Five Friday Favorites

Friday Five, Gear

#1: DonaJo Fitness Leggings: Recently I was contacted by the company for a sponsored post about their brand/apparel. When I reciecved the email about the opportunity I basically jumped with joy as I had admired their leggings on other instagramers and checked them out at Expos! These leggings are mid-high waisted, SO DANG SOFT (like PJs), breathable, and amazing for running, lifting, running errands etc. Their patterns are all fun, bright, and eye-catching! If you want a pair you can use the Code: “RUNNINGWITHSTRENGTH” for 20% off your purchase. 


#2:Zoot 4″ Tri Shorts: So my first triathlon is Sunday, so I needed to invest in some new triathlon shorts (mine are all from about 5-6 years ago). I ordered these because I like training in the shorter version for tan lines since the sun is way hot in Arizona. I LOVED them the second I put them on. They are mid-high rise with a flattering waistband with a drawstring for a secure fit. The elastic was not too tight around the thighs to create an unflattering bulge and when I tried them out in the pool they didn’t fall down or move and felt super comfortable on the bike and they are adorable! I AM IN TRIATHLON APPAREL HEAVEN! ❤ ❤ ❤


#3: AquaSphere Goggles: So far so good with these. I still had goggle lines but no severe headache during the end and after my swim. I have only worn them once so we will see. This is my third pair of goggles since starting this tri thing – hoping third time’s the charm!


#4: Lululemon Baller Hat: I bought this hat last week and while I am not one to spend $40 on a hat – It fit perfectly on my head and every ironman guide always mentions wearing a hat for the run and it matched my tri outfit so I said why not! I got the Cranberry/Maroon one!


#5: Training Peaks App: I am LOVING this app lately. It definitely highlights the Type A part of me 100%. I love how I can have everything in one place – training, nutrition, metrics. For training they have all different activities you can input as well as stats (HR, Pace, etc) from your workout. Also is has a place for metrics where you can add in your hours/quality of sleep as well as your weight. My favorite feature is that is links with MyFitnessPal. I LOVE THIS because I can get the whole picture – nutrition, training, weight, and sleep all in one place to adequately assess the whole picture. The basic app is free – so I would suggest checking it out!


With Love and Friday Favorites,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


2 thoughts on “Five Friday Favorites

    1. Actually it was today haha for my Olympic Triathlon. Originally it was for next sunday but they cancelled due to construction on Tempe Town Lakes Dam so I had to move it to this Sunday! July 9th is my 70.3 in Muncie and Oct 9th in 140.6 in Lousiville! ❤ – Thanks for thinking of me! ❤ ❤ ❤

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