Reverse Diet 2 Month Update


Welcome! Today I am going to discuss the “reverse diet” and an update on my current stats after 8 weeks (2 months) on my 2nd reverse diet and my first one flying solo without KatiesFitScript! :0

Firstly, a “Reverse Diet” is where you slowly add in calories mainly in the form of carbs/fat over an extended period of time in order to build up your metabolic capacity with little to no fat gain. During my reverse diet per week I would increase anywhere from 0-10g carbs and 0-2g fat. Additionally, I would have one untracked day and occasionally 1 low carb day per week where I dropped around 30g carbs for that single day. Also, I went on two untracked vacations in which I just followed “intuitive eating” during this 8 week period.

I wanted to point out that during any diet it is best for you to hit your numbers as close as possible everyday without cheat/treat/untracked meals to achieve optimal results. However, I don’t really aim for “optimal or perfection” I just aim for balance. I think at the end of the day if you in this process either cutting or reversing remember YOUR end goal. If you are in competition prep obviously you made a commitment and it is vital to hit your numbers, but if you are just trying to lose weight or reverse diet for your mental and physical health then follow whatever makes your life the fullest. If that’s hitting your numbers dead on everyday that’s AMAZING or if that is having 1-2 untracked meals per week that GREAT too. The point is to just do what is best for you to achieve lasting results because we all know that quick fixes and crash diets do not work for lifelong success!

Ok now let’s get down to the knitty gritty …

2 Month Recap of the Reverse Diet

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.23.00 PM

Overview of Calorie Increase and Weight

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.23.09 PM

Weight Changes over 8 Week Reverse Diet

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.23.24 PM

Calories Increase over 8 week Reverse Diet

Screen Shot 2015-09-27 at 6.23.17 PM

End of Cut vs 8 Weeks of Reverse Dieting


❤ Overview and My Thoughts! 🙂

So as you can see from the data I have increased approximately 340 calories (65 grams carbs and 9 grams fat) per day over the past 8 weeks with no signficant weight changes and maybe even some muscle gains 😉 ! I find it totally amazing when you trust your body to do what it is supposed to and act like a metabolic machine! I can honestly say that IIFYM has changed my life! I feel so much happier and healthier and view food as fuel and for what nutrient it will provide to my body versus just a caloric intake! If you are considering IIFYM and macros for either a cut or a reverse please do not hesitate! Find a coach to teach you the in and outs and then go for it! It is not the easiest at first but trust me it does get easier and eventually just becomes a way of life!

{Obviously, I recommend KatiesFitScript as a coach – she has an awesome new program called Relentless Resolutions that teaches you how to calculate your own macros and a basic lifting and HIIT plan or you can get on the waitlist for personalized coaching!!!}

With Love and Reverse Diets

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Weekly Recap September 21st – 27th, 2015

Weekly Recap

Welcome Back! Another week has gone by and I am now officially 6 weeks out as of yesterday for Revel Canyon City Marathon and my BQ attempt … EEKKK! Its coming way way too fast – only 3 more weeks for the tapering begins! Also I have officially made it 8 weeks on my Reverse Diet and I am super excited and will post a blog post later this week with a full recap of the past 2 months!



Run: Speedwork on the Treadmill: 7 miles total at 8:20 min/mi average – 1 mile w/u – 4 x 1 mile repeats with 0.25 mile active rest (7:41/7:35/7:41/7:48) – 1 mile c/d. To be honest I was supposed to do 5 but obviously from my last split you can tell my body was like NOPE and I would rather have one short repeat than a sloppy 1.25 miles and possibly an injury … Key: Learn and Know your Limits – your training schedule is just a guide and sometimes has to be altered to fit your current life stress (i.e. nutrition/sleep/muscle fatigue/ etc.)

Lift: Shoulders + Back + Abs


Run: 6 Recovery Treadmill Miles at 9:06 min/mi average

Lift: Light Leg Day with ITB Exercises



Run: 6.13 outdoor recovery miles (because it was 75 🙂 ) at 9:17 min/mi average

Lift: Back + Shoulders



Run: Rest Day

Lift: Bis/Tris/Chest + Abs



Run: 16 mile long run on the treadmill at 8:26 min/mi average (Did I mention it’s still insanely hot here … come on Fall). 4 mile w/u – 8 Tempo MP Mile at 7:54 min/mi average {8:13/8:06/8:00/7:54/7:48/7:36/8:00} – 4 mile c/d. I was extremely happy about this run, even though it was on the treadmill it gives me some confidence that maybe I can do this – but I still have my doubts a BQ is such a lofty goal but one I am willing to strive for!

Lift: Rest Day



Run: 7 Mile Outdoor Recovery Run (3.5 solo. 3.5 with a local running group) @ 8:53 min/mi average. It definitely felt good to run outside with no goal pace or pressure – it reminds you of why you run and how amazingly freeing it is to spend that time with you and nature. 

Lift: Rest Day



Rest + Lift: Total Rest Day – Foam Roll/Stretch



So this week marks the end of 8 weeks of Reverse-Dieting and still going strong! Last week I increased approximately 50 calories,10g carbs and 1g Fat per day with 1 untracked meal/day on my long run day. Still no significant weight changes so I am going to keep going up and up! Expect a full report sometime next week as mentioned above documenting the last 8 weeks in detail of my reverse diet! 🙂

With Love, Fitness, Marathon Training, Reverse-Dieting, and Lifting,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Weekly Recap September 14-20th, 2015

Weekly Recap

Hey Guys! Hope you all had an amazing week. This week was a high milage week for marathon training as well as my first “Long Long Run” of 18 miles (I still have 20 and 22 milers left)! Follow along to see how my week went in both workouts and reverse dieting!



Run: Treadmill Speedwork 7 miles total at 8:19 min/mi average – 1 mile w/u – 7×800 repeats (3 at 3:40, 4 at 3:35) with 0.25 mile rest @ 10 min/mi – 1 mile c/d

Lift: Shoulders and Back



Run: 8 miles outdoor easy recovery run at 10:06 min/mi average pace (I started this run a little to late for the Arizona Heat and paid the price … whoops lesson learned 😉 )

Lift: Legs/Glutes/ITB Exercises + Abs



Run: 5 Mile recovery treadmill run at 9:11 min/mi easy pace

Lift: Arms/Chest



Run: Rest Day

Lift: Shoulders and Back



Run: 8 Mile Tempo Run at 7:58 min/mi average. 1 mile w/u – 6 tempo miles at 7:44 min/mi average (8:00/7:54/7:48/7:42/7:36/7:30) – 1 mile c/d

Lift: Rest Day



Run: 18 mile long run @ 8:48 min/mi average

Lift: Rest Day



Workout: 0.5 mile swim + foam roll + stretch + Abs

Total: 46 Miles + 4 Lifting Days + 1 Cross-Training Session!

Reverse-Diet Update

So last week I increased my macros 10gC/1gF to equal 210gC/55gF/145gP with one low carb day (185gC/55gF/145gP) and one high carb day on my long run day which included an untracked dinner of salad/pizza/wine/froyo! Over the past 7 weeks for reverse dieting I have added approximately 292calories (55g Carbs and 8g Fats) per Day and had two 4-day untracked vacations. Additionally, my ending cut weight was 105.7 lbs average and this week’s ending reverse weight average was 105.8 lbs so I consider that a success! So now onto more food … because who doesn’t love to eat!

With Love, Fitness, Marathon Training, and Reverse Dieting,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)


Running Coach: Lauren Floris Training

Nutrition/IIFYM Coach: KatiesFitScript

#WomanCrushWednesday – @TayRaeFit


So it has been a while…There is an inverse relationship between life craziness and blogging and thus my lack of blog posts have ensued. Nevertheless here is this week’s #WCW!

This weeks #WCW goes out to TayRaeFit aka Taylor. This young lady is so inspirational and beautiful. You cannot help but love her.

Things I Love about Taylor (@TayRaeFit)

1.Honesty. She shares her high/lows and struggles/triumphs. She is honest in her flaws and her journey and I think it allows others to be able to be more vulnerable in return.

2. Gains. She is so undeniably beautiful and her physique is amazing. This lady puts in the work but metabolically and physically and it shows – she is strong and beautiful. Plus who wouldn’t want her abs – I know I do! 🙂

3. Style. She is a toal cutie. From her Nike Pros, LuluLemon Pants, and Donuts and Deadlifts shirts – her gym attire is always on point! Not to mention she is one that totally rocks short hair and glasses and I am kinda jealous! 😉

So those are a few things I love about Miss Taylor! If you want to check her out her is instagram is @TayRaeFit! ❤ ❤ ❤

With Love, Fitness, and WCW,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Weekly Recap – September 7th-13th, 2015

Weekly Recap

Welcome Back! So this week was definitely not as eventful as last week as I was back to normal life. But here is a little recap of how things went.



Run: Rest Day and Travel back from DisneyLand

Lift: Shoulders/Back + Abs

#MedalMonday 🙂


Run: 5 Treadmill Recovery Miles at 9:36 min/mi average

Lift: Arms/Chest


Wednesday: BIRTHDAY – I TURNED 27! 

Run: 8.25 Miles at 8:13 min/mi average – 5 x 1 mile repeats {8:00/7:48/7:36/7:24/7:14} with 0.25 recovery at 10 min/mi pace.

Lift: Rest Day



Run: 5.75 recovery treadmill miles at 8:55 min/mi average

Lift: Back/Shoulders



Run: 14 Mile Long Run – First 8 miles at LR Pace 8:57 min/mi avg (8:45 – 9:30) and last 6 miles at Up-Tempo pace 8:24 min/mi (8:15-8:30)

Lift: Rest Day

GPS watch: TomTom MultiSport, Cardio Tracker: Original Viofit, Socks: ProCompression, Shoes: Hoka One Clifton


Run: 3 outdoor recovery miles at 9:09 min/mi average (was supposed to be 6 but with last weekend races, walking 26 miles in 3 days at Disneyland, and this week’s training my body was like NOPE and I listened)


Lift: Abs


Run + Lift: Complete Rest Day

I just wanted to mention in case you didn’t know and/or wanted to find an excellent running coach for custom plans or individual coaching – I use Lauren Floris Training for my Marathon Training Plan!

Nutrition/Reverse Diet

So I still decided to increase despite last week’s untracked vacation festivities (I miss Ghirardelli Waffle Bowl Ice Cream Sundaes 😦 lol). So my current macros for this week were 200gC/54gF/145gP 5 days out of the week and I did one low carb day on Monday after returning from vacation at 170gC/54gF/145gP and high carb/untracked meal day on my long run day  which was approximately 300gC/61gF/145P (maybe? lol). Overall weight has stayed pretty consistent through this reverse ranging from 105-106 lbs and I have now officially surpassed my previous reverse macros of 200gC/50gF/145gP…YAY! I am thinking next week I will increase probably 10gC/1gF so new macros will be 210gC/55gF/145gP since my training volume is increasing next week and I am going to be doing longer training runs and that means I needs all the carbs!!!

Until next time! 😉

With Love, Marathon Training, Lifting, and Reverse Dieting,

Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

DisneyLand Dumbo DoubleDare Race Weekend Recap

Family, Race Recap, Travel


Hey Guys! If you follow me on instagram than you already know that for my birthday this year my husband and I went to DisneyLand for a vacation and fun racing festivities. So I thought I would share a little recap of how things went down for my 27th Birthday! 🙂

Day 1: Race Expo

We left Arizona for the 6 hour drive to Anaheim on Friday morning and arrived at our hotel around 2:30 PM and headed to the expo which was held at the DisneyLand Hotel. First thing of business was packet pick-up. Since we arrived on Friday the lines were short and well organized and process moved quickly and we were able to move onto the expo with all the running goodies. Some things I do at every expo – browse all the booths, scout for crazy deals and must haves, try all the cliff samples, and purchase a sweaty band (race expo tradition). Following the expo we headed to the Happiest Place on Earth to ride some of the rides before the crazy runner and labor day crowds and it was an amazing evening – chilly and such a treat from the Arizona heat.

Hubby and I at the Expo/Packet Pick-Up

Day 2: DisneyLand 10K

First things First…The Outfit. I decided to go with a makeshift Maleficent Costume – If you squint really hard you can see it! 😉

Maleficent in Action! Shorts: Walmart, Sports Bra: VS, Socks: ProCompression, Headband: SweatyBands

Second, If you did not know RunDisney races are incredibly EARLY! I was running to the start and it was about 3/4 of a mile from our hotel so I knew I didn’t have to fudge around with parking but I still had to wake up at 4 AM on vacation.. BOO! Positive to this…It was still dark and cool throughout the entire race!

@CarleeMcDot and I prior to the Race

So now to the race. The course was AMAZING! The course was flat and fast lending to a PR and was very entertaining as it basically ran the whole time throughout the 2 parks (DisneyLand and California Adventure).

DisneyLand 10K Official Course Map

DisneyLand 10K Elevation Chart

In the end…I GOT A PR (Easy does it as it was my first 10K lol)! Official Race time was 47:00 for 6.2 miles (7:34 min/mi average) and Watch Time was 46:54 for 6.24 miles (7:31 min/mi average). Considering my last 5K was at 7:29 min/mi 1 month ago I take that as a win!

10K Finisher!!! (First Timer in this Race Category)


Official Race Photo – Finishing Strong!

Following the 10K…Food, Rides, WeRunSocial Meet-Up, Nap, Ride, Sleep

WeRunSocial Meet-up with the beautiful @CarleeMcDot

  10K Stats



Official Results 9/678 in Age Group, 33/5791 in Women, and 138/9044 overall

Day 3: DisneyLand Half Marathon

First… New outfit change for the Half Marathon. I went with a spin on the classic Minnie Mouse!

Pink Themed Minnie Mouse Outfit Shirt: Walmart, Headband: SweatyBands, Socks: ProCompression, Shorts: Nike Pros

Second, repeat wake up call at 4 AM. I have to say this wake up call was much much harder than the first I was questioning my sanity after totalling 16 miles in park walking and a race the day before how in the world I was going to run this half at a decent pace if at all.

Let Do this Face (outside)/Dying of Tiredness (inside)  

On to the RACE! I arrived at the runner pre-race area about 10 minutes before the runners headed to the corrals and used the potty and then headed to Corral A and waited for my fellow runner friends. Once I found Carlee (let’s be honest you can’t miss her awesome outfit) she asked my “plan for the race” my response “run with you” … and so we did and it was amazing finally getting to talk her ear off and run with her. I feel like we are training together for Revel Canyon City Marathon through the instaweb daily but it was so nice to finally get to do a training run together!

Pre-Race Fun with @CarleeMcDot!!!! Carlee: Steamboat Willie and Myself: Minnie Mouse

The race was pretty awesome considering I have never been to Anaheim or DisneyLand, I think if I lived in the area though the course would be sort of anticlimactic. The course started off through the parks (DisneyLand and California Adventure) and then headed into the city of Anaheim which was pretty boring but there was a very scenic car show for about 2 miles and then we got to run in the Honda Center on the Field which was pretty incredible. The course was flat with the exception of one overpass which made for a pretty favorable run for a PR if you were going for it. However, Carlee and I were just taking it easy as a training run and enjoying each other’s company and all the fun of a RunDisney event.


Official Race Photos – Early Morning Stroll through the Parks!

Official DisneyLand Half Marathon Course Photo

Elevation Map Disneyland Half Marathon

In the end we finished 1:51:15 and an 8:30 min/mi average for Clock-Time and 13.25 miles and 8:23 min/mi average for watch-time. But most all we got a PR in fun in my book because I got to run with one of my long distance instagram and running besties and those memories are PRICELESS! ❤

DumboDare Finishers with @CarleeMcDot

@CarleeMcDot and myself coming in for a solid finish!


Crossing the Finish Line!!! DumboDare Complete!


@CarleeMcDot and Myself Crossing the Finish Line! Awesome Experience running with this lady! ❤

Following the Half Marathon it was back to the parks to finish out all the important rides we missed – My LOVE for Disney will never die it is like a fire that is eternally lit in my heart! ❤ ❤ ❤

Half Marathon Stats



Some Photos of my Husband and I celebrating My 27th Birthday Weekend at the Happiest Place of Earth!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

World of Color California Adventure

Toy Story Mania (California Adventure)

The Amazingness that is the “DOLE WHIP” (DisneyLand Tiki Hut)

Splash Mountain (DisneyLand)

Cars Racing (California Adventure)

Car Racing (California Adventure)

Just loving on my Hubby

Honorary Mr and Mrs Wallum Margarita Shot at Disney!

Ghirardelli Chocolate Shop Ice Cream Sundae in a Homemade Waffle Bowl

  With Love, Fitness, Birthdays, and RunCations,

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)

Weekly Recap August 31st – September 6th, 2015

Weekly Recap

Hey Guys! So this week(end) was FUN! I had a pretty rough start early in the week and felt just plain worn down and my workouts sucked and I either felt worn down during all my workouts or actually had to cut them short. BUT… Then we went to DisneyLand for the Dumbo DoubleDare RunDisney Challenge and to celebrate my birthday and well the happiest place on Earth can really turn a frown upside down…ya know what I mean! 🙂



Run: 5 Miles at 8:12 min/mi average. 1 mile w/u – 4x800s (3:35/3:32/3:30/3:30) with 400 meter recover 10 min/mi pace – 1 mile c/d. This run was supposed to be 6×800 meters and I just couldn’t my body was not having it so I just called it on the workout after 4 and had to move on. I was upset but it is better to step away then get injured. 

Lift: Legs + ITB Exercises


Run: 5 Easy Treadmill Miles @ 8:42 min/mi average (9:14/8:57/8:42/ 8:27/8:13)

Lift: Shoulders/Back

Extra: First Chiropractor Appointment and Active Release Therapy for ITB



Run: Rest Day

Lift: Arms/Chest/Abs


Run: 4.5 Treadmill Miles at 9:30 min/mi average

Lift: Back/Shoulders


Run/Lift: Rest Day


Run: Dumbo DoubleDare DisneyLand 10K @ 7:31 min/mi average (unofficial) and 7:34 min/mi (clock time) + 0.7 miles warm-up and cool-down –  Recap to Follow



Run: Dumbo DoubleDare DisneyLand Half Marathon @ 8:30 min/mi average as Long Run + 0.5 miles warm-up and cool-down – Recap to Follow



Last week I decided to increase 10g of Carbs and 2g of Fats from last week – so my new macros were 190C/52F/145P. Up until vacation I was monitoring my weight had decreased slightly from last week and was back around my baseline of 105-106 lbs. This week I will probably increase again because I know I’ll be hungry lol. At this point I have reached the same macros I ended on before my last marathon at the end of my reverse before my cut – WHICH IS SOO EXCITING. I plan of continuing to increase until my marathon…so yay for MORE FOOD/CARBS/FATS! 🙂

So when it comes to the “reverse diet” the ideal way to go about it is to reverse slowly and be as consistent and accurate as possible in order to obtain optimal results of no weight/fat gain and/or weight loss during a reverse while increasing calories. I have to say while I wish I could fall into that catagory and be perfect it just is not realistic with my life. So every week I am sure you have noticed I have an untracked “intuitive eating” meal on Friday nights with my husband on my Long Run Days. Additionally, when we go on vacation I do not track at all – no matter the duration – I just eat intuitively and try to get a balance on carbs/fats/proteins in my normal ratio throughout the day. For the most part I have never gained any significant weight on vacation and I just attribute this to really knowing nutrition. I don’t think this works for everyone but this is what works for me and allows me to maintain a health and happy life with my husband and friends.

Anyways so that is where I am at currently with my reverse/diet/macros. Keep following along with my journey to see how I handle my combo lifestyle of IIFYM/Intuitive Eating and reversing for optimum nutrition for the Revel Canyon City Marathon.

Left: End of Cut Right: 1 Month Reverse Increase 36C Carbs/5F (same weight)

With Love, Fitness, Marathon Training, and Reverse-Diet

❤ Kindal (RunningWithStrength)