Weekly Recap: Week 30: July 25th – July 31st, 2016

Weekly Recap

Welcome Back!!! This week has been kind of hectic to say the least. Training volume significantly increased – one reason is I have the time as I am still waiting on my job to come through due to hospital credentialling and the othe reason is it just has to happen with being 10 weeks out from Ironman Lousiville. Additionally the movers finally arrived at my house of Tuesday with all my belonging so basically I had to “move in” to my home again and my husband finally arrived home on Saturday after 7 weeks so I had to crazy rush to get the house set up in time for his arrival. I don’t think I sat down much of anything this week. Rest Day Today is feeling FABULOUS! 🙂


  • Run: 5 Miles of Speedwork at 8:27 min/mi – 1M w/u – 3 Miles of 800m repeats at HMP (7:13 min/mi) with 1-2 minutes rest – 2M c/d. I am not going to lie speedwork is REALLY EXHAUSTING lately – it is kind of discouraging to be struggling at paces that were “easier” before but I have to remind myself I’m training for an Ironman and thats all about that Zone 2 and staying way below the threshold. 
  • Strength: Leg Day (Approx 30 minutes)
  • Bike: Recovery cycle on trainer – approx 30 minutes an 7.5 miles
  • Swim: Master’s Swim – 90 minutes and approx 3200m of various warmups, drills, intervals, cooldown


  • Brick:
    • Bike: 25 Mile Cycle at 15.8 mph (245 ft elevation gain, HR Avg: 131, Max 163)
    • Run: 5 Miles at 8:36 min/mi (114 ft elevation gain, HR Avg:142, Max 190)
  • Life Event (10AM): Movers came and tumped my stuff EVERYWHERE! #Stressed
  • Strength: Shoulders (Approx 20 minutes)
  • Run (PM): 5 Miles with Up and Running Dayton @ 8:45 min/mi avg


  • Bike: 30 Miles at 15.2 mph (Elevation Gain: 330, HR Avg: 121, Max: 144)
  • Strength: Bis/Tris/Chest (approx 25 minutes)
  • Swim: Master’s Swim 90 minutes approx 2500m – Warmup/Drills – Main Set: Open Water Drills/Sets – Cooldown


  • Run: 7 Mile Recovery Run at 9:12 min/mi (Avg HR: 150, Max: 161). Honestly this is supposed to be my “Tempo Run” day but lately I just don’t have the energy and my legs don’t have it in them to do it. 
  • Strength: Back (approx 20 minutes)
  • Bike: Recovery Cycle on Trainer approx 40 minutes and 10 miles
  • Masters Swim: 90 Minutes – Approx 3300 meters.
    • Warmup: 400m Free, 200m Kick, 200m IM
    • 8 x 50m with 15 sec from when the 3rd person hit wall (Splits: 0:50:00, 0:51:30, 0:51:00, 0:52:30, 0:51:30, 0:52:00, 0:51:30, 0:52:00)
    • 1 x 100 Time Trial for pace you could hold for approx 30 minutes straight swimming – 1:50/100m
    • 4 x 100 at Previous Time Trial Pace – 1:45, 1:54, 1:47, 1:46
    • T30 – How Far you can go straight in 30 Minutes – 1600m in 30 Minutes – 1:52:30/100m average


  • Run: Long Run 16.25 Miles at 9:01 min/mi average
    • Elevation Gain: 178
    • HR: 137 Avg, 168 Max
    • Splilts: 9:01, 8:42, 8:53, 8:52, 8:59, 9:04, 8:59, 9:00, 8:58, 8:55, 8:46, 8:51, 9:18, 9:13, 9:45, 9:10, 8:34 (0.25) – (I ran out of water the last 4 miles and was honestly rationing it the whole time which resulted in some tummy upsetness – new to the area problems – lesson learned: wear hydration pack not handheld 😉 )


  • Bike: Long Ride – 80 Miles in 05:09:45
    • Speed: Avg Overall: 15.7 mph, Avg “Moving”: 16 mph, Max: 28.4 mph
    • Elevation Gain: 1,010 ft
    • Heart Rate: Avg 135, Max 165
    • Cadence: Avg: 61, Max 101 – I just got a cadence sensor on Friday and umm we have some work to do before Ironman – That Cadence is supposed to be around 90 – EEEEKK!
  • Run: Brick of 3 Miles at 8:16 min/mi
    • Elevation Gain: 75 Ft
    • Heart Rate: Avg 165, Max 188
    • Splits: 8:27, 8:28, 7:54

Sunday: REST DAY!!!!


  • Run: 42.25 Miles (06:13:08)
  • Bike: 154 Miles (09:53:03)
  • Swim: 5.6 Miles/9000m (04:06:02)
  • Strength: 4 Sessions – 1 Lower, 3 Upper (1:36:00)
  • Total: 21:48:00 and 201.85 Miles

And that’s a wrap – Longest Training Week EVER so far and I am beat! Until Next Time…


With Love and #RoadToIronman,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)







Am I Drowning in the Deep End?


@RunTriMom snapped a few days ago about how when she arrived to run on the Chicago lakefront trail there was a man out in the water that after his run decided to go for an open water swim and then realized when he got too far out he did not know how to swim. So there was the entire Chicago Fire/EMT department on lake front to save the man from what he thought was a good thought but ended up not so much…

Anyways this story resonated with me and my Ironman as I too am similar to this man. I signed up for Ironman Lousiville now 7 Months ago based on the fact it was 2 hours from Dayton, Ohio and I wanted something to accomplish before Boston 2017. I knew nothing of the course (it has 5,000+ ft of elevation gain on the bike – OUCH – I train somewhere with no elevation to speak of) and I knew nothing about Ironman training, Endurance Biking, or Endurance Swimming except for what I can remember when I was a child watching my dad – which mostly included a long day with multiple restaurant meals and trip to the mall.

I am now 11 weeks out from my Ironman – like where did time go?! I am watching all my friends totally SMASH their training and I am sitting here wondering – Am I going to drown in the deep end? Will I finish? Am I ready? How am I ever going to complete this momumental task. It sounded like such a good idea – become and Ironman and complete the ultimate endurance athlete test. But once you get out there in the deep depths of training you really start to drown in the fears of what if I cannot make it and then you consider calling in reinforcement (aka mom) to tell you its ok if you quit and pull out.

I’m not giving up yet and will definitely fight to the finish but I am not going to lie I am 100% scared shitless. So if you are training right now for something that you never believed was possible and are wondering what if I fail? Then know you are not alone. BIG DREAM are SCARY as hell – But its the fear, fight, and determination that make it worth it.

With Love and #RealTalk,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



Weekly Recap: Week 29: July 18th – July 24th, 2016

Weekly Recap

Welcome Back! Training is officially back on for Ironman after the move and my 70.3 and my body is like “WHOA WELCOME BACK!” haha! The soreness and fatigue is real ladies and gents – this ironman gig is seriously no joke! TMinus 11 Weeks from today – WHAT?! EEEEKKK!!! Also I have some exciting news to share so make sure to scroll to the bottom to check it out! 🙂


  • Run: 5 Miles of Speedwork @ 7:59 min/mi average – 10 min w/u – 3x5min @ 7:19, 7:14, and 7:04 followed by a cool-down.
  • Strength: Leg Day
  • Bike: 40 Minutes of Spin Class with various hill/sprint intervals (Approx 11 miles)


  • Bike/Run: Brick workout of 21.25 Miles at 15.5 mph followed by 4 Miles at 8:27 min/mi average.
  • Strength: Shoulders
  • Run (PM): 5 Miles at 8:43 min/mi with Up and Running Dayton Run Group


  • Swim: 3200m @ 1:53/100m average with various interval, recovery, drill sets.
  • Bike: 15.5 Mile Easy Cycle at 15.7 mph
  • Strength: Bis/Tris/Chest


  • Run: 6 Mile Easy Run at 9:09 min/mi
  • Bike: 15 Miles @ 15.2 mph
  • Strength: Back


  • Bike: Long Bike 52.25 Miles at 15.5 mph
  • Run: Brick Run 2 Miles @ 7:50 min/mi
  • Swim: 1600m at 1:55/100m average (400 Pull, 100 Breast, 400 Free, 100 Breast, 250 Pulls, 100 Breast, 250 Free)


  • Run: Long Run 14.25 Miles @ 8:29 min/mi average with Up and Running Dayton
  • Bike: 40 Minutes Easy Recovery Cycle on Spin Bike (Approx 10 Miles)
  • Swim: 1600m @ 1:57/100m average – 1000m free, 250 pull, 50 breast, 250 free, 50 breast.


  • REST DAY!!!!


  • Run: 05:08:54 // 36.25  Miles // A
  • Bike: 08:02:22 // 125 Miles
  • Swim: 02:01:45 4 Miles // 6400m
  • Strength: 1:50:00 // 4 Sessions – 3 Upper, 1 Lower
  • Overall: 17:03:00

Well you made it through my first week back full force into Ironman training after my Half Ironman and moving across country with my mom from Phoenix, Arizona to Dayton, Ohio. I am now anxiously awaiting the arrival of my husband from officer training and my dog from my in-laws and with the downtime I have some exciting news! I just released my first automatic download Half Marathon and Full Marathon Training plans complete with strenght training workouts for both plans. Descriptions are under the “Coaching” tab. All orders for the Automatic Downloads (Strength Training for Runners, Half Marathon, Full Marathon) between now and August 1st will receive a 10% Discount!

With Love, Training, and Exciting News,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Half Ironman Muncie 70.3 Race Recap – July 9th,2016

Race Recap

The RECAP IS HERE and WARNING is might be long so if you stick with it and read it all god bless you and thank you so much for caring about my journey to the ironman!!! I also want to say that throughout reading this recap you must note that doing this race would be almost NEXT TO IMPOSSIBLE without my mom. She was my rock and made the race 100% easier for me through every aspect – So I want to thank her and then to remind you that even though your family may not be doing the ironman they are such an integral part to your success in completing your journey! ❤

Race Expo:

We arrived to Muncie at the race expo on July 8th around 2PM from traveling from Arizona to Indiana. We made a few stops along the way but the weather was very rainy and stormy going east so I was nervous for race day. The expo was very well organized you went through a line picked up your number then waited in line for your waivers to ensure everything was correct and signed then you moved to the packet pickup and timing chip pickup and BAM done. After you attended a generalized athlete meeting where they went through the ins and outs of the course and what to do and not do throughout the day. After I went shopping – there were a few booths at the expo nothing fancy but enough to spend some money! I got 3 tri tops for $60 (like what?) and some Base Salts since they are hard to find in stores. Then I headed over to the ironman tent and got some commomative items – coffee mug, ironman long sleeve, and water bottle. After shopping I bike checked my bike in transition and ensured it was safe and covered for the night and headed to out hotel. Out hotel was about 50 min away from the Ironman – Muncie is a REALLY SMALL TOWN. Lucky for us unknowingly our hotel was the oppositie direction to which most were traveling to the race so basically ZERO traffic on the way in or waiting in the long line of the road to park plus it gave me time to drink coffee and digest breakfast prior to the pre race pooty stop.

Night Before Race

Since I was traveling across the country I had some stuff with me but not enough to get me through race day. So once we got to our hotel we unloaded my entire life into the hotel and reorganized for race morning and then repacked the care to avoid any stress in the morning prior to the race. Then we went out to dinner since I wanted to eat early to avoid digestive issues. There was not very many options but we found a local mom and pop itialian restaurant and had some yummy prerace pizza and then headed to Walmart. At Walmart I got myself a bucket for transition as well as english muffins and cream cheese for pre-race morning breakfast, powerades and waters. After we got everything set up for the ironman race I stored my water bottles in the hotel fridge and hit the hay.

Half Ironman Race Attire/Gear

Traithlons require ALOT of stuff – it is insane the checklist of items you need in order to everything to run smoothly. I used a ZOOT Triathlon Bag to carry all my gear.

Swim: Goggles (Aquasphere), Wetsuit (2xU entry level – I packed b/c they were on the fence of wetsuit legal or not), Speedsuit (Zoot – incase it was not wetsuit legal and it was not). Swim Top (Zoot). Swim Cap (Roka – Purple – Provided by Ironman)

Bike: Helmet (Bontanger Entry Level), Bike (Cannondale CAAD 10), Bike Pump, Bike Shoes (Entry Level Bontranger), Socks (Procompression Aqua Lows), Tri Top (Zoot), Sunglasses, Water bottles (4x) + Aero Rocked Bottle. Fuel for Bike – Honey Stinger Chews, Base Salts, Honey Stinger Waffle (cut up into pieces for easy access), Picky Bar (cut up into pieces for easy access), 2 Gels (Honey Stinger and Huma), and I had GenUCAN in one of the bottles.

Run: Ballcap (Lululemon Baller Hat), Bib Belt (FuelBelt), Handheld Water Bottle (Nathan), Running Shoes (Hoka One One Clifton), Extra pair of Socks (Procompression Aqua Lows), 2 Gels (Honey Stinger and Huma) for the Run.

Race Day Morning:

Race Day morning I woke up at 3:15AM in order to leave by 4AM to get to the race/transition area by 5 – 5:15 AM. We ended up leaving the hotel around 4AM and going to McDondalds for Coffee and finally getting on the road around 4:20AM. We arrived at the race site around 5:20AM and I grabbed all my gear and headed to transition after parking. Your space laid out for all your stuff is pretty tight so you have to stay organized and compact in laying all the stuff out and making sure you are not forgetting any steps. Once everything was laid out I continued drinking my pre-workout drink of VegaOne Energizer, Powerade, and BCAAs and waited in line for the porta potty. After that it was about a 30 min wait before lining up for the start so I went and rechecked my bike tires before they closed transition then waited by a park bench and stretched. About 20 minutes prior to the race I ate about 2/3 of a Honey Stinger waffle and finished my drink and handed all my stuff to my mom to hold (she is the best)  and headed to the line up to wait my turn to enter the water.


I would say I am always abnormally nervous about the swim – I am not really sure why because I know I am 100% capabale of completing the distance. I attribute alot of the nerves to hating to cold and the idea of getting into cold water when its already cool to me outside is like UGH NO!

Our wave was Females 18-24, 25-29 and Males 18-24 and we started at 7:19. It was a pretty big corral and we started at about knee deep but a gun signal and then it was pretty much a free for all. I hate the beginning on swims because its basically an unintentional kick, slam, bang fest until you break away in the water. I try to position myself towards the front as I am usually top 20% out of the water but it was hard to get out too far because there were alot of elites in the group. Once out I felt I was holding a pretty steady comfortable pace and holding my own among the purple caps and staying pretty straight along the bouys for the open water swim. It is hard when you are in the front of your wave because you come up on the other backpackers of the previous waves which causes some congestion so you are constantly trying to wiggle around here and there to pass which is much harder in the water than biking or running. The hard part of the swim came on the turn inward towards land – you were faced with a solid wind across the water as well as the sun was directly facing your sight of vision so spotting was almost completely impossible. I tried to spot side to side and stay as straight as possible but it definitely made the swim feel never ending. But I made it and felt pretty confident in my swim even though it was not perfect. Additionally, my mom was right there at the swim exit which was AMAZING and gave me that added push to run strong into T1.

To be honest with you I was definitely hoping for a faster swim time. However for my first half ironman and given the conditions I am still really pleased with my time and placing amongst  some very talented athletes in my age group!

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.26.08 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.18.05 PM.png

**Stats are in Yards**

Transition One (Swim – Bike):

The T1 transition starts immediately upon exiting the water and involves a run up some rocky terrain covered by a mat into the transition area to find your bicycle. I am not really sure how far the run was but it defintiely was not extremely short. Once I got to transition I removed my speedsuit and put on my tri top. Then I dried off the water and dirt from my feet with a shammy towel and put on my socks and bike shoes. Then finally my I snapped close my helmet and put on my sunglassses and headed out for the bike. My mom made it to the bike exit to wave me off and it definitely lit up my world to know she was there cheering me on and made me really want to kick butt on the bike.

Screen Shot 2016-07-19 at 12.33.32 PM.png


My number one fear/goal was to not get a flat and I was 100% pleased that did not happen. To be honest I had no clue how the bike would go – for one I have never ridden in the MidWest and wow is it windy and additionally biking is most definitely not my strong disipline so I basicallly leave it up to chance every time I get on the machine! lol. Overall, I was shocked and pleased with the bike – everything went smoothly. I was scared of the bike aid stations and how to use them so I just packed everything I might need on my bike. I ended up drinking about 2.5 bottles of liquid one with Generation UCan and Half a Picky Bar, 1 Honey Stinger Waffle, and 1 Pack of Honey Stinger Pink Lemonade Chews. Additionally I used BASE Salts for the first time and I used it about every 7 miles or so on the bike and I am thankful I did and wish I would have continued using it on my run – live and learn.

I felt strong throughout the entire bike and never bonked. Mainly I just focused on staying steady pushing the speed when it was favorable (downhill and tailwind) and grinding it out on the hard parts (uphill and headwind). The course was an out and back with 2 loops which I liked because you got a good idea of what you had ahead of you after the first loop and all the twists, turns, and aid stations. Honestly all the athletes for the most part were very considerate with passing so I had no real issues. I kept thinking the last 10 miles something was going to horribly wrong but it didn’t thank goodness. The worst thing was the last 30 miles I had to go pee so bad but I am still not keen on peeing all over my bike (I know all triathletes do it) so I held it until T2 and man all I could think about when I got there was PORTA POTTY PLEASE! lol!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 6.41.15 PM

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.06.37 PM.png

Transition Two (T2)

Right when I got to T2 I racked my bike and removed my helmet and sunglasses and then run to the porta potty! AsI mentioned I cannot bring myself to pee on the bike yet so therefore it was straight to the portapotty for me! After I quickly removed my bike shoes and put on my run shoes. I wore my Hoka Cliftons and the night before the race I tried putting my lock laces in and they wouldn’t go through the holes so I had to go the regular way and just tie my laces – Oh Well. Once I grabbed my run gels I ran towards the run exit and well forgot my bib so back to my station and then back on the road I went. First Timer Problems – Have I ever mentioned how much stuff goes into a triathlon – SO MANY PARTS!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 6.58.05 PM.png


Lucky for me the transition from bike to run usually goes pretty smoothly. My legs seem to somehow adapt pretty well and I don’t get all dead legs – everyone asks me how and why and honestly I have no clue – I am a total newbie haha! However, with how well my bike went I was a little scared going into the run. For one I had gone way faster on the bike than I usually go in training about 2.5 mph per mile faster to be exact and the run course for Muncie was a series of rolling hills with the elevation gain on the back 6.5 miles. Additionally, I had not fueled as great as I probably should have on the bike and I had no clue how my GI tract was going to handle all this exercise I had never exercised this long before. So honestly I was all up in uncharted territory. I felt really good the first half of the run and just told myself to just keep running and keep your heart rate and breathing steady. Probably around mile 8-10 is when things started to kind of decline. For one the back half of the course was still rolling hills but was an elevation gain versus a loss on the first half and also my stomach was starting to act up. I tried taking a gel around mile 6 and kind of nursed it until mile 7.5 and then attempted coke (thank you for the advice Heather @TriandRunGirl 😉 ) which seemed to help. So I had some walking breaks during the second half but I told my mom that I was aiming for around 1:50:00 however honestly I told her I really didn’t know what to expect – once again uncharted territory!

I have to comment on the Ironman Aid Stations – let me tell you they blow every other race I have ever done out of the water. They were every single mile and stocked with sponges, ice, ice water, ice with waterdowned redbull or coke, pretzels, gels, chews, clif bars, gatorade – you name it they had it! And the volunteers OMG THEY WERE AMAZING. Ironman is expensive but let me tell you they spare no expense in making your race experience absolutely perfect and memorable!

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.05.06 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.07.48 PM.png

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.11.18 PM.png

The Finish

Well Let me tell you there is nothing quite like an IronMan Finish with the Red Carpet Treatment – MAN I FELT ON TOP OF THE WORLD! I wanted Sub-6 and all thoughout the run I kept calculating what I had to run to get there counting down every mile and when I turned and knew I had it – I WAS SO EXCITED! No better high than endurance high.

Screen Shot 2016-07-20 at 7.14.24 PM.png

Final Thoughts

I cannot believe I went Sub-6 on my first half ironman. I swear my mom and I talked about my pacing all week and I told her I wanted Sub6 but also knew I didn’t think it was possible and if it was it was going to be close. So when I knew I had it in my reach and the crossed the finish line – there is no greater high. I had alot of moment especially once I crossed the 5 hour mark into the race that I was like OMG I HAVE BEEN EXERCISING FOR 5 FREAKING HOURS – LIKE WHAT?! and then the next thought was OMG I HAVE TO DOUBLE THIS IN 3 MONTHS – EEEEEKKKK!!!! I am crazy excited but also crazy nervous for my Ironman in now just 11 weeks – where has the time gone! I have no clue what that day will hold but I do know it will be one hell of an adventure so stay tuned!


With Love, First Time Experiences, and #RoadToIronman

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



Weekly Recap: Week 28: July 11th – July 17th, 2016

Weekly Recap

Hey Guys!!! I am so sorry blogging has really taken a back seat! Traveling and moving the past 3 weeks has been insane to say the least and has had alot of ups and downs but things seem to be settling and hpefully this upcoming week will be alot less stressful. As far as training this week ended up being a deload/break week basically with traveling, having my mom in town, and all the logistics/drama associated with the move I was just dead beat (still am). So here is last week’s workouts and the Haf Ironman 70.3 Recap will be coming this week as I got the photos – so keep a look out!

Monday:  6 Easy Running Miles through Lousiville Downtown Waterfront. They have this amazing bridge that crosses the river so you can go from Louisville to Indiana kind of cool to be in 2 States on one run. Can I pass as an ultra runner if I run from state to state lol – JK

Tuesday: 4 Easy Running Miles through a beautiful park in Lousiville called Cherokee Park. It was absolutely beautiful and had some hills to it. I loved that the trails were a mix of road and dirt path – fun for all types of athletes/runners.

Wednesday: 1 Hour Bike Intervals on the Spin Bike followed by 1500m Interval Swim.

Thursday: 3 Easy (not so easy) Running Miles around the new neighborhood. At this point my body was really feeling it and my ankle was aching so I just called it a day. I think it is just a combination of everything going on b/c both ankles and everything is still aching – moving is hard work.

Friday: Masters Swim with Up and Running Dayton approx 2900 yards in 1 hour including rest breaks. This was my first Master’s experience and I feel like it will really benefit me joining routinely during the rest of this training season in order to improve my form and speed for the ironman.

Saturday: Rest Day and I said goodbye to my mommy and was left in Dayton alone until my husband arrives in 2 weeks – whomp whomp tear tear

Sunday: 20 Min Easy Cycle followed by 9 hours of Ikea Furniture Assembly of a couch and a king size bed by myself. I consider this 100% a workout – I am beat up to say the least!

With Love, Training, and Life,


❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Weekly Recap: Week 26 and 27: June 27th – July 10th, 2016

Weekly Recap

Hey Guys!!! Sorry for the lack of blogging. With my final shifts at my job, movers, final arrangements, and traveling across country for the big move blogging had to take a back seat as WiFi was spotty and time was limited but here is what the past 2 weeks have looked like! 🙂

Monday – June 27th, 2016

  • Morning:
    • Run: 5 Miles at 8:03 min/mi – I attempted speedwork but my body was really not feeling it but at least I pushed and tried and thats all you can ask for.
    • Strength: Legs
    • Bike: 13 Miles at 15 mpg
  • Afternoon: The movers ended up being there for 12:30PM  -9PM so I had to get out and take a break from sitting in the corner. 
    • Run: 3 Easy Miles at 9:11 min/mi
    • Swim: 1K @ 1:51/100m (Max 1:47/100m)

Tuesday – June 28th, 2016

  • Brick – Bike: 1:30:00 Trainer Cycle (Approx 23 Miles)
  • Brick – Run: 7 Miles @ 9:10 min/mi average

Wednesday – June 29th, 2016

  • Bike: 45 Minute Indoor Trainer Ride (Approx 11.3 Miles)
  • Swim: 2000m @ 1:58/100m average
  • Strength: Bis/Tris/Chest

Thursday – June 30th, 2016

  • Brick – Bike: Long Ride 45.6 Miles @14.5 mph
  • Brick – Run: 3 Miles @ 8:31 min/mi
  • Strength: Back

Friday – July 1st, 2016

  • Run: Long Run 11 Miles @ 9:24 min/mi
  • Strength: Shoulders
  • Swim: 1,000m @ 1:57/100m

Saturday – July 2nd, 2016

  • Run: 6 Mile Recovery Run @ 9:58 min/mi – HR 84 (low) – 120 (Avg) – 147 (High)

Sunday – July 3rd, 2016

  • Total Rest Day

Totals: June 27th – July 3rd, 2016

  • Run: 35 Miles // 5:20:48
  • Bike: 92.8 Miles // 6:17:00
  • Swim: 2.485 Miles // 1:17:25
  • Strength: 4 Sessions // 2:05:00
  • Total: 15:00:00


Monday – July 4th, 2016

  • Run: Tempo with Fourth of July 5K: Total 5 Miles @ 7:45 min/mi with 5K @ 7:30 min/mi

Tuesday – July 5th, 2016:

  • Brick – Bike: 45 Min Indoor Trainer (Approx 11.5 Miles)
  • Brick – Run: 3.5 Miles @ 8:39 min/mi avg

Wednesday – July 6th, 2016

  • Swim: 2000 yards @ 2:03/100m average.
  • Bike: Indoor Cycle 37.5 Minutes (Approx 9.5 Miles)

Thursday  – July 7th, 2016

  • Run: 6 Miles at 8:51 min/mi through hilly Nashville
  • Bike: Indoor Trainer Cycle – 20 minutes (Approx 5 Miles)

Friday – July 8th, 2016

  • Rest Day and Half Ironman Muncie 70.3 Check-In/Expo

Saturday – July 9th, 2016

  • HALF IRONMAN MUNCIE 70.3 – 5:48:45!!!! EEEK!
    • (Recap to Follow – After Official Photos arrive)

Sunday -July 10th, 2016

  • Total Rest Day

Totals – July 4th – 10th, 2016

  • Run: 27.6 Miles // 3:53:46
  • Bike: 82 Miles // 04:52:23
  • Swim: 2.34 Miles // 1:15:04
  • Strength: None // 0:00:0
  • Totals: 10:00:00 + 1ST HALF IRONMAN SUB 6 HOURS – WHAT?!

    With Love and Apologies for My Lack of Presense,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)