2016: A Year in Review

Weekly Recap, Yearly Recap

Well its finally here the close of 2016. Its amazing how fast time flies once we enter adulthood. I feel like just yesterday I was writting the blog post for my  2016 Goals and Dreams and discussing the new journey of the “Year of Ironman”. I am so thankful for 2016 it has brought me so much success and happiness but also some hard times. 2016 Tested my Strength mentally, emotionally, and physically. While I am sad to see if go I am happy to move forward into the future and see what 2017 holds. Here is some highlights from my 2016 Journey!


  • RnR Arizona with Jennifer (@JBirdRuns) and my first half PR of 2016 of 1:41:41. This was the first time I got to spend time with my bestie in person. This race was HARD for me. I was so sick but I felt like I needed to push since Jennifer had flown all this way to race and see me. This was the race where I realized I can push my body beyond my mind wanting to quit and was the start of something special.
  • Started Triathlon Training and had my first outdoor ride of 18 Miles at 13 mph! I was so proud of myself but realized right then and there this was going to be a LONG journey to Ironman.
  • Full January Recap Located HERE.


  • Runner Den 10K and a PR of 46:16 (7:28 min/mi)
  • Phoenix Half Marathon PR and Breaking 1:40 with 1:38:42 !!! I didn’t know I could do this and I questioned my ability. I wanted Sub 1:40 BAD but after RnRAz I just didn’t know if it was in the cards for me. I ran this race smart and steady and ended up with a negative split – First 6.5 at 7:35 and Second 6.5 at 7:30!
  • I forgot to do a Full Recap in February I think because I traveled to Florida right at the Phoenix Half and Went to Disney! 🙂


  • Trip home to Florida for Adam’s last Spring Break of Dental School. We ended up having a sudden loss of Adam’s grandfather and going home for the funeral instead. It was a hard time for our families as he was a great man but also lived a long life of 95 years. I also enjoyed my nephew’s company on the trip at my favorite place on earth “Walt Disney World”
  • Made it to 46 Miles at 14.5 mph – I remember this and it was a BIG deal when it happened. I also Swam 4000 yards straight 1:58/100yd.
  • Full March Recap HERE.


  • First Olympic Triathlon. I did this during peak week for Marathon Training and was super happy with how it went. It was a pool swim which was different compared to traditional triathlons but I felt like it got me some good transition practice and well as a good idea for the flow of triathlons.
  • Completed my longest ever training runs for a marathon at 22 and 22.5 miles!
  • April Recap HERE.


  • Marathon PR at Revel Mount Charleston in 3:16:06 and 2nd in my AG! I was super suprised and excited about this PR to be honest I am still in awe of how I actually did that. I was totally unexpected as I was in my lowest weekly mileage for marathon training, running the least amount of days, with the least amount of speedwork so I was pretty excited. I also got to host with my first WeRunSocial Meetup with @RunnerWithSD and I was super humbled to be asked and felt like I had finally made in the instarunning world lol!
  • Just 2 short weeks after the marathon I made a quick decision to do the Tempe Interntional Triathlon. I obviously knew my body was not in A+ shape but the swim was going to be wetsuit legal and I had not done an open water swim or used my wetsuit previously so I figured it would be good practice for both the swims and transitions even if it wasn’t a PR.
  • My husband and I celebrated our 2 year wedding anniversary the following week after the triathlon ( we left that Tuesday) in Mexico at an All Inclusive Resort! It was AMAZING!
  • I started Run and Nutrition Coaching in this Month! It has been a pretty amazing
  • May Recap HERE.


  • Athletically I completed my First Three-Quarter Century Ride – I was super excited about this. This was also the month I almost pulled out my half and full ironman. I realized 6 months into training that IMLou had close to 5,000 ft Elevation gain and ALOT of hills. At this point I was averaging 14 mph on pancake flat Arizona Trails. I figured I was going to DNF the bike so why even try and literally had a melt down which my husband talked me out of. And you all know now I continued on my Ironman Journey! haha
  • My husband graduated from Dental School, I finished up my final month at my first job as a Physician Assistant, Got my Dream Job in the ED in Ohio and we were closing a big chapter in our lives which to be honest I wasn’t quite ready for.
  • June Recap HERE.


  • First Half Ironman at Ironman Muncie 70.3 and Sub-6 with a time of 5:48! I can pretty much tell you this is the moment where everything changed for me in Ironman. I finally felt like I had a chance a shot and I could finally maybe do this thing!
  • Moved Across the country for the second time form Arizona to Ohio with my mom then finished it up solo until my husband arrived from officer training at the end of the month. I seriously learned just how self sufficient I could be alone in this time. I made new friends, joined new clubs, put together an Ikea Couch and BedFrame by myself! Big Things lol!
  • July Recap HERE.


  • August was BIG month for Ironman Training and when I hit my peak mileage. I did my first century ride and also did my first Ironman Distance Swim Straight. I felt like I was finally getting there I was going to be an Ironman!
  • This is also when I finally started my ED Job and was beginning to get settled in Ohio.
  • August Recap HERE.


  • Got 2 More Century Rides under my Belt for Ironman.
  • Ash finally joined the Ohio Party and I seriously could not have asked for a better friendship not with just Ash but also with her husband Mat and her beautiful two children. It is like having a second family.
  • I turned 28 and celebrate with Ash with a 28K Run, 28 Mile Bike and 2800m Swim
  • My First Client and Giveaway Winner got a PR in the Marathon by 12 Minutes! You can read her story HERE.
  • 5K PR at the Beavercreek Popcorn Festival of 22:15
  • 10K Overall Win at the Applefest 10K and dead matched my PR of 46:16 on a much hiller course
  • September Recap HERE.


  • “KINDAL YOU ARE AN IRONMAN” is about the biggest highlight of the year and month! Finish Time 11:51:00 and I seriously am still in awe. It was a dream which at times I never thought would become a reality! Recap HERE.
  • I also PRd my 5K with 22:06 one week before Ironman
  •  I got to see the season’s change for the first time to Fall and it was beautiful.


  • PRd my 15K at 1:11:00 and my 10K at 45:40!
  • My big race was the Thankgiving 10 Miler in Florida. I had something to prove to myself as it was my last race before my injury 2 years ago and I completed it in 1:45 (10:30 min/mi) and this year I did in 1:13:57 a 32 Min PR and 1st Place AG and 3rd Overall Female!
  • I also unfortanutely lost my Uncle Suddenly during this month. I actually got the news during my 15K on my bluetooth headset at Mile 7. To say it through me for a loop was an understatement. Needless to say I also spent a good part of my month in Florida for the death in the family as well as holiday.
  • Novemeber Recap HERE.


  • Highlight would most definitely be my PR at the Tuscon Half Marathon with Ash of 1:35:18!!! This was 100% her idea and as usual she dream bigger than I am capable of. I am very thankful for our friendship and the time we got to spend on a girls trip to Arizona. The sunshine was definitely due for these 2 sun lovers because it sure is lacking in Ohio.
  • Speaking of Ohio I got to see my First Snow Fall and it was magical. I braved temps running I had never even felt walking. I did my first snows runs and used my first face gaitor! I feel like I am learning to embrace the less than ideal running conditions which I used to treadmill through lol.
  • Hosted my First Christmas with Ash and her family as well as my in-laws and brother in law. It was magical and I feel like I did a pretty darn good job!
  • December Miles (Since I didnt make a Formal Post)
    • Run: 157 // 21:48 (8:20 min/mi)
    • Cycle: 92.4 // 6:05
    • Swim: 9.23 Miles // 5:11 (1:55/100yd average)
    • Strength: 5:50
    • Total: 258.63 Miles // 38:54

Year End Mileage:

  • Run: 1776 Miles // 255:26 (8:37 min/mi average)
  • Bike: 3584 Miles // 238:12 (15 mph average)
  • Swim: 143.6 Miles // 77:33 (1:50/100yd average)
  • Strength: 74:34
  • Total: 5,503.6 Miles // 645:45

Well its been one heck of a 2016 year for me especially when you break it down. I am sad to see all these accomplishments pass but also excited for the 2017 Future and of course the Boston Marathon! 2017 Goals to Follow!!!! 🙂

With Love,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)










Weekly Recap: Week 51: December 19th – 25th, 2016


Merry Christmas!!! I hope you all had an amazing Holiday! Next week start official Boston Training so this week I tried to snap my brain around actually being in training mode. After Ironman I had become lazy in loving the quick 30 minute daily workouts. I think sometimes after you get used to 20+ hour training weeks having a training week of 5-6 makes you feel lazy especially when you do it for 2.5 months haha – but honestly it has been awesome for my body and soul. I  have had some GREAT races after Ironman but I would be lying if I didn’t feel the Ironman drag during races and especially during my training. Either way I am excited for official Boston Training and seeing what my body is capable of – when I toe the Boston Line it will be 1 year since my last Marathon so I am hoping its AMAZING, but you never know what Boston will throw at ya ;)!


  • Run: 9 Miles Total
    • AM: Speedwork on Treadmill – 5 Miles at 8:18 min/mi – 1M w/u – 6×400 (first 4 at 6:40, last 2 6:59) with 400 recovery – 1M c/d
    • PM: Easy Run with Ash (after Legs lol) – 4 Miles at 8:33 min/mi
  • Bike: 20 Minutes // 5.5 Miles on Trainer
  • Swim: 1000 yd Pull Bouy Easy Swim at 1:55/100yd
  • Strength: Leg Day (25 Minutes)


  • Run: 7 Miles Easy at 8:59 min/mi – My legs were on fire that first leg day in a while HURTS
  • Bike: Trainer Ride 30 Minutes 8.45 Miles


  • Bike: Trainer Ride 45 Minutes // 12.2 Miles
  • Strength: Back and Shoulders (30 Minutes)
  • Swim: 2000 yd Interval Swim at 1:41/100yd average – 500 warm-up (1:46) –  2 x 500 (1:40, 1:39) // 2 x 200 (1:37,1:38) – 100 Pull cool-down (1:49)


  • Run: 8 Mile Treadmill Tempo – 1M w/u – 6M Tempo with 2 Heartbreak Hill Climbs @ 7:41 – 1M c/d
  • Strength: Bis/Tris/Chest (20 Minutes)


  • Run: Long Run with Ash in our Christmas Socks – 12 Miles at 8:24 min/mi
  • Swim: 1000 yd Bull Bouy Swim at 1:54/100yd


    • Bike: 1 Hour Trainer Cycle (16.2 Miles)
    • Run: 1 Mile Brick Trainer Run at 8:47 followed by a Christmas Eve Jingle Run with Ash 4 Miles at 7:53 min/mi average




        • Run: 41.06 // 5:41:33
        • Bike: 42.4 Miles // 2:35:00
        • Swim: 4000 yds // 1:11:57
        • Strength: 3 Sessions (1 Lower, 2 Upper) // 1:15:00
        • Total: 85.7 Miles // 10:45

        With Love and Training and MERRY CHRISTMAS!

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



        Race Recap: Tucson Half Marathon: December 10th, 2016

        Race Recap

        Hey Guys! I figured I would touch base on the Tucson Half Marathon and my recent PR. This trip had been in the thoughts for quite some time probably even before Ironman. Ash (@ahappypace) had this on her radar for a fast half or marathon after Ironman and a bank for a BQ – while I played along I was always questionable. To be honest I know the marathon was never in my cards I just cannot come back that fast and even questioned my ability to run a hard half after the Ironman. My body is not one of those that bounces back readily, let alone an Ironman. I would say it generally takes my body approximately 3 months after a solo marathon to get back to Half PR shape and a good 5-6 months for a Marathon PR so this being my first ironman recovery I really had no clue what to expect in terms of recovery time.

        My recovery from Ironman has seemed to drag. Everyone talks about the post Ironman fatigue that lingers for months and man it had affected me 100%. I would say though it hads gradually improved but at a slow and steady rate. The bonk started at 4 miles after Ironman then progressed to 6 then 8 and now I am at 10. At 10 mile my heart rate goes BOOM and skyrockets. Nothing changes pace wise or effort wise but its like a wall and my body is just like no more. So I hope that progression will continue to improve as we head into this Boston training cycle. That is just a little background but I figured I would share as it definitely played a role in this half marathon as you will see. So here is the Recap.


        Ash and I flew out of Cincinatti and into Phoenix on Friday morning. It was a quick trip but we were happy to see the sunshine and we got the round-trip flight for $85 so you really can’t beat that. We left Cincinatti at 7AM and arrived in Phoenix at 9:30 AM – yay time change. We hit up the USO at the Phoenix Airport loaded up on Diet cokes, bars, and snacks and then headed to the Lulu outlet because priorities. I loaded up but had to stay within limits because we traveled with only our Ironman backpacks since we flew Frontier. After we finished shopping we headed over to my favorite breakfast spot in Phoenix – Butterfields (my standing post-race ritual). We both indulged in breakfast omelets and then headed to Tucson. We arrived in Tuscon right around 5PM grabbed out packets and took our pre-race photos and jetted out. The expo was very small and to the point. They had a few booths for quick grabs like gels, gloves, hats, and such but nothing huge or spectatular as it is a small race. One we left we headed to Walmart to purchase some cold gear waiting essentials, played in some fun onsies, and picked up some bagels and gatorade for pre-race fuel. Of course after this we were hungry AGAIN because metabolism and carbs so we decided MOD pizza for a quick in and out meal before heading the hotel and it hit the spot! We ended up staying at a cute little hotel that we scored for $55/night called the Red Lion Inn and Suites which was perfect as it was only 5 minutes from the bus parking in the morning. Once we settled into the hotel we layed out all our race day essentials took our #FlatKindal and #FlatAsh photos and headed to bed after watching a little reality TV.

        Race Day Outfits:

        I had bought Ash  Procompression socks for a gift so we knew we wanted to rock the twin look for the half marathon. As well I have been giving Newtons a try lately and she is an avid ambassador so we figured we would twin out!

        Shirt: Lululemon Sculpt Tank (Black) // Shorts: Lululemon Speedshorts // Socks: Procompression Marathon Neon Yellow Swirl // Shoes: Newton Fate II // Headband: FitandFaithful

        Race Morning

        Race morning came pretty quickly with a 4:25 AM wake-up call. Bus loading was between 4:40 and 5:20. We woke up got dressed prepped our bags, throw away gear, and breakfasts and headed out the door. I made a quick stop at McDonalds for some pre-race coffee and while in line I realized opps we are running late. We made it to the bus with just about 5 minutes to spare but we weren’t the last ones in line so we were all good. We loaded the bus and it took about 30 minutes to get to the start. Once we arrived the bus driver nicely said to a surprise ok you can go use the porta potties and then return to the bus to stay warm – HALLELUJAH – this was the ultimate race perk because no one likes to be freezing their butt off before a race. So we went in the porta potty line #1 then returned back to the bus warmed up and ate our pre-race breakfasts then returned to the porta potty line #2 and well …. we cut it a little short. But I mean this isn’t the first time this has happened to me or Ash – thank goodness for chip timing ;)!

        Race Goals:

        Ash is recovering from a knee injury from a mommy accident post-Ironman where she tripped after little Jake accidentally fell from the bed and well I am still nursing my post-Ironman journey. So we had some goals but also knew we could only manage the best we could for the day. My A+++ Goal would be a 1:30:00, A Goal: Sub 1:32 (NYC Qualifying Time) – B Goal 1:35:xx – C Goal Sub 1:38:42 (My PR)

        The Race

        The Race is advertised for a downhill half and it is downhill but it also has a lot of false flats or gradual climbs at a low grade mixed in there. Additionally the last 3 miles are a mix of abrupt climbs but overall a great PR and Half Marathon Course. Our goal was to hold around 7 min/mi for as long as possible – so that is what we aimed for. Ash’s Garmin was accidentally left on all night and was dead by race day so I was given the task of pacing – to be honest I was like oh goodness because I wasn’t sure I could hit these paces to begin with. We held close to 7 for the first 7 Miles then started to fade slightly from 8-11 and miles 12, 13 were rough for me. But overall I laid it all out there. As I mentioned earlier my body has been bonking at walls in mileage and for me it was around 10 Miles that it really hit hard. My Garmin was in the repair shop so I wore my TomTom here is the the data.

        Race Mile Splits and Stats:

        Offical Race Photos

        This slideshow requires JavaScript.

        Post Race Fun:

        After the race Ash and I did what any normal person would do and went hiking lol. We figured this was the last time we were going to see shorts for a while so why not spend it outside. I took Ash to the iconic Camelback mountain and got to see the spectacular views of all of Phoenix. I can’t ever complain about that hike being worth it. After we headed snuck into a local marriot hot tubed for a bit ( are we grown ups? – lol). Then we headed to Scottsdale Quarter for some post race dinner. We decided on ZinBurger one of the best local places in Arizona. Ash got a burger and I got the Ahi Salad and we split the Zucchini Fries (they are seriously THE BEST). Then we headed to my friend Nicki’s for a sleep over and an early flight back to dreary Ohio land and when we arrived well it was cold, dark, and rainy (what a shock lol).

        Post Race Thoughts/Feels:

        Overall I am 100% thrilled with how the race went. Up until Mile 10 I was holding a steady 7:05 min/mi average and I wasn’t really working too hard and then well 10-13 it kinda fell apart but I held a Sub-8 min/mi and was able to pull back sub 7 for the final kick so overall I cannot complain its was a 3.5 minutes PR from February just 2 months after Ironman. However I will admit I really wanted a Sub 1:35 or really a Sub 1:32 but man did my body revolt at me at Mile 10 it was a like I hit a WALL. While it sucked I wasn’t 100% not expecting it -this has been happening to me in my previous races at earlier miles since Ironman it is like my body just can’t handle pushing harder than a certain amount of mileage. I also cannot really complain because I didn’t expect to “race” at all until February at Phoenix. I had the WDW half on the radar for January but expected to take it easy until then and then use that as a gauge for how my body held up after Ironman. As usual I can thank Ash for the push in the positive direction to push my body and see what I am capable of and as usual it was capable of much more than I imagined. Cannot wait to see what Boston Holds – TMinus 16 Weeks from Monday!! EEEK!

        With Love and Racing,

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

        WEEKLY RECAP: WEEK 50: DECEMBER 12TH – 18TH, 2016

        Weekly Recap

        Hey Ladies and Gents! We are now entering into Christmas Week!! Wow 2016 is almost over and it seems all of those New Years Resolutions for 2016 didn’t seem too long ago. I am slowly working back into training my body was a little beat from the travel and the half marathon but I managed to get in some solid workouts.


        • Unplanned Rest Day. I was tired from traveling and had to work 10-8 so I just decided to sleep – YOLO


        • Run: (AM) 4 Miles in the Snow 8:51 min/mi  // (PM) 3 Tready Miles at 9:12
        • Strength: Shoulders (20 minutes)
        • Swim: 1500 yd Recovery Pull Bouy Swim at 2:01/100yd


        • Run: 8 Miles in the Frigid Cold Snow at 8:45 min/mi – This was my first run running in the real snow of 6-12 inches in places with ice. It was difficult to say the least and out of my comfort zone because it was also FREEZING but I was proud to have conquered it.
          • Cooldown Run: 1 Mile at 9:10 min/mi at the tready at the gym
        • Strength: Back (20 minutes)


        • Run: 5 Mile Fartlek Run on the Tready 8:30 average – Max Pace 6:40
        • Strength: Arms/Chest (25 minutes)
        • Swim: 1000 yd Easy Pull Buoy Swim at 1:59/100yd


        • Run: Long Run Easy on Tready 10 Miles at 9:13 (Avg HR 136)


        • Bike: 30 Minutes Indoor Cycle
        • Run: 2 Mile Brick at 8:41 average
        • Swim: 1000 yd recovery pull bouy swim at 1:58/100yd


        • Total Rest Day (As Usual)


        • Run: 33 Miles // 5:54:17
        • Bike: 30 Minutes // 8 Miles
        • Swim: 3500 yds // 1:09:45
        • Strength: 3 Sessions // 1:05:00
        • Total: 43 Miles // 7:39

        With Love and Training,

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


        Product Review: Hoka One One Clifton 3

        Gear, product review

        Hoka One One reached out to me to try out their new Clifton 3 Model. As many of you know  I have been wearing the clifton for about 2 years and it has served me well through 3 Marathons, HIM, IM and multiple other races with many PRs, BQs, and accomplishments. I started with the Original Clifton then have progressed through the models now getting to the Hoka Clifton 3s.

        The Shoe: The Clifton 3 is a Neutral Balanced Cushion Maximalist Shoe with a 5mm offset (drop) and is lightweight at 7.4 ounces. I think the weight is important because when most people look at the shoe on the wall they think wow thats alot of cushion and it is probably a lug to run in but they are a very light shoe for how much cushion you get.

        Screen Shot 2016-12-16 at 11.20.00 AM.png

        What is the best function for the shoe: Obviously I have trained and raced in the Clifton for many years however for that being said I think the Clifton is a great shoe mainly for long endurance runs and easy recovery runs. The cushion really allows your feet to recover. For racing I would suggest a more responsive shoe like the Hoka One One Clayton or Tracer. Another good function for this shoe is for someone who is recovering for a recent stress fracture or severe plantar fascitis the extra cushion allows for a little extra protection for the elements and less injury risk. The original reason I bought the Clifton 2 years ago was because I had had a stress fracture in the past and wanted a shoe that would help prevent making the same mistake.

        How the Clifton 3 Compares to Previous Models: To be honest for me the Orginal Cliftons were not totally made for my foot. I have a very narrow foot and they are were slightly wide fitting and thus I had to tie they very tight for a proper fit. However, for most people they LOVED that aspect of the original clifton. The Clifton 2 featured a more narrow toe box and shoe overall and I loved it because I have narrow feet however many people felt it was a little too snug. I think with the Clifton 3 they finally found a happy medium with the shoe and one that can fit the majority of the runner’s out there. I really love the new model and I think if you were on either side of the Clifton 1 and 2 spectrum they may have just nailed it on the head for you!

        My Overall Opinion: Obviously I LOVE this shoe it has a special place it my heart. It has allowed me to increase my mileage and speed without injury and for that I am forever thankful especially in the years closely following my stress fracture and injuries. I am slowly working my way to a more responsive shoe but the Clifton still has my heart for those long runs for hours on the pavement and a simple easy recovery run! To check out more on the shoe here is the link to their site.

        With Love and Product Reviews,

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

        Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post however the opinions in this post are 100% authentic, real and my own. 



        Weekly Recap: Week 49: December 5th – 11th, 2016

        Weekly Recap

        Welcome Back! Obviously this week was the Tuscon Half Marathon. I have been keeping my training sort of on the downlow because I am very unsure how my body is going to respond to training and racing after Ironman. Either way I was excited to go to Arizona and enjoy the warm weather!


        • Run: 4 Mile Tempo at 7:50 min/mi average
        • Strength: Shoulders (20 minutes)
        • Swim: 1200 yards


        • Run: 3.25 Miles at 8:14 min/mi average on the Treadmill – various grades and paces throughout
        • Strength: Bis/Tris/Chest + Abs (35 minutes)



        • Swim: 1750 (1 Mile) Pull Bouy Easy Swim
        • Strength: Back and Abs (30 Minutes)


        • Run: 3 Miles at 7:48 min/mi – Shakeout Run for Tuscon


        • Pre-Race Rest Day and Travel to Arizona


        • Run: Tuscon Half Marathon in 1:35:18! 3.5 Minutes PR –  4th AG, 20th Female, 66th Overall – Recap to Follow 🙂



        • Total Rest Day and Travel home from Arizona


        • Run: 23.4 Miles // 2:56:51
        • Bike:  None
        • Swim: 3000yd // 0:58:00
        • Strength: 3 Sessions // 1:30:00
        • Total: 25.2 Miles // 5:25

        With Love and Training

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

        Weekly Recap: Week 48: November 28th – December 4th, 2016

        Weekly Recap

        Its offically DECEMBER! What?! How am I still feeling like a slug after Ironman I swear I am more fatigued than when I was training. I think alot of this has to do with work and having these long days. Why can’t I be a professional athlete! Speaking of did you see Stephanie Bruce and Tina Muir rock it on the CIM Marathon Stage -nothing short of inspiring as I lead into my marathon training cycles! EEK!


        • Run: 3 Miles Easy on the Treadmill at 9:35 min/mi (Anyone else feel like they drag on the treadmill and I even have a fancy one – NordicTrack 1750 😉 )
        • Stength: Shoulders (20 minutes)


        • Run: 5 Miles at 8:17 average. 1M w/u – 4 x 800  – 1M c/d –  This workout was a wash but who cares I braved the track – pushed in the windy cold and ran outside lol.
        • Strength: Legs (30 Minutes) – This hurt for a few days
        • Swim: 1000 yd at 1:49/100 with Ash accompanied by 45 minutes of Hot Tub Chats. The off season for me and Ash involves pool dates to swim that turn more into chat sessions and less of swimming! I kinda LOVE it!


        • Run: 5 Miles Easy at 8:43 min/mi
        • Strength: Arms/Chest (30 Minutes)


        • Run: 2 Miles Easy at 9:27 min/mi
        • Swim: 2000 yards – I felt like I was DRAGGING – seems like the momento of the week


        • Run: 5.25 Miles at 8:36 various paces and inclines on the Tready. The Nordic Track 1750 is cool because it has both an incline and a decline down to 3% so you can really simulate the hills perfect for that Boston Training 😉 !
        • Strength: Back and Abs (25 Minutes)


        • Run: Long Run 7 Miles at 8:16 min/mi
        • Swim: 1000 yards at 1:57/100 yds


        • Total Rest Day


        • Run: 27.25 Miles // 3:55:42
        • Swim: 4000 yards // 1:16:12
        • Bike: Zero
        • Strength: 4 Sessions // 1:45:00
        • Totals: 29.5 Miles // 6:57

        With Love and Training,

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


        Client Testimonial: Nadia

        Client Testimonials/Features

        Nadia contacted me a few months ago in hopes of some nutrition coaching in going into her first half marathon. She was thinking of using the Hal Higdon plan for training and but really didn’t like the lack of specificity. I offered to send her my Half Marathon Plan with strength discounted and she said yes. Well she completed her Half Marathon not too long ago with a AMAZING TIME of 1:35:50! TOTAL ROCKSTAR! In honor of her accomplishments I am going to be offering the 12 Week Half Marathon and 18 Week Marathon Plans for the next week at $10 (Half) and $15 (Full) these included the training plans with detailed workouts, strength training, and nutrition recommendations!

        Here is Nadia’s Testimonial: 

        “Initially reached out to Kindal for some nutrition coaching in preparation for my half marathon and was immediately met with open arms! She has truly helped me learn the importance of fueling your body the right way while also reminding me to enjoy life and not obsess over the little things. I also purchased her half marathon training guide, which definitely gave me the structured plan I needed! As a student, it was great not having to depend on myself to create workouts that would probably have been not as effective. I LOVED the fact that every run and strength workout was meticulously laid out for you for each day of the week. However, it also gave me the flexibility to switch up days when I got sick or when life just got in the way! I had a goal of running a half in under 1:40, and with Kindal’s half marathon guide, I was able to reach that goal by running a 1:35:50! Kindal, thank you SO much for your constant support and help throughout my running journey!!!”


        With Love and Coaching,

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

        If you would like to purchase the Half or Full Training Plan Contact Me through the attached form and I will send it to you in PDF format with the PayPal Invoice

        Monthly Recap: November 2016

        Monthly Recap, Weekly Recap

        Hey Guys! We have officially moved into the last month of 2016! We have moved into our last races (if we have any left) of the 2016 and chances to pull out once last PR! I have one last minute surprise for December so lets hope its a good one 😉 ! Here is how November Looked.


        • Run: 126 Miles // 17:36:20 (8:23 min/mi average)
        • Bike: 7.5 Miles // 26:58 – Yep I am still injured
        • Swim: 17,500 yards // 5:16:18 (1:48/100yd average)
        • Strength: 5:32:00

        Memorable Moments:

        • 10K PR at Dare 2 Care 10K in Ocala, Fl (My Hometown) in 45:40 – 1st AG, 2 Overall Female
        • 15K PR at Fall Festival 15K in Dayton Ohio in 1:11:00 (9.35 Miles) – 2nd AG
        • 10 Mile PR at Turkey Trot 10 Miler in Deland, Fl in 1:13:57 – 1st AG, 3rd OA Female
          • I also PRd my 5K (21:56) and 10K (44:52) during the race – Read more about it HERE.
        • Unfortunately during November I also lost my Uncle unexpectedly. While I did get the chance to spend close to 10 days in Florida with my family a lot  between the funeral and Thanksgiving, this Thanksgiving makes you feel a little more blessed for what you have. However, the travel has made me extra fatigued.


        • Excited for all I accomplished this month. I didn’t expect to have this pep in my step after Ironman. I am not one that bounces back rapidly (speed wise) after big races such a marathon let alone an Ironman. I have big goals for 2017 though so I am excited to end this year on a bang and go into 2017 guns a blazing!

        With Love,

        ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)