you can probably run the last mile, but then I remembered that little bitch of a hill I read about on the underpass before the turn on Hereford. Anyways I hit that hill and figured well no gain now and walked up the little blip then started on my way again – I remmeber looking at my watch and seeing 7:30s (insert face plam emoji) lol. I made the right turn onto Hereford and it is a very slight uphill gradient and I remeber thinking I really want to walk to this but then I smacked myself internally and was like YOU CANNOT WALK ON HEREFORD lol! I finally made that Left Turn onto Bolyston and there is was – The crowd, the Fans, the Finish it was amazing and everything I dreamed. I had enough in my tank to really enjoy the moment – to run full stride toward the finish and embrace every single moment of that last 0.25 Mile. I crossed the finish all smiles – I was a BOSTON MARATHONER!

    Post Race:

    • After the race I headed over to the med tent to assess my situation. My legs were cramping more than usual especailly considering the lack of effort I exerted. I figured I could probably use an IV or something. She said I could talk to the physician. I told her I was a physician – she wasnt impressed lol. Either way they told me I looked too good for the med tent and I was sent away – I told them “No Fair that’s what they said at Ironman” haha! I headed to grab my drop bag and get my things and then tried calling Ash several times as I knew she had finished but she wasn’t answering. Finally I got ahold of Christian (Ash’s brother) who told me she was in the Med Tent they sent me away from by the Finish. Truth be told I never even go near med tent but obviously my intuition was saying go in that med tent and now I know why. I made my way back through the crowds where I met the same nice lady (insert face palm emoji) and she instructed me that I could not go inside and had to walk all the way around to the family meetup zone to try and get into see her. She asked if I had her bib and I pulled my instagram and was like see here she is with me and her bib! They finally located her and whomp she had been discharged and Ash called and was now down getting her bag – lol. We finally met back up took our post race photos then headed to Panera to meet our family. They were the absolute best support crew. The post race freezing began I was never so thankful for our space blankets. We took our group photos then headed back to our car. Once we got back to Tess’ house we both showered changed and Ash headed out to do some touring with her family before they headedout at 8:30 PM and Tess and i went and got some post race celebratory drinks and tapas at her favorite restaurant and caught up like old times. Adulthood is hard sometimes especially with friendships but I am lucky to have friendships that stand the test of time despite not seeing each other for 2 years 🙂 After we got back , packed up our things that now barely made it into our suitcases with all our purchaes we laid in bed and started recapping our Marathon Monday! Ash and I sat up in bed like 2 Elementry/Middle school girls having a slumber party until 3 AM when we had to wake up at 6 laughing and giggling about our Marathon Experience and the “Wall of Humans” at Mile 4. We laughed at the fact that we had grabbed extra treats and aid from the exact same spectators on the course and even used the same fueling/hydration/cooling techniques. It was as if we had ran together the whole race but 15 minutes apart lol. It was a beautiful and wonderful ending to Marathon Monday to just laugh and giggle and smile with your best friend – it was as if time never stopped.


    Tuesday 4-18-17: “Medal Tuesday?!” 

    • Ash and I had planned to do a short walk/run by the beach before flying out to shake our legs but we both woke up and in the tin man walk struggle bus and decided NOPE and headed back to bed. Tess then took us down to Bolyston which Ash and I were shocked to find was completely torn down from the day before. Newbie mistake. We walked around and took a few post-race celebratory photos in our jackets and then made our way to the airport in just enough time to grab some breakfast and load the plane. Our layover was in LaGuardia and it was 2 hours. So we got lunch and then found what we thought was our plane and hopped in our boots. Once boarding was called for the last group we were like oh crap and started trying to pack our boots as quick as possible – imagine trying to deflate a twin air mattress while the last boarding call is being done – OH SHIT! haha. Anyways we give the lady our tickets and she was like you are in the wrong airline and Ash looks and is like Oh Crap yes our plane doesnt board last call until 20 minutes so we finally walk to the other side of hte airport to find AA and they are like oh you need to get on a shuttle and were like what?! THERE WERE NO SIGNS! They quickly got us on a tram and I got my first ever airline phone call of we are boarding last call where are you lol?! Ash and I made it barely in time – boarded the plan and made our way to Columbus. We took turns laughing about the race with ladies on board and explained our irrational anger towards the crowds and how we hit the wall at mile 4 – lol. The other runners said they did too which was reassuring lol! We took turns using the Roll Recovery R8 – great plane tool then arrived to a warm and sunny spring Ohio!


    Garmin Data: 

    Screen Shot 2017-04-27 at 9.12.49 PM

    Post Race Feels and Thoughts:

    • This blog post has been hard to write if I am being honest I have such mixed up and down emotions regarding The Boston Marathon 2017. I had waited 18 Months for a moment that went no where near how I had planned. I had an AMAZING Boston Experience – It was one for the Books it was absolutely perfect minus the Time on the Clock. I enjoyed every mile after Mile 4 of the Boston Marathon and feel like I really got to soak in the experience. However, I cant help but feel the clock disappointment. I had done it all this training cycle – freezing temps, winds, outdoor tempos, track workouts, high mileage, and even gave up Ironman Training High Volume in order to obtain a PR on the Boston Course. I was ready for a Sub 3:12 I knew it I felt it and to wind up with a 3:44 is disheartening. I ran my 3:16 on minimal marathon training and now with giving these 16 weeks my all I fell way short of my goal and fitness level. Boston was the only marathon I had planned on running this year and I wanted and needed it to go well and it didn’t. Due to Ironman Goals it will be a full year before I have the chance to redeem myself in the Marathon Distance and for that I am sad. I know I have nothing to prove to others and I know good and well a 3:44 is an amazing marathon time – heck less than 2 years ago my PR in the marathon on my first BQ attempt was a 3:48 but I also know in my heart I didn’t give that marathon my all or even half of it. I phoned it in. While I made that conscious decision and I know it was  the Smartest and Best descision for me that day in regards to my future race goals it still weighs on me. I think it is ok to feel disappointment, its natural and normal. But you also have to move on from it. At the end of the day I am a BOSTON FREAKING MARATHONER no matter the clock time. So with that I am going to take all my hundreds of dollars of Boston 2017 Gear and Memories with my Unicorn Medal and Charish it for a Lifetime because you never get your First Boston Back and for me despite the Clock I can say without a doubt the whole experience was absolutely PERFECT.

    With Love and Boston,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

    Pre-Race Recap: Boston Marathon

    Race Recap

    At the end of the Day the Boston Marathon is more than just 26.2 Miles it is a full experience and I have to say I think I may have had one of the best. I got to stay with my College Best Friend and also Traveled and Ran Boston with Ashley – It was the absolute Best! Here is a little recap of the pre-race activities! 🙂

    Friday – April 14th, 2017

    Ash and I flew out of Columbus to Boston and got in around 1PM we made a quick jot to my friend’s house changed and then headed straight to the expo to knock that off our list. We knew the further we got into the weekend the more busy crazy it would become and both of us thought NIGHTMARE. We walked in grabbed out bib without line and thought “wow that was easy” snapped our bib photo (Got yelled at on Instagram) then headed to the expo. We had some instagram obligations to attend to at the expo and then wanted to search the goodies. We of course stopped by the Boston Gear and grabbed ourself some staples for our shakeout run on Saturday and post-race and loved every bit of the fact that we LOVE to Twin at every occasion possible – we are like 3rd graders with BFF heart necklaces (and yes I would buy them if it was totally cheezeball – maybe Erica Sara ones haha). After we fininished up at the Expo we headed to the mall to check on the lulu gear for the race – wasn’t impressed – but we found FroYo which was more impressive then headed to Rudy to say thanks for our awesome sunglasses and ended up being able to attend the Women’s Running Talk and banquet with Strava which was pretty awesome. We then made our way to Fenway Park to watch the Red Sox with Tess (my best friend who lives in Boston). We splurged for good seats together and ended up on the 3rd base line which was pretty incredible. I feel like we picked the best night – it wasn’t too cold or windy and also they were playing the Tampa Bay Rays which is my home team. I am not a sports fan and NEVER make it through any sporting event so I was proud that I made it through this one for Ash who used to work in sports marketing. It was definintely so fun and you should definitely put it on your “To-Do” Boston Marathon List.

    Saturday – April 15th, 2017:

    Saturday was the absolute BEST! Ash and I slept in and then we made our way down to the waterfront for our Shakeout Run. Tess lives a block from the water in South Boston and it was so dreamy especially after being stuck in dreary Ohio to have a gorgeous 60 degree breezy sunny beach run. We our course twined in our Boston Gear and did 3 Miles with 0.25 Mile Repeats at 6:40 – 7:00 at a 7:31 min/mi average. However the run took more like 1-1:15 because we had to stop and enjoy all the photo opportunities. It was an absolute BLAST and we actually ran out of time and was like OH CRAP we are gonna miss the WeRunSocial Meetup – oops. We then went to the Runner’s World Pop-up shop for the Meetup and to meet all the friends. Jennifer (@JBirdRuns) had come to meet me there and I was so excited to see my other bestie for the first time in over a year! I’m telling you BEST WEEKEND EVER with all my Best Friends! We had the meetup with Bart Yasso who is amazing and Procompression and then headed to Adidas RunBase for a little bit to see what that was all about and snapped a photo and chatted with Run2PRs who did incredible in the Boston Marathon despite the heat and recently racing and breaking 3 hours at Huston in January. After we made our way to the finish line and walked up to dead silence and realized we had walked to the finish at the exact time and location of the booming in 2013. It was a very surreal moment and I am glad we accidently got to experience it and it was very sombering and humbling to think of the events that went down on April 15th, 2013. After the moment of silence we took our finish line photos (It was CRAZY busy) and then headed back to get ready for the Boston Movie Premier and Clif Party. Clif was nice enough to give Ash 2 Tickets to the Premier and it was INCREDIBLE! We got all dressed up in pretty dresses and got to watch the Boston Movie in the Wang Theater which is breathtaking. The whole experience was phenomenal and you felt like a red carpet star. The movie was so perfect to watch before the marathon because we you were done watching it you wanted to go run a marathon right there and now. It shows the true beauty of Boston and the Marathon all in one.

    Sunday – April 16th, 2017

    It was Easter Sunday so we slept in , Tess made us breakfast of Pancakes and we headed to Church. There was already a stark temperature difference from the day before and it ended up peaking at around 85 for the day in Boston and I started to realize this heat issue might become a problem because there was no cooling off overnight from this. After Church we decided to do the Trolley Tour around Boston and Tess met up in Cambridge and we made our rounds. It was an awesome way to experience the city before the race with little to no walking. We made our final trolley stop at Boston Harbour and made our way through Quincey Market (grabbed some Regina’s Pizza), Bostonian Socity Building, and Paul Revier’s home before running out of time again for dinner. Tess was nice enough to offer to grab a bite with a bunch of anxious marathoners before Boston – she said she learned “alot” about running lol. It was perfect though – a beautiful meal in The Historic Fairmont Copley with the best running instagram friends around and a great end to a perfect pre-race weekend. 🙂 But of course at the end of the night Ash and I had to Twin in our Rapid Reboot Boots – Because Priorities! 🙂



    Race Recap to Follow….

    With Love and Boston,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

    Weekly Recap: Week 16: April 17th – 23rd, 2017

    Weekly Recap

    Weekly Recap! Boston Marathon is officially complete and I promise a full recap on that to follow soon I just have to figure out how to put it all into words. This week involved mostly the marathon, travel, and recovery. So nothing to wow but it was quite interesting with the Monday marathon mentally  because your normal days of feeling better after the marathon are shifted quite a bit which messes with your “runner’s brain” haha.


    • Run: Boston Marathon 26.2 Miles in 3:44:33 (8:34 min/mi) – HR 151 bpm


    • Total Rest Day + Travel Home from Boston which including lots of whining about the amount of soreness in my Quads lol.


    • Total Rest Day + Sports Massage + Work 12-10 at ED


    • Run: 30 Minute Recovery Run with 2 Min Easy Running (8:30 – 9:00 min/mi), 1 Min Walking – 10:28 min/mi average (HR 149)
    • Swim: 1200 yd Recovery Pull Swim with 4 x 50 Free with Ash – 1:48/100 yd average
    • New Bike Fit which was approximately 3 hours and at one point he asked me to push hard on the bike – I was like WHAT?! THESE QUADS DON’T FUNCTION lol!


    • Run: 40 Minute Recovery Run with 5 Min Running (8:00 -8:45 min/mi), 1 Min Walking – 9:08 min/mi average (HR 149)
    • Bike: 14 Miles Easy Cycle at 16 mph Outside – YAY SPRING!!!
    • Cryo with Ash and then Work 12-10 🙂


    • Run: 40 Minute Recovery Run with 9 minutes Running, 1 Min Walking – 8:38 min/mi (HR 138)
    • Swim: 1500 yds at 1:41/100yd – 4 x (100 Free, 100 Pull, 100 Pull/Paddles) – 4 x 50 Free with 15 sec rest, 100 Pull c/d


    • Rest Day and Work 11-9 🙂
    • Also my clients CRUSHED some goals today and I am one proud coach 🙂 ❤ 🙂
      • Maria (@bostonafterbaby): BQ and 2 minute marathon PR in 3:32:09
      • Jess (@marathoner_jess): Marathon PR in 3:44:18
      • Jill (@_runjillrun_): Half Marathon PR after being sidelined with an injury in 1:50:09
      • Jamie (@jamie.l.davis): Half Marathon 15 minute PR in 1:44:35!!!!


    • Run: 38.3 Miles // 5:34:33
    • Bike: 14 Miles // 0:52:27
    • Swim: 2700 Yards // 46:50
    • Strength: None
    • Total: 53.8 // 7:14

    With Love,Training, and Recovery 🙂

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


    Client Testimonial: Roxana

    Client Testimonials/Features

    Roxana came to me in December wanting to start the year off with a new coach and new goals. She was weary initially as her previous coach was local to the area where she trains and had never done the “online coaching” thing but I assured her while I was far away I was still 100% there with her through every step of the process. She wanted her focus initially to be on running as she really wanted to crush her half marathon PR early in the year and after focus on triathlon training for Half Ironman Florida in April. I don’t advertise triathlon coaching but I do coach a select few athletes who reach out and I really love it and it inspires me to get out there and crush the swim-bike-run! Roxana is one of the dream athletes to coach she is so detailed and sticks the plan and is very communicative which is integral in any coaching relationship but even more imperative when it comes to online coaching. In just 3 short months Roxana has PRd her Half Marathon twice taking her PR from a 2:21 to a 2:04 on January 29th 1 month into training and then a 1:57 in March 5th just 2 months into training. She recently CRUSHED her goal of a 6 Hour Half Ironman 70.3 on the dot in 6:00:00 in Florida 70.3 April 9th with taking close to 27 minutes off her previous PR of 6:26:46 just 6 months ago at Augusta 70.3 in September 2016! We have big things in store for the rest of 2017 and with the lady the sky is the limit and I am just so lucky to be by her side! 🙂 Here is what she had to say…


    “Before Kindal I was a triathlete in love with swimming, biking, but not so much running! In my eyes, the last leg of any Tri was a suffer fest filled with deception. Plagued with injuries, setbacks and very little progress in the years before, I was frustrated with this discipline that I saw so many others truly enjoy. It was time for a change! I was blessed when I found Kindal while searching for some inspiration and guidance for my running (bonus – she’s a triathlete too).. Her vibe stood out immediately in a sea of so many options for online coaching – real, down to earth, genuine and over the top passionate about her training. We began two months out from my first goal, Miami’s half marathon and instantly clicked! This positive, understanding, very knowledgeable, enthusiastic coach who I had never met makes you feel like the best teammates from the get co! Because with Kindal, your voice is heard, she appreciates your intake and opinion and is not one to pass judgement on questions or hesitations. We are a team 🙂 Kindal believes in you 100% and through her detailed, structured, personalized training plan you too will see what you’re capable of and get the results, no questions asked! Come race day I couldn’t believe the progress I had made and most importantly I had become a runner!!!! In love with my tempo efforts, excited for my long hauls, proud of my speed workouts and delighted to go on an easy one… this just all in two months! I crushed that half with a huge PR and immediately signed up for my second HIM two and half months later. In this short time Kindal has taken me to another level, not only as a runner but also a triathlete! I have seen huge improvements in all three disciplines as well as other aspects of the training cycle, such as nutrition. This past Sunday I completed Florida’s 70.3 and had a 26 minute PR!!!! The accomplishments have been incredible and that’s exactly what you get with Kindal – an amazing coach who believes in big dreams, crushing them and never settling for anything less!!! I cant wait for more successes together! I’m beyond grateful for Kindal and her coaching – thank you so much K!!!!”
    With Love and Coaching,
    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

    Weekly Recap: Week 15: April 10-16th, 2017

    Weekly Recap

    ITS BOSTON WEEK and The Boston Marathon is TOMORROW!!! If you want to track me Text My Bib Number 9629 to 234-567!!! I cant wait to finally run this epic marathon and thank you all for following along! 


    • Run: 5 Miles at 7:40 Avg (HR 128) – 12×200 at MP with Easy Recovery 
    • Swim: 1000yds at 1:54/100 yd Easy


    • Run: Easy Run 4 Miles at 8:14 min/mi with Pickups the last 2M 
    • Swim: 1000yds at 1:54/100 us Easy


    • Run: 3 Miles Easy at 8:08 min/mi
    • Bike: 45 Minute Z1 on Trainer


    • Run: 4 Miles at 7:48 min/mi with Last 2 Miles up Tempo at 7:28 min/mi 


    • Total Rest Day // Travel to Boston


    • Run: Shakeout Run 3 Miles at 7:31 min/min with 4×400 at 6:40-7:00.


    • Total Rest Day! 


    • Run: 19 Miles // 2:31:34
    • Bike: 12 Miles // 45 Minutes
    • Swim: 2000yds // 0:38:14
    • Strength: None
    • Total: 29.1 Miles // 3:32:04

      With Love and Training,


      Boston Marathon Training Cycle Reflections


      As this training cycle comes to a close I figured I would reflect on this training cycle and the things that made this training cycle different from previous training cycles. I did a similar post reflecting on my training going into Revel Mount Charleston and the differences going into that marathon. For me this training cycle was very different than my previous 3 marathons (4 including Ironman) leading into My Journey to Boston 2017 and below are some of the highlights of the difference.

      1.High Mileage:

      • This was the first time I had ever ran high mileage (which could still be considered low for some people). I hit 72 miles in my peak week and was at 50+ miles for 9 weeks out of the training cycle. My previous training cycle’s my “peak week” was 50 Miles. I think how I managed to do this was just a gradual build in my training volume over the past 2 years because there is no way even 18 months ago when I obtained my BQ my body could have handled that kind of mileage. I just hadn’t built that sort of endurance base or had the knowledge of my body to obtain that mileage without injury.

      2. Ironman Training:

      • This was a very different one for me. I have never trained for an Ironman competitively while simultaneously competitively training for a marathon and a PR. During Revel Mt Charleston I was not focusing on marathon training but more on Ironman. I ran 4 days per week and peaked at 42 Miles with minimal to no speed work or tempo runs just easy miles. I ran Mt Charleston Marathon for fun and ended up with a big PR. However I did not train for that “PR” as the main goal as I was very focused on biking, swimming in prep for my first 140.6. This time The Boston Marathon was the first priority but I couldn’t forget that IM Santa Rosa is in July and Gulf Coast Half Ironman in May and I have BIG goals on the deck for those races.  Therefore I had to put in quality training for Ironman while marathon training, which included hard swims and bikes out of my comfort zone. The added IM Training volume definitely added to the fatigue and volume of this training cycle for sure.

      3.Weekly Training Layout:

      • This was the first time I self coached myself on a 16-Week Marathon Cycle. During Revel Mt Charleston I just kinda randomly started and made up the plan as I went. I ensured the key 20 Milers fell on the appropriate but the main focus was Ironman Training. However this training cycle I was more strategic in the way I laided out the 16 weeks, building mileage, peaking, tapering, races, speedwork, tempos. I was alot more detailed and precise this training cycle instead of winging it (Canyon City and Utah Valley I had a coach). But I will say in true fashion I do wing my training quite a bit but keep the basic layout the same. My weekly training at the beginning started off as my usual 5-Day week Training Cycle however I ended up progressing to 6 Days per Week of Running and started incorporating Double Runs early in the week on Mondays/Tuesdays to build mileage. This was my first time running 6 days a week since My Journey to Boston in March 2015 . Up until this point I had to strictly stuck to the 5 day per week rule which was good because I dont think I was ready for that volume until now. The doubles were “sort-of” new to this marathon training cycle in that I did incorporate them into Ironman Lousiville late in training but never as consistent as during Boston Training. Additionally, for the most part I didn’t chicken out and change speed/tempo to “easy runs” – we all know I love me some Zone 1-2 HR haha. I stuck for the most part minus having the flu to a plan of 1 Tempo, 1 Speed/Interval, 1 Long Run, and the rest easy/recovery runs (some of them bricks).  I still heart rate trained throughout the entitre training cycle but this is nothing new for me. I plan of making a seperate post about my approach to HR training in the new future 🙂

      4.Speed/Tempo Runs

      • Before this training cycle I had done all of my speed/tempo work on the treadmill. This was for 2 reasons (1) I was scared of the track and running hard outside – I used the treadmill as a crutch and (2) In Arizona I had to train at 4-5AM and didn’t want to run in the dark so the treadmill was the only option for saftey. But now that I moved to Ohio I start work later so I have the opportunity to run outside more. So I braved the track for the first time in my life and also took my tempo runs to the roads and embraced the elements – hills, less than ideal weather, wind and steped WAY out of my comfort zone. I wasn’t always the fastest (heck I never was haha) on the track or in the tempo but I know making the effort and stepping out of my comfort zone made me a stronger runner overall.

      5.Facing the Elements:

      • When I moved from Arizona to Ohio it was a pretty easy exchange as it in July aand summer in Ohio was like Fall in Florida or Arizona. However Fall turned into winter pretty quickly and I learned that if I wanted to run outside I had to leave the comfort of my perfect Arizona conditions behind. In Arizona running conditions are ideal – hardly any weather elements to deal with minus the heat which I was used to and little to no hills to speak of on the trails so I was used to “easy” running by most people’s standards. But in Ohio the conditions were WAY different and not in a good way and I was in for a a rude awakening in terms of what I was gonna have to face this training cycle. This training cycle I learned to face freezing and below freezing temps, hills and bigger hills once Ash found them lol, rain, snow, freezing rain, wind, more wind,  and worst of all the lack of sun. It was NOT anywhere near comfortable for me coming from Florida and Arizona but I can say for sure Ohio toughened me up and made me stronger while training for the Boston Marathon.

      6.Having Ash (@ahappypace)

      • I hit the Jackpot of Lotteries when Ash and I moved to Ohio at the same time. We met during a long run and instantly became best friends. I feel like Ash and I are like a shooting star it is so rare that you have a best friend that does your same crazy hobbies of marathon and ironman and just happens to bike and run at the exact same paces as you and lives a 0.5M down the the street. It just doesn’t happen but I was lucky enough to have it this year. Having a buddy to run all the long runs with and easy runs and plan out this training cycle with has been of unexplainable value. But having Ash goes way beyond that. Ash has encouraged me since I met her that I was capable of so much more than I believed in myself. She is the reason I believed I could and went Sub 12 in my first Ironman and the reason behind my half PRs at Tuscon and Phoenix as well as my 10K PR. Without her by myside I would have never pushed myself outside of my comfort zone. I would have never gone to the track, ran hills, or outdoor tempo runs and most definitely wouldn’t have pushed myself to the PRs that I did if she didn’t tell me that she believed that I was 100% capable. She has been my rock to believe in me when I was unable to believe in myself, which to be honest is about 98% of the time, so she has a big job haha 😉 ! But I couldn’t leave the post without saying Ash was a difference in this training cycle because she was most definintely an integral DIFFERENCE to make it all the better. We definitely became stronger together in training for the Boston Marathon! ❤

      This post is already much longer than I anticipated haha! But these 6 were some of the key differences between this training cycle and my previous marathon training cycles leading to the 2017 Boston Marathon starting in March 2015 when I went for my first attemtpt at Utah Valley! Keep on the look out for more posts leading into the Boston Marathon!

      With Love and Boston,

      ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


      Client Testimonial: Erin

      Client Testimonials/Features

      Erin came with Big Dreams and goals leading into her second marathon. She had finished Marathon Number 1 with the “just finish” mentality in 5:29 and really wanted to break into the world of being a 4 Hour marathoner with the ultimate goal being breaking 4 hours! I told her eventually it would come but we would start where we are and move to where she wants to be and we would get there together and she would be stronger at the end of the training cycle then she was entering it. Erin finished her marathon last Sunday in 5:15 a 15 minute PR and better than that she finished proud, happy, and eager to move forward and tackle more goals and PRs! I could not be more proud of her and excited to share her thoughts on coaching going into the St Louis Marathon! Her testimonial is below:

      “When I first became a “runner,” I never really had goals. I just wanted to finish races. I would print out the generic training plans and would sometimes stick to them, but then I would come up with excuses and toss the plans out along with any type of goal. I ran my first full marathon in Chicago in 2015, with a time of 5:29. My goal was to finish. I finished, but it was the biggest struggle ever. I vowed never to do a full one again. Then last November, I thought, hey why not try to set a real goal for myself and run another full in April 2017. I tossed back and forth the idea of a coach, and when I saw that Kindal had coaching services, I knew I wanted her to be my coach. I reached out to her and asked if a sub 4 marathon was even possible. She said to me “Dream big and never settle.” She also kept it real and said that even if it doesn’t happen in April, I will be a stronger runner than before. So I started training in December with her coaching plans. Every time I failed a run or things didn’t go my way, she was always there to lift me up and get me back on track. There were times we had to adjust the schedule, either because of sickness or kid stuff. She understood that I had kids, work, and life to deal with, and would make it work for me one way or the other. I definitely went out of my comfort zone so many times with the training plans and by the time the training was almost over, I could not believe I was running the paces I was. Every time I wanted to throw in the towel, I would just think to myself that she believed in me and I could do this. The week before the marathon, we discussed goals. I knew that a sub 4 was probably not going to happen with this one, so we had a 4:30 for my first goal, 5:00 for my second and sub 5:30 for the third, and of course to have fun! I ended up finishing the marathon in 5:15. I stuck with the 4:30 pace group for almost half the marathon, then drew back. Once I knew that was not happening, I did get upset with myself and I didn’t want to let Kindal down. However, I knew I would PR no matter what, so I kept pushing. She tracked me the whole time and her email to me after made me feel so accomplished and proud of myself. She was so proud I PR’d! I can honestly say that I am such a stronger runner and have so much more confidence in myself. I owe it all to her. When fall comes around, I am going for a sub 2 half and I can’t wait to have Kindal coach me again! Thank you Kindal! You are such an amazing person!!”

      IMG_20170409_123801694_1491777172238 (1).jpg

      With Love and Coaching,

      ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

      Link to Coaching Services

      Looking Back and Forward to Boston 2017

      About Me, Running

      As I look forward to Marathon Monday just one week from today I can’t help but feel an out of body experience in a way. I NEVER saw myself here. Two years ago I set out on my journey to BQ with a marathon PR of 4:04 and no clue how to differentiate a tempo run from an easy run from 800 repeats.  I was never a “runner” growing up but as I watched others on instagram the BQ bug got ahold of me and I started to dream that hey maybe one day it could be me. I went for my first BQ Attempt a short 22 months ago at Utah Valley and ended up with a 3:48 (8:42 min/mi) – it was a BIG 16 minute PR at the time and I was so thrilled to walk away uninjured and still loving running as that had never happened before. I went again for round 2 at Revel Canyon City 18 months ago in Nov 2015 and this is where I landed my BQ dream with a 3:24:48 (7:48 min/mi)! I remember it clearly looking at my watch thinking I cannot believe this is seriously me running this time it was unreal. I repeated this feeling again at Revel Mount Charleston where I hold my PR of 3:16:06 (7:29 min/mi) followed by my Half Ironman in 5:48 and Ironman in 11:51. 2016 was the year of completing unthinkable dreams so it is only suiting that I start off 2017 conquering the biggest marathon dream of all the Boston Marathon! I am scared but I am ready (at least I hope)! TMinus 7 Days until Marathon Monday and I cannot wait!!! Below I will share some links to blog posts I wrote about My Journey to BQing and Thoughts! Look out for more Boston Blogs coming soon! 🙂

      With Love and Boston

      ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


      Weekly Recap: Week 16: April 3rd – 9th, 2017

      Weekly Recap

      Week 16 of 2017 and Week 15 of Boston Marathon Training! Next Week is basically low easy miles coasting into Marathon Monday and Patriots Day and then that’s it this training cycle has came to an end! This will be my first Boston and quite frankly a dream I really never thought was in the cards for me so I plan of savoring every second of the experience and gunning for the PR on an epic stage with the greatest runners of today and the past!


      • Run: Speedwork – 6M at 7:45 min/mi (HR 139) – 1M w/u – 4×1200 with 400 recovery (6:55, 7:04, 7:07, 7:09) – 1M c/d
      • Bike: 1 Hour Interval Trainer Ride
      • Swim: 2500 yds @ 1:44/100yd


      • Run: 5M Easy at 8:26 min/mi
      • Swim: 2000 yds at 1:43/100yd – 6 x (200 Pulls, 100 Pull/Paddles), 200 c/d
      • Bike: 1 Hr Trainer Ride Z1/Z2


      • Run: Tempo Run 6M @ 7:36 min/mi – 1M w/u – 4M @ 7:20 – 1M c/d (HR 153)
      • Bike: 30 minutes Zone1 Trainer Ride
      • Work: 12-10 Emergency Dept


      • Run: Easy Run 5M @ 8:11 min/mi
      • Bike: Long Trainer Ride – 2 hrs Z2 with Z3 Pushes
      • Swim: 1000 yd Easy Z1 Pull Swim at 1:51/100yd
      • Work: 2- 12 Emergency Dept


      • Bike: 30 Minutes Z1 on Trainer
      • Swim: 1500 yds @ 1:36/100yd
        • Main Set: 8×100 w/ 45 sec rest – 1:26,1:25,1:27,1:27, 1:27, 1:27,1:27,1:29


      • Run: Long Run with Ash – 10 Miles @ 7:57 min/mi (HR 162 // Gain 200 ft)


      • Total Rest Day
      • Work: 12-10 Emergency Dept


      • Run: 32 Miles // 4:14:46
      • Bike: 87 Miles // 5:00:00
      • Swim: 7000 yds // 1:59:55
      • Total: 123 Miles // 11:15

      With Love and Training,

      ❤ Kindal (RunningwithStrength)