Five Friday Favorites

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Its been a while since I did one of these so I figured why not rekindle the flame – hehe!

#1. SquareBars. Squarebars was kind enough to send me a sample package of their protein bars. So far I have only tried Chocolate Coconut and Chocolate Cherry and both were GREAT! I like the macro distrubution of the bars at 230 calories 11gF/21C (3F)/12P especially for fuel on my long bike rides as well as the fact that are made with organic ingrediants. The macros are great for bike fuel as low fiber (no bathroom probs please) and higher carbs with moderate protein and fat to slow digestion and hold that fuel longer in your system. Additionally, I like the size and compactness of the bar b/c because it is easier to fit in my Bento Box on my Bike!

  • Use Discount Code “RunningWithStrength” to get 20% off your next order! So that makes the box $23.99 with free shipping! 🙂

#2. Bellatona Tank Top. Jillian is the owner of a small company called “Bellatona” and asked if I would mind trying out her tanks and I love helping small companies so I said SURE! I loved the tank immediately. The Tank was the perfect fit and loved the quality of the fabric. The fabric is the sweat whicking fabric essential in Humid Ohio and very high quality and I was impressed! 

#3. KFT Sports BrasI was blessed enough to be sent one of these amazing sports bras! I LOVE the Design – its is so different than other sports bras putting the strappy details on the side of the bra vs the typical front/back PERFECT for those muscle tanks! Also the bra comes with high quality removable pads (similar to a pricey VS bathing suit top – not the flimsy paper kind) so if you want something extra you can insert them. I feel like for the price of $40 they are very high quality and there are so many fun designs and colors – if you are a Lululemon strappy bra lover – YOU MUST CHECK OUT THIS SITE! 

#4. Normatec Recovery BootsThe NormaTec PULSE Recovery boots are dynamic compression devices designed for recovery and rehab to allow athletes to recover faster from hard training sessions and races. These boots are mainly used by the elites as they are pricey $1500+, however the local sports medicine/ART/Chiro in the Dayton Area has them at his office so I was able to try it out for $20. I used the boots after my 100 mile ride on Friday and definitely noticed decreased muscle soreness and quicker recovery over the next few days. 


#5. JellyBean Sport Beans. I used these when I first got into Running and Marathon training in 2009 and havent used them since. But then my friend Jennifer started posting on them I decided to give them a try and fell back in Love! So far I have tried the Green Apple, Pear, and Mixed Packs and have loved all three and they are perfect for a taste bud change on the bike when I have been eating bars for like 4+ hours haha!

Screen Shot 2016-08-25 at 9.10.15 AM.png


So there you have it – The Friday Five Back and Alive!

With Love and Happy Fridays,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


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