June 2016 Monthly and Half Year Recap

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Hey Guys!!! It’s official we are half way through 2016 – HOLY CRAP WHERE DID IT GO! So I am going to do a June Recap and then a 6 Month Recap and Looking forward to what remains in the next 6 months. So lets get into it!

June Recap:

  • Run: 149 Miles – 21:30:40 (31.8%)
  • Bike: 475 Miles – 31:24:17 (47.1%)
  • Swim: 12.3 Miles (19,800m) – 06:16:51 (9.41%)
  • Strength: 15 Sessions –  07:52:00 (11.8%)
  • Total: 634.3 Miles – 66:44:48
  • Events:
    • Last Month in Arizona and Last Shifts at my Job
    • 1st 75 Mile (Three Quarter Century) Ride
    • Upgraded Wheels on My Bike – Bontranger Aura 5
    • Interview in Ohio with acceptance of my First Emergency Dept Physician Assistant Position
    • Hubby graduated Dental School and became a DMD and Captain in the Air Force

2016 Half Year Recap:

  • Run: 520 Miles – 75:03:10
  • Bike: 1250 Miles – 88:21:29
  • Swim: 45.7 Miles (73,547m) – 21:32:08
  • Strength: 31:37:00
  • Totals: 713.7 Miles – 216:15:47
  • Events:
    • Marathon PR at Revel Mount Charleston and 2017 BQ – 3:16:06
    • Half Marathon PR at Phoenix Half Marathon – 1:38:43
    • 10K PR at Runner Den 10K – 46:15
    • First Olympic Triathlons x 2 (One Pool and One Open Water)
    • Successfully Reverse Dieted up to 300g Carbs
    • Started Online Coaching Business – Lifestyle, Running, Nutrition
    • Hosted my first WeRunSocial Meet-Up at Revel Mount Charleston
    • 2 Year Anniversary and Anniversarymoon to Mexico
    • Hubby graduated Dental School and became a DMD and Captain in AirForce
    • Secured my dream job in the Emergency Department in Dayton, Ohio

Things to Come:

The first 6 months of 2016 have been a whirlind but the second half is so exciting. We are moving to Dayton, Ohio next week and my Half Ironman 70.3 in Muncie is July 9th and my Full Ironman 140.6 in Lousiville is October 9th! Additionally I start my new job in August/September and we move into a bigger place in Dayton that really feels like a grown up home. Coaching is going fantastic and I love being a part of all the wonderful women’s journey’s and cannot wait to see them accomplish their goals over the remainder of the year. Overall I have so much to be thankful for and look forward to in the remainder of 2016!

What Plans do you have for the remainder of 2016? Have you had any really big accomplishments so far?

With Love and Milestones,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



Weekly Recap: Week 25: June 20th – June 26th, 2016

Weekly Recap

Welcome Back! This week was my last full week at work at my first job as a Physician Assisstant. I have 2 more shifts this upcoming week Tuesday and Wednesday and then I say my goodbyes. It is definitely bitter sweet because this job has been awesome to build my career, but I also realize that this chapter in our life is closing and excited for our future in the Air Force and building my husband’s career as a dentist.


  • Run:
    • Speedwork: 5 Miles at 7:34 min/mi average – 5x{400m Easy (8:35), 400m MP (7:42), 400m 10K Pace (7:15), 400m 5K Pace (6:48)}
    • Cool Down Run: 2 Miles at  9:02 min/mi
  • Strength: Leg Day


  • (AM) Brick Workout
    • Bike: 37 Miles at 15.6 mph
    • Brick Run: 5 Miles at 8:27 min/mi
  • (PM) Easy Run: 5 Miles at 8:55 min/mi
  • (PM) Strength: Chest/Tris/Bis


  • Bike: 1:00:00 (approx 15 Miles) on the Spin Bike at 100+ RPM
  • Swim: 2,000m at 1:56/100m (Max 1:44/100m) – 5x400m (Free/Pull)


  • Run: 6 Easy Paced Miles at 9:11 min/mi
  • Strength: Back


  • Run (AM): Long Run – 9 Miles at 9:11 min/mi
  • Swim (PM): 2000m at 1:51/100m Average – Fastest 100m – 1:20 EEK – 2 x (600m Free, 200m Breast) then 400 Free c/d
  • Strength: Shoulders



  • Brick:
    • Bike: 75 Mile Long Ride at 15.7 mph (Hit the 3/4 Century Mark – YAY)
    • Run: 3 Miles at 8:16 min/mi average (0.5 Mile outside while waiting on treadmill and 2.5 miles on treadmill)
    • It was HOTT – 100F by the end of the bike and run! OMG!


  • Bike: 30 Minutes Easy Recovery Cycle on Spin Bike (Approx 6.5 Miles)
  • Swim: 800m Easy  at 1:57/100m average


  • Run: 35 Miles // 05:05:16
  • Bike: 133 // 8:43:15
  • Swim: 3 Miles // 1:31:20
  • Strength: 4 Sessions (1LB/3UB) – 1:50:00
  • Total Training Volume: 171 Miles and 17:10:00

Screen Shot 2016-06-26 at 6.56.08 PM.png

The movers come today and I am definitely sad but also VERY SAD because I will have to live with only the necessities – aka omelet pan, paper plates, and airbed, and internet (TV and Cable bye bye) lol. I officially leave for Dayton next Saturday so this will be my last training week in Arizona and I am definitely WAY SAD ABOUT IT. I have loved Arizona with all my heart but I know that our plan is calling us somewhere else. So for now I will cherish my last week (in the inferno that Az is during summer) and then leave gracefully with Arizona taking a special place in my heart where I grew into the woman I am now! (More to come on this topic – ALL THE FEELS)

With Love, Training, and 13 Days until Half IronMan Munice 70.3,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Five Friday Favorites: Macro Friendly Icecream Finds

Friday Five


#1. Halo Top. Halo TOP is the bomb at least for me. My all time favorite is Vanilla followed by Birthday Cake. I am very much a vanilla fan so I usually stick with that base. The best thing is the macros after you do the macro adjustment for removing the sugar alcohol the macros per serving (66g) is 9gC/2gF/6gP – Like you cannot beat that! Also it tastes like real icecream not watery icey like Artic Zero.

#2. Enlightened IceCream. This brand also tastes like “Real Icecream” is is lower in carbs and higher in protein. When adjusted for removing the Sugar Alcohols the macros for the icecream are approx 12gC/7gP3gF per 71g Serving.

#3. ProYo. SO MUCH VOLUME for a dessert “NiceCream” – 0.5 – 1 Scoop protein powder depending on macros, 1 Cup Unsweetened Cashew Milk, 0.5 tsp Xanthum Gum, and 8-10 IceCubes – Toss in Blender until icecream/smoothie consistency and top with desired topping – My Favorite CEREAL!!!

#4. McDonald’s or Burger King Icecream Cone. Its not UBER macro friendly but for fast food icecream it really isn’t that bad on the macro budget. Approx 170 calories – 27gC/5gP/4.5gF.

#5. Menchies Low Carb/No Sugar Added Icecream. If you have a Menchie’s near you you may have hit the FroYo Jackpot in your Macro Bank as each of the low carb/no sugar flavors are 45 calories/serving – 11gC/3gP/0gF – Doesn’t get much better than that. The flavors rotate daily so just make sure they have one you like as they usualy only have one option per day!

So if you are craving icecream here is some good finds. Let me know if you try any of them out and what you think!

Happy Friday!!!

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Weekly Recap: Week 24: June 13th – June 19th, 2016

Weekly Recap

Welcome Back Guys! This week was WHOA busy and I feel like I literally have been hit by a truck. We are making the move from Phoenix, Az to Dayton Ohio in 2 weeks and things are getting cray. So I guess this week I am just going to give you a day in the life recap since it will give you a better picture… (We will start last Sunday)


  • Workout: Rest Day
  • Work: 7:30AM – 5PM


  • Workout (Morning): 8AM Wake-Up Call
    • Run: 5 Miles  at 7:45 min/mi – 1M w/u – 4×400 at 6:20 with 400 recovery 8:35 then 1×800 at 6:40 with 400 recovery at 8:35 then 1×400 at 6:40 – 1 Mile c/d. To be honest I was not feeling speed day my legs and body were tired and meh!
    • Strength: Leg Day, Abs, Stretch
    • Swim: 1600m at 1:56/100m – 2×800
  • Work: 1:30 – 9:30 PM


  • Workout (Morning): 3:40 AM Wake-Up Call
    • Brick Bike: 1:10 minutes on Trainer approx 17.5 Miles
    • Brick Run: 7 Miles at 8:58 min/mi
  • Work: 7:30 – 9:00 PM


  • Workout (Morning): 5AM Wake-Up Call
    • Cycle: 30 Miles at 16.1 MPH
    • Strength: Back/Chest
    • Swim: 2000m straight at 1:57/100m
  • Job Interview
    • Left for Airport at 11:30 AM PST in Phoenix and arrived at Dayton Hotel at 2:00 AM EST – 3 hour layover in Denver – UGH


  • Workout: 8AM Wake-Up Call
    • Run: 5 Mile Easy Run at 9:19 min/mi – Literally felt dead to the world
    • Stength: Bis/Tris/Shoulders
  • 12:00 PM: Explore Dayton and Finalize Lease and see new home
  • 3:00 PM: Interview with EmCare Dayton Hospitals
  • 5:00 PM: Return rental car and check-in at airport
  • 6:30 PM Leave Dayton for Phoenix incur another 3 hr layover and delay in Houston and arrive home in Phoenix at 12:30 PST (3:30 EST)


  • Workout: 5:15 AM Wake-Up Call because the low was 80 and high was 115!
    • Bike: 55 Miles at 15.2 mph
    • Run: 4 Miles at 8:35 min/mi
  • Rest of the Day: Sleep, Clean up House, and Take Anniversary Photos



  • Workout: 4:30 AM Wake-Up Call
    • Run: Long Run/Attempt at Long Run – 10 Miles at 9:23 min/mi. I have never fought so hard for an “easy” paced long run in my life. I think in order to keep my HR down I would have had to walk the whole. My garmin suggested a 4 Day recovery – I responded yep probably agree but more a recovery from my job lol!
  • Work: 7:30 AM – 9:30 PM


  • Workout: Rest Day
  •  Work: 7:30 AM – 5PM


  • Run: 31 Miles // 4:36:14
  • Bike: 110 Miles // 07:08:35
  • Swim: 2.25 Miles // 1:09:58
  • Strength: 3 Sessions (1 LB/2UB) // 1:55:00
  • Total: 14:50 Minutes

    This may sound dramatic.. But my friend Jennifer wrote a post about being “overtrainined in life” and it really rang a bell for me. Sometimes (ok ALOT of time) I really get down on myself about not hitting certain paces in training and my speedwork and tempos being “slow” for what I would love my goals to be or compared to others, but writting it all down makes me be more realistic. I am not getting enough sleep, working a ton, and plain worn down. I cannot expect my body to perform at its best if I do not have my best to give. I know other’s struggle with this as it is hard to be a competitive athlete when life gets in the way – jobs, children, moving, relationships, bills, groceries, household chores, etc. etc.  So I guess I just wanted to be honest its not all dandeloins and butterflies I struggle to and if you are reading this and struggle then know you are not alone and we are all in this together fighting through life and fitness to reach our greatest potential. So here is to better weeks  – TMinus 5 Work Shifts and 2 Weeks until the move to Dayton and TMinus 3 Weeks until IM Muncie 70.3!!!!

    With Love, Training, and Real Life Problems,

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


    Training Tips: 5 Tips to Create Your Own Training Plan

    Running, Training Tips

    Hey Guys!!! So I know alot of people don’t want to hire or cannot afford a coach but you want to have some advice on how to create a training plan specific for you and yours goals so I thought I would share some tips…

    1. Pick a Race and Date. Seems like a no brainer but honestly its the first step if you want to run a 5K/10K/Half/Full/Ultra/etc you have research the available races and find which one corresponds to your goals, location, time frame, etc. For example if you want to qualify for Boston 2017 you need to know your marathon needs to be ran before mid-september 2016. Additionally you want to research course profiles and find a course that fits your racing style and has a record for being a solid BQ race. Further you want to make sure that if you choosing a race you have enough time to adequately train without injury – this varies by the individual but the key is be realistic and honest with yourself.
    2.  Pick The Number of Days to Train per Week. How many days per week do you want to run? How many days a week can you for sure dedicate to running? Most marathon plans have a training split of 4 or 5 Days running with one rest day and 1-2 XT Days. Some plans have 3 days (Run Less, Run Faster) and some plans have 6 Days (Hansons). Be honest with yourself and pick a realistic number of day you can run and make consistently for 12 – 20 weeks (length depends on your goal). 
    3. Create your Training Split. You want variation in your training so that you don’t plateau.
      • 4 Day split: 1 Speed Work, 1 Easy Run, 1 Tempo, 1 Long Run.
      • 5 Day Split: 1 Speed Work, 2 Easy Runs, 1 Tempo, 1 Long Run.
    4. Formulate a Schedule. Make a schedule for your specific runs that you can follow each week and  have some float days so you can adjust if necessary.
      • An example for a 5 Day split:
        • Monday: Speedwork, Tuesday: Easy, Wednesaday: XT/Rest, Thursday: Tempo, Friday: Easy, Saturday: Long Run, Sunday: Rest Day.
        • Adjustment if you pushed long run to Sunday –> Monday: Rest Day, Tuesday: Speedwork, Wednesday: Easy, Thursday: Rest Day/XT, Friday: Tempo, Saturday: Long Run, Sunday: Rest Day
    5. Use Your Resources. The internet is a HUGE place and there are a ton of free plans out there for your use. A couple example are Runners World and Hal Higdon. Also you can invest in running books great reads with training plans are Hansons, Run Less Run Faster, Hal Higdon Marathon, and 80/20 just to name a few. Additionally some of your favorite running bloggers offer automatic downloads such as KatiesFitScript, FitandFaithfulFitnessand MyHeartRacesBlog. You can always look at these free or low cost plans and adjust them to make a custom plan to fit your schedule.

    Hopefully some of these tips were helpful to you on journey to your next race – because Fall and Winter PRs are made in the Summer!

    With Love and Training

    ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


    Weekly Recap: Week 23: June 6th – June 12th, 2016

    Weekly Recap

    Hey Guys!!! This was a big week in terms of triathlon training and I feel like I am officially in training for my Ironman. However, life could not be more hectic with our upcoming move to Ohio but I am going to give it all I can as I am now less than 1 month away from my 70.3 and 17 weeks away from 140.6 – WHERE DID THE TIME GO! I am scared shitless lol but I am definitely taking a leap of faith and just gonna train my heart out…


    • Run: Speedwork 6 Miles at 7:34 min/mi average. 1M w/u – 4×1200 (6:58/6:54/8:48/6:44) with 400 recovery at 8:34 – 1M c/d
    • Strength: Leg Day
    • Swim: 1600m 4×400 alternating Free/Pull 1:53/100m Average


      • Brick (AM): 28 Mile Bike at 15.5 mph followed by 5 Mile Run at 8:23 min/mi average
      • Run (PM): 3 Mile Easy Run at 8:47 min/mi
      • Strength (PM): Bis/Tris/Chest


        • Bike: 1 Hour Cycle (approx. 15 Miles)
        • Swim: 3200m at 1:51/100m average – 400m Pull w/u – 4 x (200m Fast, 400 Easy Pull) – 100m Fast – 100m Pull c/d. Fastest 100m – 1:37/100m


          • Run: 5 Mile Easy Run at 9:11 min/mi
          • Strength: Back
          • Swim: 1600m at 1:53/100m 4×400 Alternating Free/Pull. Fastest 100m: 1:44/100m


            • Long Run: 12 Miles at 8:59 min/mi
            • Strength: Shoulders


              • Brick: 67 Mile Bike at 15.3 mph followed by 5 Mile Run at 8:38 min/mi


                • Rest Day

                Total Training Volume:

                • Run: 36 Miles // 05:10:34
                • Bike: 110 Miles // 07:10:48
                • Swim: 4 Miles // 1:59:38
                • Strength: 4 Sessions (1 LB/3 UB) // 1:47:00
                • Total: 16:08:00




                Reflecting Back to 1 Year Ago….

                About Me, Running

                1 Year ago I towed the start line at my first BQ attempt at the Utah Valley Marathon and spoiler alert I did not succeed, but I learned a valuable lesson – Dream Big and Take Big Risks…

                In January 2015, my new year’s resolutions said nothing about running a marathon to be honest I was thinking maybe the Phoenix Marathon in 2016 would be my next marathon target but circumstance had other plans. I was coming off a severe ITB injury and as of January 1st I could not even run a mile and my PR potential had been lost over the previous years between stress fractures, PA School, Married Life, and Starting my career. I had succumbed myself to the thought that my “fast running day” were well behind me and not coming back. That was until Jan 18th 2015 when I ran the Rock and Roll Phoenix Half with my now best friend Nicki and ended up running the last 3 miles Sub 8 min/mi out of nowhere – I had not run that fast since college which at this point 5 years ago. It set a spark and a fire that maybe I had some hidden potential left in me that I did not know and sprung the idea to why not DREAM BIG…

                So I contacted Lauren Floris who ended up setting up my custom plans for both UTV and Revel in 2015 and asked her if I got a Sub 1:50 at the Phoenix Half Marathon the end of February would I possibly have a shot a BQ. She responded YES. So when the Phoenix Marathon came only 2 months post injury I tried my best to be a smart runner and negative split the course I started off in the 8:45s and ended in the 7:45s and came out sub 1:50 at 1:47:23 and beating my previous PR at 21 y/o  of 1:47:30. I was SHOCKED – like what did I just do – OMG I just did something I told myself 3-4 months prior was never going to happen again and that when I set my eyes on BOSTON. I emailed Lauren my race times and she finalized my plan and there I was 14 weeks out from UTV Marathon.

                Everyday training for the UTV Marathon I doubted myself, I was scared shitless. The paces were hard and the training was unlike anything I had every done in the past. I struggled to hit the desired paces but I wanted it bad enough to try and fight for it. I wanted to be a BQ Marathoner – I wanted the Dream. When I lined up at the start I had no clue if I would actually get my goal and had my doubts if I was really ready but I did not care I lined up in my Royal Blue and Yellow and tried my best. At mile 16 I knew my best was not going to be enough on that day so I let my BQ dream go at Mile 16 in the Tunnel I nicknamed “my long lost BQ tunnel”. At that point in the race I became not just a “runner” but an “athlete” I said to myself at this point I will PR my previous PB was 04:04:04 and I was under target. I knew the temperatures were rising and the course was harder than expected so I paced myself, took my time and ran smart instead of just pressing to shave a few more minutes. I wanted to save myself for my future attempts and not risk another injury. I came through the finish line in 03:48:39 a 16 minute PR and a HUGE SMILE. I felt at this point I had become an athlete and I had truly learned to respect the sport, the distance, and myself.

                After UTV I still assumed my next marathon would be the Phoenix Marathon in 2016 but then Carlee McDot presented Revel Canyon City. I still doubted myself – was I ready again for another attempt to try and be a BQ Marathon Runner. I asked my friends Chelsey (FitandFaithfulFitness) and my coach Lauren Floris if they thought it was possible or a good idea – I had NEVER even fathomed running 2 marathon in a year, I did not know if my body would handle it. They both reassured me I would be ok and this was a great race for me to set my goals. So Carlee and I both set forth on our journeys to #BQorBust. Once again I started a new training plan but this time Lauren and I decided on a more gradual approach to get to me my BQ dream starting from where I was to where I wanted to be. When I toed the line for Revel Canyon City I was equally as nervous but more at peace that if it was meant to be it would happen. I crossed the finish line with my BQ in tow that day at Revel Canyon City with a HUGE PR of 24 minutes in 3:24:42 and I will never forget that moment.

                1 Year later I am training for my first Ironman – LIKE WHAT? Last year I didn’t even think I would be running a marathon until Feb 2016 and here I am in June 2016 and have run 3 marathons with 2 BQ Times and a PR of 03:16:06, 2 olympic tris, and a half ironman in 3 weeks. I would have never imagined I would be where I am at physically today and I think it is all about the baby steps and dreaming big. 1 year ago when I crossed the finish line of the Utah Valley Marathon I realized anything was possible if you are willing to take the risk and step out of your comfort zone, dream big, and gave it your all. The process wasn’t easy – I took risks in training and was scared but it is about those risks and the journey that build your character.   The UTV Marathon was a pivotal moment in my journey that sparked a passion and zest for endurance events that I never dreamed possible. I realized I am so much more than I thought and if I just dreamed big enough and took that leap of faith and removed self doubt eventually anything could  be possible.


                Utah Valley Marathon Race Recap

                Revel Canyon City Race Recap

                Revel Mt Charleston Race Recap

                My Journey to Boston

                With Love and Reflection,

                ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)




                Five Friday Favorites

                Friday Five, Gear

                #1. Garmin Forerunner 735XT. I was between the Forerunner 735XT and the Garmin Fenix 3 for quite sometime now. I really wanted the Rose Gold Fenix but it doesn’t have optic heart and that is a deal breaker for me as I know I WILL NOT wear the strap. So it was between the new Forerunner 735XT and the Black Fenix HR. I have really really tiny wrists so when I tried on the Fenix it just looked too bulky and huge so I bit the bullet and went with the Forerunner 735XT. Everyone’s concern is the battery life and it is only 2 hours shorter than the Fenix HR and the shorter battery life is the optic heart rate if you turn that portion off it lasts longer. Additionally, most of the time I am not going to be exercises for 14 hours straight except for in the Ironman but here is to hoping for a sub 14 hour ironman! 🙂


                #2. Bontrager Aura 5 Wheels. I got these last Wednesday evening in the midst of all of my bike mishaps – imagine have 2 flats after you spend $1300 on wheels – I was very unhappy. But my lovely bike guy made it right and fixed me up and now I have a fancy pinked rimmed tire and I love the wheels and am so happy with the more smoother ride on the bike. I feel like I am really becoming a triathlete!


                #3. Optic Nerve Grifter Sport Sunglasses. I found these while I was checking out at the running shop with my watch. Most sport sunglasses are well so sporty and they just are not very flattering on me. However, these ones fit the bill as both an everyday and sport sunglasses and actually looked really cute. They feature polarized lenses with anti-reflective technology, high impact resistance (Important b/c I drop my sunglasses all the time), and Hydrophobic coating protects lens from water, oil, dust, and sweat for cleaning ease and durability. Perfect for summer running and everyday cycling – gotta protect those blue eyes! 😉


                #4. Nathan Lock Laces. I got these a while ago before my first olympic triathlon and at first I was not entirely thrilled but lately I find myself gravitating to my Saucony solely because they have the lock laces and the ease of getting them on and off quickly  especially when I am transitioning for my brick workouts. 


                #5. Be IronFit Book. I read this book a while ago when I first signed up for my ironman but lately have been referencing it more and more as the months are ticking by and I realize I need to really dial in my training as I am 1 month away today from my Half Ironman 70.3 in Muncie. This book is awesome because it provides 3 levels of plans:  competitive, intermediate, and just finish. Since, I currently do not have a coach and am unsure if I want one it is helping me really set up a solid training schedule for the next few weeks to ensure I am ready to go. TMinus 17 weeks until Ironman Louisville – EEEKKK!!


                With Love, Fridays, and Favorite Things,

                ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

                Weekly Recap: Week 22: May 31st – June 5th, 2015

                Weekly Recap

                Can we just skip Week 22 of 2016 and pretend it never happened lol…BUT SERIOUSLY! This week was not my week – basically everything went wrong not just one day but multiple if not almost everyday except for a few things. I am usually all peppy and uplifting on my blog but also I have to keep it realy with you guys when it really does just suck. Sure things could be worse but for me I basically wanted to just ball my eyes out and scream at the top of my lungs and hit things hard countless times this week. However, one highlight is my husband graduated Dental School this week and official Dr. Adam Wallum DMD and Captain in the Airforce. I am so proud of him and am so excited for our future. Everyone always reminds us how crazy set we are with both of our professions but honestly I don’t need reminding I am so incredibly humbled by how blessed we are at this point in our lives and I could not be more thankful.

                So here we go into recapping the week of unlikely events…If you read through all the details god bless and you truly are my friend! 🙂


                • Run: Speedwork at Track 5 Miles of various repeats. Arrived at track since gym was closed due to memorial day snuck underneath the bars and then realized there was actually an open entrance. Set up my GPS watch for 0.25 repeats to monitor training and realize after 2 laps my GPS is WAY OFF. So I decide to try autolap which I didn’t know how to do or it failed to function so I stopped that and then tried StopWatch which again failed to do the whole lap thing. I am sure my paces were kinda sucking and I was so frustrated and just called my first track workout a complete failure and decided to go biking. 
                • Bike: 47 Miles at 15 mph. Bike was going amazing I felt strong and then all of a sudden I realized my pace was slowing way down and stop and realize I had a huge flat and well I didn’t know how to change it. So a nice man helped me change my flat but couldn’t get the CO2 to work so used his hand pump and got it pumped up. Assuming all is well I continued on my bike ride as I was feeling good and thinking I could hit 65 miles. Then I realized by tire was getting low again assuming maybe there was just not enough air I got out my second CO2 to blow up the tire and upon inserting it exploded and on top of it all my fuel and supplies fell out of my bento box and my protein bar had melted chocolate all over my bento box – thank you Arizona. At this point I called my husband and asked him to come pump up my tire but he decided to take the dog for a long stroll and make me wait after I had already walked over 0.25 mile to the nearest intersection. Once I got my bike tire pumped it felt great and I got about 15 miles down the road and realized I was slowing down again. So I called my husband and he was pissed but he came and picked me up again and said I had to call it a day. Pissed I called my bike shop and of course memorial day they were closed – FML!
                • Lift: Leg Day and Shoulders. Thank god this went fine at this rate I was expecting an explosion at the gym or dropping the barbell of my foot or something horrible.


                • Run: 5 Mile Easy Run at 9:03 min/mi
                • Swim: 2800m (1.5 mile) at 1:50/100m average.  200m w/u – 4 x (200m Fast, 400m Pull) – 200m c/d


                • Bike: 29 Miles at 14 mph. My legs were sore and it was hot and windy but other than that I felt good – no issues lol.
                • Lift: Bis/Tris/Chest/Abs


                • Run:  6 Mile Tempo at 7:32 overall avg and 7:12 Tempo Avg. (1 Mile w/u – 4 Miles Tempo – 1 Mile c/d )8:00 – (7:42/7:30/7:14/6:58) – 7:46 c/d
                • Swim: 2000m (1.25 miles) at 1:54/100m average – 200m w/u – 4x400m – 200m c/d
                • Strength: Back
                • Life Event: My husband became Dr. Adam Wallum DMD !!!!!


                • Bike: DIDNT HAPPEN. So I got a new set of wheels on my bike which were not cheap on Wedneday but due to training and life schedule was not able to ride them until Friday. So I woke up early to ride 4:30 on my day off and go downstairs and BAM a flat just after I had my wheels, tubes, tires replaced – WHAT THE HECK. So then I thought I will just put my husbands back wheel on my bike – whomp whomp it didn’t fit. I was just a greasy sad mess. lol
                • Run: 14 Mile Long Run at 836 min/mi average. This was my fastest long run in god knows when probably because at this point I was so dang upset, mad, and frustrated I just took it all out on the pavement and treadmill – had to split it cuz it was a high of 118 degrees – OMG!


                • Bike: 0.15 MILES – SHORT HUH? Yep so I got my tired fixed Friday morning as soon as the bike shop opened at 10 and was told it was a faulty tube – just my luck. We got a new one so I thought ok good to get in my bike ride before work. I check the tire and all is well no leaks still full and I’m thinking finally I’m gonna get to try out my new wheels and then I turn the corner onto the main road to get on the trail and here a POP AS LOUD A GUN and boom my tube exploded – WHAT THE HELL. I walked my bike back home and tried changing it and after 20 – 30 minutes and several youtube videos later I got the new tube and tire back on and try to pump it up and it fails and will not take air in. So after now being up for 50 minutes to exercise before I had to work a 12 hour (turned into 14 hr) day I haven’t even got to work out yet …
                • Run: Steady State Run of 7 Miles at 8:03 Average. So I decided to run instead of ball my eyes out and kick and scream on the floor. I had an awesome run and felt strong but man was I pissed. 


                • Rest Day. I figured I had enough for the week. lol

                Total Training Volume:

                • Run: 37 Miles // 05:12:20
                • Bike: 76.2 Miles // 05:13:39
                • Swim: 2.75 Miles // 1:29:20
                • Strength: 3 Sessions // 1:50:00
                • Total: 13:45:00

                If you are still hanging on god bless and hopefully I will not have to have another post quite like this for sometime. But this is real life and feelings and I don’t ever want to portray a fake reality of my training. Good thing I spare you the details of my personal and work life or this would be one LLLOOONNNGGG blog post lol – cuz well work didn’t go so well either!

                With Love and Training,

                ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)



                Race Recap: Tempe International Olympic Triathlon

                Race Recap

                Hey Guys! This is a littler late by 2 weeks but better late than never. I decided to sign up for the race last minute as a way to practice open water swimming in a wetsuit as well transitions. I knew there was no way I would be tapered enough 2 weeks post-marathon in addition to reamping my training but I figured why not get some more experience and have some fun with my Arizona tri friends before I leave in July! 😦

                The Race: The race is located at Tempe Town Lakes, the same resevior that hosts Ironman 70.3/140.6 Arizona – pretty local and common area of triathlons in the Phoenix Area. The race offered 2 distances Sprint and Olympic with relay options for both. The race was borderline wetsuit legal but we got a small storm right before so the water temps dropped just below the wetsuit mark and made it wetsuit legal which I was excited about because I have no experience with wetsuits and racing. Additionally the weather due to the storm was slighly cooler than normal – Mid 60s in the Morning and High 80s in the Afternoon (cool for summer in Arizona lol). However the storm had also brought quite a bit of wind and if you are a cyclist I think all of us can agree wind sucks. lol. But like I said practice makes perfect so I was thrilled to be doing this as a practice race!

                The Expo: I went to the local packet pickup at the local triathlon store in Scottsdale on Friday night to pick up my packets since I was going to in Life Support all day on Saturday. But they held an actual expo/event on Saturday at Tempe Town Lakes with multiple vendors and it looked like it would have been fun. I was happy with going to the local triathlon shop because I ended up scoring a pair of tri shorts for $36 (originally 90) so thats always a good day!

                The Swag: The race provided a technical shirt, technical ball cap, and race day medal. All were good quality and comfortable. They actually did not have enough medals at the finish which was kind of sad but they mailed them the next week so it was all good.

                The Outfit:


                Race Day Morning/Prerace Setup:

                If you have never done a triathlon then let me tell you the prerace process is quite intensive compared to running – THERE IS SO MUCH STUFF. You have to get there super early to rack your bike, set up your transition, and get body marked before they close the area about 30-45 minutes prior to the race start. Basically at this race it was a free for all for bike racking which was pretty annoying and unorganized but like I said PRACTICE so no big deal. I am still getting used to the whole triathlon thing but the way I set up my area is rack my bike with water bottles in the cages and my bike fuel in my bento box and place my helmet on my aerobars with my sunglasses inside. Then I place one towel on the ground and then put an additonal folded towel to dry off with after the swim and then set my bike shoes and socks first on the towel followed behind my run shoes, handheld water bottle, and ballcap. This way everything is in order that you are going to use it.I also suggest a bucket or a large medical basin filled with water to rinse the dirt/sand off your feet from transition from swim/bike and then an empty bucket you can sit on to put on your clothes. Once transition is set up – you get bodymarked and grab what you need until the race starts – fuel, water, goggles, swimcap, wetsuit (if legal) and find somewhere to hang out and wait.


                I have to say even though I am 100% confident in the water when it comes to triathlons I still get way nervous before the swim. I think its the combination of race day nerves mixed with the fact I hate cold water. This was my first ever triathalon in a wetsuit and only my 2nd time in one period so that in itself was pretty stressful because I was unsure how it was going to fit or if it would rub or be constricting. I have a thing about constricting clothing around my neck I can’t even wear turtle necks and wetsuit are inheritingly tight around the neck minus one brand that is like $400 and mine was $130 so I figured I would just have to learn to deal. I had a few moments during the swim I had some discomfort around my neck but otherwise it went well. The swim itself was a wave start we all start in one big group the olympic women and olympic relays at the gun so basically it is a free for all the first 200m or so and everyone is trampling over each other and if you are not a strong or comfortable swimmer this is by far the most stressful and when most people panic. I just try to stay calm and find my space and pull out in front. Once I got my space I started getting into a rhythm even in open water I swim pretty straight. I just had to do some breaststroke intermittingly to spot the buoys for turns and ensure I wasn’t getting outside the pack and wasting energy and time adding on extra milage. My trick to spotting is basically to side spot the other athletes during breathing and it seems to work pretty well but this is technically my only 2nd olympic and I have done 4 sprints 6 -7 years ago. Overall things went very  well I was at the front of the girls and even passed some of the slower male olympic swimmers and when I got out I heard an annoucer say it was the front pack of the women which was pretty cool. Once we got out of the water they had wetsuit strippers to help remove the wetsuit. The only issue I really had was getting the wetsuit off over my triathlon watch since the arms are very tight but once that was good you sit on the ground they pull it off and you take it and go running into T1. My watch time for the swim itself was 0.9 Miles and approx 22 minutes which comes out to 1:32/100m. This is way faster than I normally swim and I attribute that mostly to the wetsuit those things make you wicked fast!


                Transition 1 (T1):

                T1 went pretty smoothly roughly around 2-3 minutes. I ran into the choute found my bike immediately laid down my googles and cap and whiped down my legs from the excess water and grass. I wish I would have taken my moms advice above about the water basin to wash my feet because the grass made them gross and hard to whipe off but you live and learn (more to come on that). Once I was sorta dried off I attempted to put on my socks – THIS IS BY FAR THE HARDEST PART WET/DAMP FEET AND SOCKS ARE LIKE FIRE AND ICE – and then I placed on my bike shoes put on my sunglasses and helmet (with chin strap clipped) and out I went with bike in hand to start part 2 of the triathlon


                The dreaded bike – ugh. Me and this bike are not friends (yet) – I am trying but I am not quite there yet but think alot of it is also I am very hard on myself and comparitive to my tri friends who are super speedy on the bike. However, with all that being said for me I felt like I had awesome bike. Despite a harder course and much windier conditions I ended up averaging around 17.3 mph for the 23 miles the same as my previous olympic. Additionally I felt much stronger and more comfortable on the bike and in my cycling technique – I really felt things coming together and felt strong and like a real triathlete. So even though I am not the fastest cyclist I was very pleased with how my bike went especially being untapered and 2 weeks post marathon. Bike Time was approximately 1:17:15 for 23 miles. 

                Transition 2 (T2):

                T2 was my big learning experience – guys I spent like 4 – 5 Minutes in T2 I was there for a while lol. When I came in from the bike I could not for the life of me find my running gear. I literally was spinning around in circles walking back and forth like a lost puppy – a guy even asked me if I needed help lifting up my bike to rack it – I must have looked so lost. It took me at least 3 minutes to find my bike and why that doesn’t seem like long it is a long time in transition. Once I found my stuff I racked my bike, removed my helmet and sunglasses (I dont run in sunglasses), put on my running shoes and grabbed my nathan handhled with my gel and took off out of T2. Big lessons learned during this process is to find a way to mark your spot to remember where your stuff is – like a balloon, end rack, bright ribbon where you bike was – something you can see, recognize, and remember.


                The run is usually by safe heaven. For me the transition from bike to run has not been a difficult one and my legs seem to adjust pretty easily to the transition however as I get more intense on the bike I think this might change but for now for me it is not too bad. The first 1.5 miles were good and I was around 7:50 – 8 min/mi and then my legs started remining me – HELLO WE JUST RAN A HARD ASS MARATHON 2 WEEKS AGO! lol Basically my legs were sore, heavy, and cramping the last 4 miles or so but it was horrible just not as comfortable as I am used to. The run went well it wasn’t as hot as previously expected but it was still pushing mid 80s with no cloud cover so it definitely was no where near ideal. They had quite a few water stations but I was glad that I brought my handheld it was definitely a saver in keeping me hydrated. However the course was not well marked and I ended up turning into a boat ramp area and taking on another 0.2 miles or so the last mile which kind of blew after my incident in T2 but its exactly why I was doing this triathlon – TO LEARN AND MAKE MISTAKES – so that I can correct them when it counts at my half and full ironman. The Run time was 51:53 for 6.2 Miles and an average of 8:22 min/mi.

                Overall Stats:

                • Swim: 22:00 for 0.9miles – 1:32/100m
                  • T1: 2-3 Minutes (they didn’t give us transition splits)
                • Bike: 1:17:15 for approx 23 Miles – 17.3 mph average
                  • T2: 4-5 Minutes (no transition split again)
                • Run: 51:53 for 6.2 Miles – 8:22 min/mi average

                Final Thoughts:

                So far in my traitlon journey all my races have been for training and fun so the pressure just insisnt there this race included. I signed up for this race last minute knowing there is no way I was recovered from my marathon and PR at Revel Mount Charleston  but also knowing there was no way I could turn down the opportunity to hang out with some of my amazing friends and triathletes and get practice in open water swimming, wetsuit usage, racing, transitions, etc. This race did exactly what I wanted and I learned some valuable lessons on what to do and what to fix for my upcoming 70.3 and 140.6 – being a newbie to the sport there is ALOT to learn and it is kind of overwhelmig.

                Some of the highlight lessons learned…

                1. Make note of your bib number before you go to get marked
                2. Make sure you have someone with you to hold your last minute items that you need after transition closes but before the race starts – friends and family for the win
                3. Bring a balloon and bright colored markers to be able to find your bike and run gear during the transitions and try to find an end rack if it open racking
                4. If its going to be hot freeze all your water bottles and handhelds overnight so they are the perfect temperature when you hit the bike/run
                5. Never try anything new on race – HELLO! I always try new stuff and its practice so I figured why not I would try the Honey Stinger Protien Chews and while I love ALL of their products this one was not my favorite at all and almost gagged getting 2 down. Not so important for an olympic since it really isn’t a super long race but BAD idea if it was my 70.3/140.6
                6. Bring a large medical basin with water to wash your feet after T1 and a bucket to sit on during transition to put on your gear.
                7. Roll your wetsuit up over your Garmin but be prepared for it to maybe get stuck when the wetsuit strippers try to get it off
                8. To strip your wetsuit off you have to sit on the ground and they pull it off your feet – I kinda knew this but in the heat of the moment it sorta slipped my mind after we had issues getting my wetsuit off over my garmin

                Some of the Highlights of the Race Experience:

                1. Wetsuit make you SWIM REALLY FAST! Holy crap they are bouyant and make swimming so much easier however they can be a litle restricting around the neck region but I was so pleased with my swim performance.
                2. I felt very strong in the bike portion despite it being rougher conditions and was able to utilize my aerobars and get more used to the triathlon position. Huge feat for me as my bike and I still aren’t friends like my running shoes
                3. Having friends on the course – gosh this makes it so much better racing and seeing your friends rocking it – it totally lights a fire in me and a happiness I cannot explain
                4. I LOVE THE TRIATHLON! Triathlons are hard but fun – I love the 3 disiplines and being able to break up the endurance load into 3 events. This makes recovery so much faster at least at the olympic distance we will see after my half and full ironmans


                If your still reading god bless and thank you so much for following along with my journey today and always…

                With Love and Racing

                ❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)