Senita Athletic Review – What I am Wearing Wednesday

Gear, product review

Hey Guys!!! I have some fun athletic wear to share with you! Obviously this is sponsored however I reached out to Senita to try their product because I was overly impressed with the design and REALLY WANTED to try them out! As part of the review I got to choose a Top and Bottom. I fell in LOVE almost immediately upon opening the packing – It was so cute, well made, high quality! I couldn’t wait to put it on!

The Top:

  • I choose the Bahamas Duel Tank similar to the the Lululemon Free to Wild Tank. The tank is $32 compared to $60 from Lululemon with the same Amazing Quality. The best part about the tank is the attention to detail and the pocket on the sports bra portion to slip your cell phone, credit card, key in for easy carry. I ran with my phone in the pocket with no bounce or discomfort. For a person like me who absolutely hates carry their phone in their water bottle or in a waist band it was the perfect solution.

The Bottom:

  • I choose the Twighlight pants. They are a mid to high rise waist band. Very flattering and made of high quality athletic material. Just like the top the attention to detail was on point. The pants had reflective detail – perfect for the cold morning winter/fall runs. Additionally they had a pocket on the side to slip your phone in. No more worries about a floppy moving waist band during those long runs while trying to listen to music. The pants are also really affordable for the quality at $42 dollars – you seriously cannot beat that deal.

    I cannot say enough about this product. There is no other product like this on the market with the perfect pocket placement to carry your phone without any accessory arm or waist wrap. Additionally it is afforadable and very high quality. The company is local to Arizona which you know has my heart after all! You can use the code “kindal” for 10% off until 11/15/16 and it’s free shipping over $50! You definitely will NOT regret the decision to invest in this cute active wear for your running and workout needs!

    With Love and Athletic Wear,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)





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