Product Review: BioSkin Tights

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Recently I reached out to BioSkin to collaborate in a partnership to review their compression tights. I had always been interested and with Ash constantly raving about her  “fast pants” I couldn’t help but want in on the gains. I was super happy when they agreed to collaborate and am even more happy to report I LOVE THEM!

BioSkin Sole Sister Compression Charcoal Hex Tight Information

  • Bio Skin tight material designed to provide high-level radial compression so it conforms nicely to the curves of the body. You can see the radial compression detail in if you look closly to the pattern/stitching of the tights and that the lines are very correspondant to the various muscles.
  • Bio Skin is also breathable, so perspiration evaporates right through it, and is hypo-allergenic so you don’t have to worry about skin reactions.
  • The Tights themselves have an oversized back zipper pocket (large enough for an IPhone6, Off-center ankle zippers to avoid achilles irritation, and reflective detail for night visibility.
  • The waist band of the tights I would say are mid/high rise (My favorite) and offer a draw string to tighten or loosen depending on the day ;).

Screen Shot 2017-03-07 at 4.49.09 PM.png

Experiences with the Tights:

  • Airplane Flight Attire:
    • So I first tried out the BioSkin Tights on my Flight out to Phoenix for the Half Marathon. At first I put them on and thought well they aren’t very “compressive” I guess I was thinking they would be like compression socks for your legs lol. But then I wore them on the plane and got off and automatically noticed the first big difference – my legs didn’t feel like heavy/lead and then when I took them off later in the evening I realized the compression was most definitely there. I think this was my favorite surprise because the tights were compressive without being overly obvious making them the perfect travel attire for comfort and prehab. I will definitely say these are going to be my go to travel pants from now on because we all know plane fights and fresh legs do not go hand in hand.
  • Long Run in the Cold and Snow:
    • I wore the compression pants during my long run last week with Ash. I was very impressed about the added subtle support the tights gave my legs. With recovering from the Flu I took all the help I could get and I could definitely tell a difference in my legs wearing the tights versus my normal running pants. My legs just didn’t feel as “fatigued” as I thought they would. Additionally during the run in the snow the material was “water wicking” and my legs never got wet or soaked from the snow. The material I would say was a medium thickness for tights just slightly more warm than a Nike Pro Tight but less warm than a fleece lined so the perfect pant for the 20-40 degree weather :).

Benefits /Pros of BioSkin Compression Tights

  • Radial Compression. The compression gives your legs support in the right areas and is designed to follow the curvature of your muscles. Additionally I feel the compression is the “just enough” that you dont necessarily notice it until you take the pants off but you get the benefits. This is important because the compression is not restrictive which some compressive material can be.
  • Versatility. I feel the pants can serve multiple purposed from race attire to recovery attire. I am not going to lie these are most definitely my new go to “race/fast pant” but more importantly I am not flying without them again!
  • Weather Wicking. While this isn’t exactly unique to Bioskin I have a variety of tights and not all of them hold up to the elements. I was glad the Bioskin tight held strong through the wind and snow to protect my legs from getting overly cold in the elements.
  • Attention to Detail. I feel ike Bioskin really focused on making a unique product in which all the details are designed to optimize performance. I love the leg zipper placement to avoid irritation and also the addition to allow breathability in the borderline weather temperatures as well as the reflective details and large zipper pocket to hold the race day necessities.

With Love,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however I did reach out to Bioskin personally to review their product. The thoughts and review are completely my own opinion and were not influenced by Bioskin in anyway.



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